Alice Maud Ashby

30 questions for getting to know your family


Staying in touch and maintaining family connections during emotionally trying times is more important than ever. Why not reach out to your relatives and start a conversation.

Find My Past has collated 30 questions to quiz your cousins, probe your parents and grill your grandma. In fact, take as many family members as possible on an insightful trip down memory lane.

The basics

  1. What is their full name?
  2. Where and when were they born?
  3. Who were their parents?
  4. Where did they live?
  5. Where and when did they die?

Life and times

  1. What was their occupation?
  2. Where did they work?
  3. What school did they attend?
  4. Did they attend university?
  5. Did they serve in the military?
  6. Which religious denomination were they?
  7. Did they ever live, work or travel abroad?

Family relationships

  1. Were they married?
  2. When and where did they marry?
  3. What was the name of their spouse?
  4. When and where did their spouse die?
  5. Did they marry more than once?
  6. Did they have children?
  7. What were their children’s names?
  8. Did their children marry?
  9. Where did or do their children live?
  10. Where and when did their children die?

Dig a little deeper

  1. Did they have a middle name or nickname?
  2. What was the cause of their death?
  3. Where were they buried?
  4. Do you have any letters, records or heirlooms about them?
  5. Do you have any photographs or newspaper clippings of them?
  6. Do you know anything about their physical appearance or accent?
  7. What stories can you tell me about them?
  8. Has anyone in the family already created a family tree?

Further research

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