ISAP 2018 Innovation Solutions of an Ageing Population Conference attendees

2018 Innovation: Solutions for an Ageing Population

The 2018 Innovation: Solutions for an Ageing Population International Conference is an annual conference alternating between Australia and Shanghai.

The collaboration between Shanghai Science and Technology Service Centre for Ageing, Bethanie, Australian Medical Association (WA), Edith Cowan University, City of Joondalup and AusGlobal Exchange was held on 12 – 14 September 2018 provides a “fresh” approach to innovative solutions across the aged care and healthcare industries in a global context.

 Key focus areas

  • Education solutions in research, training and upskilling
  • Leveraging technology to overcome the challenges currently facing the global aged care industry in providing a higher quality of care
  • Supporting consumer-centred care through technology, integrating technology to support business growth and efficiency and using patient data to inform service strategies
  • Complete interoperability and effective integration of digital platforms
  • Architecture and design concepts and ideas surrounding densely populated communities.

Conference aims

  • To provide a platform to showcase innovation within the global aged care and support service sectors in healthcare.
  • To share knowledge and information about both practical and operational innovation through education and research, architecture, design, technology and leadership.
  • Presents a unique opportunity for you and your organisation to connect with our industry delegates across the global aged care spectrum.

Conference video

Watch the video from the first day of the conference to find out why delegates from China’s aged care industry were at the Joondalup Resort, and hear from Mayor Albert Jacob on the importance of international economic development opportunities for City of Joondalup residents and businesses.

International Business Development Opportunities

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