2020/21 Budget Approved, Rates Revenue Reduced, Refuse Charge Frozen Again


Amidst a backdrop of economic disruption and uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Joondalup Council approved the City’s 2020/21 Budget at a special meeting held on 30 June.

The Budget includes real reductions to general rates of $5.3 million or 5.2 per cent, as well as measures adopted for 2020/21 to minimise the impact of COVID-19.

2020/21 is also a revaluation year, in which the State Government’s Valuer General revalues all properties in the City. This occurs once every three years, with the last revaluation year in 2017/18.

The Budget has been presented to ensure the vast majority of ratepayers will pay less in rates in 2020/21 than they did in 2019/20.

The City’s refuse charge has also remained frozen for the sixth consecutive year.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said the COVID-19 issue had heightened the challenge of framing the City’s Budget for 2020/21.

“It is always a delicate balance to weigh up critical factors such as addressing the City’s operating deficit alongside COVID-related challenges with the expectations of residents and ratepayers to continue to provide the programs, services and facilities they expect,” Mayor Jacob said.

“We also cannot rely on Federal and State Government grants and contributions as a significant source of revenue, and the capacity of our community to pay rates, fees and charges in the current economic environment remains a significant concern that the City is mindful of.

“In these unprecedented times the Council felt that we had an obligation to do what we could to help lessen the financial burden to our residents and businesses, and that was why it was determined that the budget’s parameters will deliver real reductions to general rates revenue for 2020/21.

“It is extremely pleasing that due to prudent financial management over a number of years and once again this financial year, 95 per cent of the City’s residents and ratepayers will not have a higher rates charge in 20/21.

“Along with the reduction in revenue from rates, fees and charges, the City has brought forward projects within our Five-Year Capital Works Program worth $6.3 million, which includes $1.4 million from the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program, to help stimulate the local economy during the COVID-19 recovery phase.

“But while it is imperative that we keep an eye on the long-term financial sustainability of the City, we must also be cognisant of the tough economic climate arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Delivering on the vision set out in the City’s Strategic Community Plan, Joondalup 2022, as well as ensuring the more than $1.9 billion worth of assets throughout the community which are owned by the City continue to be provided to a high standard, despite being costly to manage and maintain, remains a key focus for the Council and administration.”

City of Joondalup ratepayers are encouraged to sign up to the eRates service by 12pm on 14 July 2020 to receive their 2020/21 rates notices and instalment reminders by email rather than by post. Register at joondalup.wa.gov.au.

2020/21 Budget Highlights

  • $1.8 million to progress Kiosks/Restaurants for Burns Beach and Pinnaroo Point.
  • $1.8 million to progress Warwick community facilities and Warwick Sports Centre.
  • $2.5 million to progress Joondalup City Centre Streetlighting project.
  • $5.4 million for parks equipment, playground equipment, shelters, barbecues and parks irrigation refurbishments in accordance with landscape master plans or asset preservation plans.
  • $1.9 million to undertake streetscape enhancement and landscaping works including the Leafy City program.
  • $2.8 million to undertake refurbishment and upgrade works at City owned buildings.
  • $22.6 million for various road construction, drainage and other infrastructure including:
    • Blackspot projects at Marmion Avenue, Ocean Reef Road and Hepburn Avenue.
    • Warwick Road and Erindale Road intersection upgrade.
    • Whitfords Avenue and Northshore Drive roundabout.
    • Road preservation and resurfacing, local traffic treatments, stormwater drainage, and other infrastructure.
    • New footpaths, shared use and slab path replacements, bridges and parking facilities.
  • $1.1 million on natural areas, including fencing, paths and firebreaks and management of dedicated bushland areas, bushland in developed parks and foreshores.

Budget Highlights by Suburb

2020-2021 Budget Presentation to Council


Ocean Reef Road / Eddystone Avenue intersection upgrade* ($230,000)

Beldon Primary School warden crossing upgrade and additional parking ($150,000)

Sandalford Park playspace renewal ($104,500)


Burns Beach Foreshore new parking facilities ($365,000)

Installation of coastal information signage ($33,000)


Resurfacing and rehabilitation works to local access roads* ($535,000)

Craigie Leisure Centre Upgrades, pool refurbishment and plant/equipment replacement ($500,000)

Craigie Open Space pathways renewal and upgrade works, irrigation electrical systems* ($226,000)

Whitfords East Park playspace renewal and sump beautification ($194,500)

Replacement of pathways Morang Court to Braybrook Place, Madana Park bushland* ($74,000)

Camberwarra Park sump beautification ($91,000)

Otago Park new pathway, installation of drinking fountain, renewal of centre wicket ($47,000)

Killara Way drainage upgrade ($20,000)


Mission Hills Place (South) pathway* ($50,000)

Installation of bushland reserve fencing in Huntingdale Park ($22,500)


Christchurch Park playspace renewal ($104,500)

Resurfacing and rehabilitation works Caledonia Avenue / Arabella Mews ($104,000)

Caledonia Avenue shared path replacement ($80,000)

Clermont Park pathway renewal ($80,000)

Doncaster and De Crillon Parks irrigation electrical systems ($42,000)

Shalimar Rise median traffic treatment ($15,000)

Canterbury Circle installation of new pathway ($7,500)


Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works* ($1,813,457)

Percy Doyle Reserve floodlighting upgrades ($876,700)

Wandina Park revitalisation ($110,000)

Duncraig Library minor works ($75,000)

Marri Park sump upgrade ($68,000)

Granadilla and Noal Gannon Parks irrigation electrical systems ($64,000)

Salata Park playspace renewal ($63,650)

Poynter Primary School pedestrian access upgrade (Lionel Court / Griffell Way) ($40,000)

Stott Way, Wade Close, Kincraig Way pathway replacement ($30,000)

Poynter Drive, Roden Place footpath installation ($29,600)

Melene Park renewal of existing centre wicket ($15,000)


Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works* ($529,000)

Emerald Park facility and floodlighting upgrade, kindy playspace, fencing renewal ($509,500)

Joondalup Drive (northbound carriageway) –road rehabilitation scheme works* ($179.700)

Hilltop Park playspace renewal ($104,500)

Quarry Park irrigation electrical systems ($26,000)


Hepburn Avenue (westbound carriageway) – rehabilitation scheme works* ($933,901)

Hepburn Avenue / Allenswood Road intersection upgrade ($240,000)

Penistone Park connections pathways ($100,000)

Replacement of pathways ($74,500)

Dillenia Way drainage upgrade ($60,000)

Wahroonga Way installation of new pathway along western verge ($50,000)

Hepburn Avenue / Cockman Road upgrade ($37,560)

Warrigal Park cabinet and centre wicket renewal ($37,000)

George Sears Park security lighting ($28,000)


Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works* ($635,000)

Replacement of pathways* ($206,000)

Ellendale Drive shared path and connectivity improvements* ($100.000)

Poseidon Park revitalisation ($100,000)


Whitfords Avenue / Northshore Drive roundabout upgrade* ($1,488,000)

Marmion Avenue / McWhae Road intersection upgrade* ($738,000)

Whitford Library and Senior Citizens Centre refurbishment works* ($320,000)

Pinnaroo Point and Maquire Park playspace renewals ($209,000)

Flinders, Mawson, James Cook, Whitfords Nodes Park lighting upgrades ($150,000)

Endeavour Road pedestrian upgrades ($125,000)

Whitfords Nodes and Hillarys Foreshore coastal and bushland fencing renewal ($110,000)

Replacement of pathways* ($103,000)

Flinders Park universal access toilet ($50,000)

Whitfords Avenue / Angove Drive roundabout resurfacing and rehabilitation works* ($34,000)

Fenton Park irrigation electrical systems ($28,000)

Conica Park headworks renewal ($5,000)


Burns Beach Road path replacement ($73,000)

Installation of shade sails at Sir James McCusker Park playspace ($50,000)

Naturaliste / O’Mara Boulevard intersection resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($36,000)

Bethany Park bushland reserve fencing ($29,000)

Iluka Coastal Information Signage ($27,000)

Iluka Open Space car park lighting ($20,000)


Joondalup City Centre lighting infrastructure replacement ($2,500,000)

Joondalup City Centre landscaping and street infrastructure renewal ($800,000)

Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works* ($372,901)

Joondalup Library refurbishment ($300,000)

Shenton Avenue upgrades* ($270,000)

Boas Avenue improved connectivity and pedestrian crossings ($175,000)

Lake Yellagonga path replacement ($100,000)

Infrastructure renewal throughout Joondalup City Centre ($100,000)

LED lighting upgrades at Blue Lake Park and Neil Hawkins Park car park ($95,000)

Bushland fencing Greenshank, Lady Evelyn, Manapouri, Nanika Parks* ($73,000)

Blue Lake Park bore renewal ($71,000)

Neil Hawkins Park upgrade ($50,000)

Installation of pedestrian crossing Eddystone Avenue / Honeybush Drive intersection ($40,000)

Candlewood Boulevard parking improvements and pedestrian path links ($30,000)

Central Park conservation signage ($35,000)

Water Tower Park irrigation electrical systems ($16,000)

Windermere Park installation of drinking fountain ($12,000)


Marmion Avenue / Cambria Street intersection upgrade* ($498,000)

Road rehabilitation scheme works* ($275,203)

Aristride and Stanford Parks irrigation electrical systems ($46,000)

Montague Park bore renewal ($35,000)

Castlecrag Park LED lighting upgrade ($15,000)

Belrose Park installation of drinking fountain ($12,000)


Moolanda Park upgrade of irrigation systems and associated works ($275,000)

Calthorpe, Illawong, Kanangra and Wallangarra Parks irrigation and bore renewals ($250,000)

Whitfords Avenue / Kingsley Drive intersection upgrade* ($136,800)

Hepburn Avenue extension of Mitchell Freeway southbound turnpocket* ($134,334)

Construction of toilet facility at Shepherds Bush Park ($120,000)

Kingsley Drive (Dalmain St / Creaney Dr roundabouts) resurfacing, rehabilitation works* ($92,000)

Pathway replacement projects* ($86,000)

Goollelal Drive traffic management improvements ($78,000)

Greenwich Park security lighting ($67,000)

Kingsley Park fencing renewal ($45,000)

Barridale Park BBQ renewal ($10,000)


Menteith Park playspace renewal ($111,150)

Roxburgh Park irrigation renewal ($27,000)

Macnaughton Park installation of drinking fountain ($12,000)


Braden Park playspace renewal ($140,000)

Cliff Street sump beautification ($125,000)

Marine/Parnell drainage catchment upgrade ($40,000)


Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works* ($1,361,000)

Key West car park improvements and toilet replacement ($285,000)

Mullaloo coastal and Gunida Park bushland fencing renewal* ($127,500)

Kallaroo Park playspace renewal ($111,150)

Scaphella Avenue sump and catchment upgrade ($100,000)

Wolinski Park irrigation electrical systems ($30,000)


Beaumaris and Trig Point Parks playspace renewals ($118,150)

Herreshoff Park installation of play equipment and associated infrastructure ($60,000)

Marmion Avenue dual use path replacement (Hodges Drive to Prendiville Avenue) ($59,000)

Piver Corner resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($57,000)

Tarolinta Park irrigation electrical systems ($20,000)

Santiago Park centre wicket renewal ($15,000)

Carina Park landscaping improvements ($12,500)

Beaumaris Park installation of drinking fountain ($12,000)


Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($806,000)

Whitfords Avenue / Gibson Avenue intersection upgrade* ($278,113)

Newcombe Park playspace renewal ($104,500)

Hepburn Avenue (northern side) shared path replacement ($80,000)

Simpson Park irrigation electrical systems ($30,000)

Removal of full size basketball court and installation of 3 on 3 court at Macdonald Park ($30,000)

Macdonald Park fencing renewal ($20,000)


Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($545,000)

Quay Court sump retaining wall renewal ($400,000)

Sorrento Foreshore and Robin Park car park LED upgrade ($140,000)

Installation of pathway Lane 3 to Cliff Street ($120,000)

Seacrest Park installation of playspace shade sails and fencing renewal ($105,000)

Hawkins Avenue and Freeman Way drainage upgrades ($45,000)

Lacepede Park irrigation electrical systems ($22,000)

Installation of a shower at Sorrento Beach Park ($20,000)

Ledge Park bushland fencing ($18,000)


Consolidation of Warwick community facilities ($1,000,000)

Ellersdale Park clubrooms refurbishment and renewal of cricket practice wickets ($885,000)

Refurbishment of Warwick Bowling and Greenwood Tennis Clubrooms ($800,000)

Resurfacing and rehabilitation works – Erindale and Ballantine Roads* ($295,300)

Churton Park irrigation upgrades ($150,000)

Warwick Open Space bushland path renewals ($100,000)

Circle Park irrigation electrical systems ($22,000)


Chichester Park clubrooms redevelopment ($659,000)

Whitfords Avenue streetscape upgrades ($300,000)

Delonix Park security lighting ($52,000)

Waterview and Trappers Park irrigation electrical systems ($42,000)


* Includes grant funding.