2020 Community Art Exhibition


Genevieve Hartney has won the overall award of $1,500 for Most Outstanding Artwork at the City of Joondalup’s 2020 Community Art Exhibition (CAE).

The exhibition was officially opened at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City’s Great Space on Saturday 5 September.

Genevieve’s winning painting Leaf Letter, an acrylic on canvas, is one of over 170 artworks on display until Sunday 20 September.

Of the winning work, the 2020 CAE judges were impressed with her subtle manipulation of colour palette and the textures of the work.

The judges were also intrigued by the detail and allusion of non-human materials.

“It is a deep work that shows detail, care, and attention. A gorgeous celebration of a natural and static subject that has been sparked alive by detail and colour.”

In total, nine awards were announced with the Popular Choice Award ($500), awarded to the artwork that receives the most votes from the public, to be announced in early October.

Members of the public can vote for their favourite artwork by placing a completed voting slip in the ballot box – located at the sales desk, or by filling in the digital feedback form.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said it was pleasing to again be able to celebrate the creative talents of the local active arts community in a public setting.

“While the past few months have certainly been a difficult time for us all, it is pleasing to see that our local arts and cultural industry – hard hit by the COVID-19 challenge – is beginning to re-emerge,” Mayor Jacob said.

“No doubt some of our exhibitors turned to their art as a way of distracting themselves during the height of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Indeed, I am sure some of the pieces on display this year were created, or at least inspired, by this unprecedented time in our history.

“Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who has contributed to this year’s outstanding CAE. I encourage lovers of art to head to Lakeside Joondalup over the next fortnight.”

Other 2020 Community Art Exhibition Category Winners –

Media Categories

Painting ($1,000 prize)

Mary Arkless for The Aftermath (Cold wax and oil paint).

Judges’ comments: The judges were drawn to the simplicity and warmth of this artwork. It spoke about moving forward after a difficult event. They found the work evocative and were intrigued by the use of the medium that added depth and texture to the work.

Works on Paper ($1,000 prize)

Lyn Franke for Quenda (Southern Brown Bandicoot) Ocean Reef Marine Park (Textile on paper).

Judges’ comments: The judges found this a clever interpretation of work on paper. It is a clear idea that has been executed well. The level of detail is impressive, and the vibrant colours create a stunning artwork.

Three-Dimensional Works ($1,000 prize)

Dianne Bettis for Needle Felted Numbat (Wool fibre, wire).

Judges’ comments: This is a well-crafted work with stunning detail and of high quality. The judges recognised the artist’s obvious skill and technique.

Multi-Media (all other media) ($1,000 prize)

Dawn McIntyre for Repaired Chair (Mixed media).

Judges’ comments: The judges enjoyed the beautiful gestures and warm feeling in this work. The work successfully expresses character, emotions, and layered experience of memory.

Additional Prizes

Arts in Focus ($500 prize and a solo exhibition)

Dianne Lofts-Taylor for Aspects of the Urban Landscape (Mixed media).

Judges’ comments: This artist presented a strong and well considered portfolio, with an articulate proposal. The subject matter explored is interesting and the presented artwork shows a well-developed sense of palette and a confidence in style. The judges believe this opportunity will be an exciting next step for the artist.

Celebrating Joondalup ($500 prize)

Rian Hronsky for Phoenix (Mixed media).

Judges’ comments: The judges were intrigued by the artist’s use of perspective. The artwork shows beautiful detail, a great quality of illustration and there is a gentleness to the work. The judges liked the title and meaning of the artwork, in terms of appreciating the land we live on and its ability to come back after fire.

Student Award ($250 voucher)

David Franke for Turtle in the Sea (Pastel on card).

Judges’ comments: This artwork carries great sincerity and really evokes being in the place. It expresses motion in the line work. The materials used and consideration of presenting the work is also very clever.

Student Photography Award ($250 voucher)

Sioux Roache for Survival (Digital photograph).

Judges’ comments: This work is taken from an interesting and disorientating perspective that invites curiosity from the viewer. It has a great title that provokes thought and there is great meaning in the work, in terms of the sustenance of nature and the sustenance of built nature.

This year’s CAE judges were Paper Mountain Co-Director Steven Finch, Mundaring Arts Centre Curator Melissa McGrath and Cecile Vuaillat, Project Manager for Propel Youth Arts.

A virtual tour of the exhibition is available.