Rates Transfer & Refund Fees

Rates Transfer & Refund Fees

The City introduced the following fees in the 2018/19 year, due to a large increase in the number of requests to transfer or refund monies that had been paid incorrectly. Please made sure you use the correct Reference Number and check the amount when making your payment to ensure no additional fees are incurred to transfer monies.

If a payment is made incorrectly, the following fees apply:

  1. If a payment is made using an incorrect Reference Number, a $13.00 fee (including GST) will apply to transfer the payment to the correct account. Please note, proof of payment will be requested
  2. If payments are made in excess of the amount due and a refund is then required, a fee of $13.00 (including GST) will apply. Please note, proof of payment will be requested

Should you have any queries regarding these fees, please contact Rating Services on 9400 4574.

eRates FAQs

eRates FAQs

eRates Registration

What if I don’t have a current Rates Notice to register?

Call Rating Services on 9400 4574 and once your identity has been confirmed by answering questions relating to the property, the information required to register can be provided.

What happens if I don’t click on the email verification link within 48 hours?

This email link will no longer work and you will need to re-register for the eRates service.

What can I do if I have deleted the Registration Successful email?

Go to the eRates page and type in the email address you previously registered. The system will recognise this email address and resend the Registration Successful email.

What can I do if I have deleted the Rates Notice email?

Go to your Registration Successful email, click on the Manage your eRates subscription button and an email history of rates notices is available for you to view.

What if I own more than one property – do I have to register for eRates for each property separately?

Once you have been successfully registered for one property you can use the Registration Successful email to click on the Manage your eRates subscription button where all the properties you own will be shown. You can then change the delivery method for the other properties that you own.

How do I amend my email address?

Go to your Registration Successful email and click on the Manage your eRates subscription button. You can then change your email address from the Your Details section. An email will be sent to your new email address for you to verify and amend your details.

What happens if I change my email address but don’t click on the email verification link?

The details will not be amended until this link is clicked on so the details will remain unchanged.

Do I have to set up a password for eRates?

There is no password required for eRates. Secure links are emailed to access your eRates subscription and rates notices.

If I register for eRates, how do I receive my City News etc that are normally posted out with the rates notices?

The email you receive will provide access to your annual rates notice plus the information brochures such as the City News which will be available for viewing/printing.

The combined waste guide and tipping vouchers will again be delivered to the resident who occupies the property rather than to the owner. They will be delivered to mailboxes between Monday 12 July and Friday 16 July 2021.

For further information or for any queries regarding delivery of your waste guide, contact the Infrastructure Services Customer Relations Team on 9400 4255.