2020 Valentine’s Concert – Frequently asked questions: ticketing

How do I get tickets?

Tickets for the 2020 Valentine’s Concert are now SOLD OUT. Please note a wait list will not be taken for this event and on-selling of tickets is strictly prohibited. There will not be any tickets available for purchase at the event.

Is the pre-sale restricted to residents and ratepayers of the City of Joondalup?

Yes, only residents and ratepayers of the City of Joondalup can access tickets during the pre-sale.

I am a City of Joondalup resident/ratepayer, how many tickets am I eligible to purchase?

Each member of a City of Joondalup household is eligible to purchase tickets. Limit of one transaction of up to 10 tickets per person per day. No on-selling of tickets is permitted – any customers found to be selling tickets will not be permitted entry to the venue.

I am a City of Joondalup Resident; can I bring along friends that are not residents of the City?

Yes, residents can purchase up to 10 tickets per transaction per day and attend the concert with family and friends that are non-residents of the City. Non-residents that have accessed tickets from a resident must ensure they arrive together to ensure the resident can verify the purchase.

How will I receive my tickets?

E-tickets will be emailed to patrons in PDF format once the sale has been processed via Ticketbooth. Please note tickets cannot be pre-ordered or mailed to patrons.

Do I need to print my tickets or can they be scanned on my phone?

Patrons can present their ticket in hard copy or present their ticket on an electronic device to gain entry to the event.

If the patron chooses to present tickets on an electronic device, they must consider the following:

  • Turn the brightness up to high to ensure the scanners can pick up the barcode
  • Have the e-ticket open with the barcode clearly displayed for scanning by the gate staff
  • Avoid using a device with a badly cracked screen

How do I get tickets if I do not have the internet/email address/printer?

Customers who require assistance can visit the City of Joondalup Customer Service Centre during business hours to purchase tickets. The Customer Service Centre location and opening hours is listed above.

Do children require tickets?

Children aged between 6 – 16 years of age require a ticket to gain entry to the venue. Children’s tickets are $10.00 and must be purchased with adult tickets.

Are Companion Cards accepted?

Companion Cards will be honored however a ticket will not be issued for the companion at the point of purchase. The concession ticket holder will need to arrive at the event with their companion, and the companion must have their companion card to present to gate staff in order to gain entry to the Venue.

Will I be charged a booking fee or surcharge for using a credit card?

There is no booking fee or additional transaction fees or credit card surcharge when booking your tickets via the Ticketbooth website.

Will my information be used by Ticketbooth or any other third party?

View Ticketbooth’s Privacy Policy to find out how your information is collected and used.

How can I ensure I am purchasing authorised tickets for this event?

Only purchase tickets to the event through the Ticketbooth website. Do not purchase tickets from third-party websites.

No on-selling of tickets is permitted.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

Customers are encouraged to check their email for the ticket confirmation (including junk email inbox), then view or print their tickets from Ticketbooth. If the tickets cannot be located customers can contact the Ticketbooth support team with their name and any other supporting booking information. The support team will organise to have the tickets reissued.

If I can no longer attend or change my mind can I get a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable however any unused tickets can be shared with a family member or friend. No on-selling of tickets is permitted.

Will I be able to purchase tickets at the event?

Tickets for the 2020 Valentine’s Concert are now SOLD OUT, tickets will not be available for purchase at the event.