2020 Invitation Art Prize

2020 Invitation Art Prize

Sunday 11 October – Sunday 25 October 2020
Westfield Whitford City

The City of Joondalup 2020 Invitation Art Prize (IAP) featured 30 works by prominent Western Australian artists working in a broad range of mediums.

Carla Adams
‘Paterson’s Curse’
Rhinestones on quartz stone
290 x 400 x 200
Nathan Beard
‘We Kiss in a Shadow’
Photographic reproduction, embellishments
1000 x 800
Acquired by Curtin University Art Collection
Fatemeh Boroujeni
‘The Phoenix Bloom’
Pinewood, leather, oxidised copper
700 x 700 x 900
Matt Brown
‘Boom! (Epic Muscle Venn Diagram)’
Oilstick and graphite on linen
610 x 760
Erin Coates
‘Collapsing Taxonomy’
Graphite and collage
1140 x 1320
Jennifer Cochrane
‘In the Shadow (Impossible Shadow #33)’
Steel, flashing tape and paint
940 x 1010
Penny Coss
‘Whiter Continuum’
Acrylic on canvas
1520 x 1480 (two panels)
Samantha Dennison
‘Quieter, Still’
Oil on canvas
850 x 850
Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson
‘face to face’ (still)
Single-channel video, sound
7:11 minutes
Overall Winner
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Caspar Fairhall
‘Galaxy’ (still)
High resolution single-channel video, sound
Tom Freeman
‘Perth Metro Area’
Acrylic on canvas
1600 x 1494
Naomi Grant
‘Window to the Dreaming’
Acrylic and collage on canvas
1000 x 1400
Brent Harrison
‘Stemming the Rose’
Transparent vinyl on mirror
1200 x 900
Adam Hisham Ismail
‘Our Worlds Needs Us’
Mixed media
1850 x 510 x 370
Hiroshi Kobayashi
‘Grey Ocean (Whitfords Beach)’
Oil on canvas
452 x 1600 each (3 panels)
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Guillermo Kramer
Mixed media, found objects, wood
764 x 970
Jina Lee
Kimberley black granite, bronze
350 x 340 x 240
Maxxi Minaxi May
‘Media Mayhem’
Giclee print on photographic paper
1065 x 1280
Lia McKnight
‘In Darkness, the Eternal Light’
Glazed ceramic, textiles and found objects
2000 x 800 x 300
Andrew Nicholls
‘Joondalup Gothic’
Ink on watercolour paper
750 x 950
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Sherry Paddon
Archival pigment print
1004 x 720 each (two panels)
Amy Perejuan-Capone
‘Heirloom I’
Digital print, wool, cotton, ceramic
900 x 900
Annette Peterson
‘Through the Lights’ (still)
Digital animation
3:03 minutes (looped)
Bjoern Rainer-Adamson
‘APMV (Acanthamoeba Polyphaga Mimivirus)’
Found objects, mechanical and electronic parts
720 x 400 x 400
Anna Louise Richardson
‘There Is No Such Thing As Selfish Grief’
Wood veneers and charcoal on ply
1200 x 1160
Nicole Slatter and Bruce Slatter
‘The Consequence of Failed Repetition’
Oil on board
840 x 1040
Helen Smith
‘2020 World Happiness Report’
Oil on canvas
1530 x 1530
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Sue Starcken
‘A Gathering Vapour: Dimensions of History and its Dust, I and II’
Unique state etching and monoprint on linen
814 x 694 each (two panels)
Mandy White
‘Humpty Dumpty with Cheeky Friends’
Acrylic on canvas
1525 x 1525
Kay Wood
‘Staring at Stardust’
Acrylic on canvas
450 x 350 (left), 103 x 83 (right)


All measurements are in millimeters and listed as height, width, followed by depth for three-dimensional works.

The winning artwork received $25,000 in prize money, and the City acquired the artwork for its art collection.

Congratulations to Naomi Grant, the winner of the Popular Choice Award.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition


Visual Art Commission 2022/23 Expressions of Interest

Visual Art Commission 2022/23 Expressions of Interest

The City of Joondalup invites regional and local Western Australian artists to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a $20,000 visual art commission in 2022–23 to be acquired into the City of Joondalup’s Art Collection. The artwork is to be in response to the commission themes and completed within the timeframe and allocated budget.

This commission is open to Western Australian professional visual artists working across all mediums.  Regional artists are encouraged to apply and if accepted will be eligible for a City of Joondalup Regional Artists Bursary to cover travel, accommodation and other related expenses.

Applications open Monday June 20 2022 and close Monday August 15 2022, 5.30pm.

Please refer to the Information for Artists, prior to completing the form below.

If you require any assistance with your application please contact visualarts@joondalup.wa.gov.au  or call (08) 9400 4951.

Application Timeline

Applications open: Monday 20 June 2022
Applications close: Monday 15 August 2022, 5.30pm
Successful applicant advised: Friday 7 October 2022
Commission duration: October 2022– August 2023

Application Form

Creative North

Creative North

A series of exhibitions by members of local art associations.

Located in a pop-up exhibition space at Hillarys Boat Harbour.

  • Ocean View Art Group
    Thursday 13 August – Sunday 30 August 2020
  • U3A Art Group
    Thursday 3 September – Sunday 20 September 2020
  • Paul Innes – Artist in focus exhibition
    Thursday 24 September – Sunday 18 October 2020
  • Trigg Art Club
    Thursday 22 October – Sunday 15 November 2020
  • The Pastel Society of WA
    Thursday 19 November – Sunday 13 December 2020
  • Lucy Gray and Vicky Funston
    Thursday 17 December 2020 – Sunday 10 January 2021
  • North Coast Art Club
    Thursday 14 January – Sunday 7 February 2021
  • Art Happenings
    Thursday 18 February – Sunday 14 March 2021
  • Wanneroo Joondalup Art Society
    Thursday 18 March – Sunday 11 April 2021
  • Joondalup Community Arts Association
    Thursday 15 April – Sunday 9 May 2021

Supported by the City of Joondalup and Hillarys Boat Harbour.

2019 Invitation Art Prize

2019 Invitation Art Prize

Sunday 13 – Sunday 27 October 2019
Westfield Whitford City

The City of Joondalup 2019 Invitation Art Prize (IAP) featured the work of Western Australian artists working in a broad range of mediums.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah
‘To Dream a Good Luck Dream’
Painted wood, sheepskin
250 x 1400 x 1400
Christine Baker
‘The River’
Acrylic on canvas
900 x 900
Nathan Beard
‘Floral Arrangement’
Inkjet print with embellishments
750 x 1000
Ebony Blackley
Oil on linen
1470 x 1100
Cathy Blanchflower
‘Lithic IV’
Oil on canvas
1370 x 1370
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Bruno Booth
‘Can You Even Hot-Wheels’
Acrylic polymer paint on canvas
1180 x 1190
Nathan Brooker
‘Stone, iPhone 6S and Oil’
Oil on panel
1500 x 1000
Michelle Campbell
‘Urban Shadows’
Oil on canvas
1430 x 1170
Paul Caporn
Acrylic on board
1200 x 1600
Susanna Castleden
‘Poles and Directions’
Gesso, watercolour, screen print on paper
800 x 1170
Jennifer Cochrane
‘Big Picture’
Powder coated steel, wooden picture frame
730 x 850
Fiona Harman
‘Swim to the Surface’
Oil on canvas
1020 x 1400
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Pablo Hughes
‘Mirror Mirror’
Digital print, paint, plasterboard, glass, mirror
Dimensions variable
Paul Kaptein
‘Mute Figure #10 (Sunset Selfies at The Great Attractor)’
Hand-carved wood, graphite, ink
800 x 410 x 280
Winner: Overall Prize
Desmond Mah
‘Monkey’s Death’
Incense, acrylic, mixed media on board
1200 x 900
Justin Martin
‘Window of Moiety’
Digital print on glass
990 x 990
Lucille Martin
‘Guernica Now – A Universal Message’
Photo-media on metal panel
580 x 980
Minaxi May
Washi tape, glue, epoxy resin on board
1030 x 1030
Dan McCabe
‘-31.499398, 115.583976’
Acrylic sheeting on metal panel
1165 x 830
Rebecca Morgan-Finch
‘Of Psalms and Shadows’
Oil on linen
1017 x 1525
Ron Nyisztor
‘A Picture of – The Picture of Dorian Gray’
Oil on canvas
1500 x 1600
Perdita Phillips
‘Natura Autem Vivit, Sed Occisio de Felibus’
Cyanotype print (edition of 3)
925 x 1310
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Jody Quackenbush
‘Self-Portrait as Camille Claudel (Strong Garment No. III)’
Fabric, giclee print
Dimensions variable
Andy Quilty
’32°21’43.48’’S 115°47’00.95”E’
Laser cut woodblock print on paper
750 x 1050
Nicole Slatter and Bruce Slatter
‘Suburban Entropy’
Oil on canvas
1200 x 1540
Liliana Stafford
‘A Weighted Blanket of Many Colours’
Wire, steel, knitting pins
1300 x 1400 x 200
Declan White
‘Sturt Desert Pea Flowers in the Desert’
Ink on paper
910 x 610
Desmond Woodley
‘Untitled (Noongar Country)’
Acrylic on canvas
660 x 1000
Acquired by Art Angels

All measurements are in millimeters and listed as height, width, followed by depth for three-dimensional works.

The winning artwork received $25,000 in prize money, and the City acquired the artwork for its art collection.

Venue Partners                                               Print Partners

Invitation Art Prize

Invitation Art Prize

IAP 2021 winnerRunning for it’s 24th year, the Invitation Art Prize is a popular and significant event in the City’s cultural calendar and a celebration of WA’s professional visual arts community.

The exhibition runs at Westfield Whitford City Shopping Centre from Sunday 9 October –  Sunday 23 October 2022 with one selected artist to be awarded the Acquisitive Prize of $25,000. This year includes the addition of a $500.00 participation fee received by each exhibiting artist.

Key details

EOIs closed: Friday 29 April, 5.00pm
Opening event: Saturday 8 October, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Exhibition dates: Sunday 9 October – Sunday 23 October 2022
Location: Westfield Whitford City Shopping Centre, Cnr Marmion and Whitfords Avenue, Hillarys
Opening Hours:
Monday – Wednesday, Friday: 9.00am – 5.30pm
Thursday: 9.00am – 9.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday: 11.00am – 5.00pm

Expressions of Interest have been reviewed for the City of Joondalup’s Invitation Art Prize. A competitive pool of 169 entries were received this year for a place amongst the shortlist of 30 artists. The shortlisted artists are:

Jack Ball
Bori Benko
Dan Bourke
Emma Buswell
Christophe Canato
Claudia Caporn
Mel Dare
Danielle Freakley
Fiona Gavino
Pascale Giorgi
Luisa Hansal
Brent Harrison
Kirsten Hudson
Christopher Hummel
Afsaneh Khoramshahi
William Leggett
Tim Maley
Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge
Elisa Markes-Young
Matthew McAlpine
Ant Muia
Annette Nykiel
Holly O’Meehan
Sid Pattni
Amy Perejuan-Capone
Andy Quilty
Bruce and Nicole Slatter
Lea Taylor
Sioux Tempestt
Kay Wood

EOIs were reviewed by an independent selection panel including:

  • Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson: WA Artist and Winner of the 2020 Invitation Art Prize
  • Kelly Fliedner: Writer, Curator and Co-Founder/Editor of Semaphore
  • Barry Keldoulis: CEO, Art Fairs Australia and Fair Director, Sydney Contemporary

The panellists noted that “the selected artists engage critically with conceptual practice and their applications provided evidence of experienced exhibition making. The selected artists show dedication to expressing themselves through a variety of visual media with clarity and distinction. These artists have excellent technical enquiry and the foundation of their practice is grounded with rigorous research and a solid sense of self.”

For further information please contact visualarts@joondalup.wa.gov.au or 9400 4924.

Image: “Kwinana Freeway (ramp)” (detail), 2021, Ron Nyisztor. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Inside-Out Billboard Project

Inside-Out Billboard Project

Joanna Webber artwork
Image Credit: ‘Lemons and Gum Leaves’, 2021, Joanna Webber. City of Joondalup Inside-Out Billboard Commission, installation view. Image courtesy of the artist. Photo: Christophe Canato.

The Inside-Out Billboard Project is a digital representation of a commissioned artwork displayed on a 3 metre by 6 metre commercial billboard at the Joondalup Library.

Artists are invited to the commission by recommendation when exhibiting in either the Community Art Exhibition (CAE) (held in March) or the Invitation Art Prize (IAP) (held in October). Each artwork is displayed for six months at the Joondalup Library and rotated to be displayed at a later stage on a second billboard installed at the Joondalup Courthouse. The billboards are rotated in March and October.

Artworks currently on view are: ‘Lemons and Gum Leaves’, 2021, by Joanna Webber at the Joondalup Library; and ‘Hymenosporum, After the Seeds are Sown’, 2019 by Sarah Elson at the Joondalup Law Courts.

Inside-Out Billboard Commissions

Jinan Garden

Jinan Garden

Latest Update

At its May 2020 meeting Council decided to defer progressing the Jinan Garden project.

Make your business age-friendly

Make your business age-friendly

The 2016 ABS Census reported almost 32,000 people over the age of 60 living in the City of Joondalup and this is expected to increase to approximately 43,000 people by 2036.

The City has developed an Age-Friendly Business Checklist and training to provide an insight into age-friendly business practices, with no-cost and low-cost tips to assist in engaging with this growing segment of the community.

Age-Friendly Business Checklist

The checklist is a useful resource to refer to when putting together an Age-Friendly Action Plan for your business.

The checklist also includes some guidelines relating to people with dementia as currently there are approximately 1,700 people living with dementia in Joondalup and this is predicted to increase to 5,800 by 2050. Shopping Centres report there are more lost people with dementia than lost children, so it is important for local businesses to have an understanding of assisting people with dementia.

Casual business and events spaces

Casual business and events spaces

ECU Business and Innovation Centre (ECUBIC)

This managed centre offers a working hub membership option, which includes all of the facilities of ECUBIC. Costs start from $19 for up to four hours of use to $300 per month for unlimited use, including use of address.


SpacetoCo is an online web platform which lists spaces that can be rented on a casual basis. This includes a number of spaces in the City of Joondalup and across the Perth region.

The platform includes a variety of spaces such as offices, board rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms for work, events, learning and other functions.

For more information please visit the SpaceToCo website.

City of Joondalup Library

Joondalup Library has three meeting rooms available for hire at commercial and not-for-profit rates.

Joondalup Business Association

The JBA in Joondalup has a boardroom which is suitable for training workshops and seminars. For more information please email or call 9300 1414.

Hospitality venues

There are a number of venues in or within direct proximity of the Joondalup City Centre with capacity to host business events. These include:

There are many more venues across the City’s suburbs which are capable of hosting corporate events. Larger venues in and around the popular Hillarys Boat Harbour area include:

For further information on venues across the City please contact the Economic Development team.

Education facilities

Local education facilities that are not timetabled or being used by the academic program are available for hire. These include:

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

For information on ECU facilities available for hire please visit the SpaceToCo website or refer to the ECU Facilities and Services team.

North Metropolitan TAFE

For information on TAFE facilities available for hire please refer to the TAFE website.

NECA College of Electrical Training

For information on NECA facilities available for hire please e-mail Steve Hall, Campus Manager.

Joondalup Jobs and Skills Centre

Joondalup Jobs and Skills Centre

If you are a business, student, jobseeker or career changer, visit the TAFE Jobs and Skills Centre in Joondalup for free advice and information on training and employment.

Business and Employers

The Jobs and Skills Centre engages with local communities and industries to help build local workforce solutions.

The following services are available to employers and businesses:

• Recruitment assistance
• Apprentice/trainee recruitment
• Advertising opportunities on an Aboriginal-specific Jobs Board
• Workforce development advice
• Training or course information
• Information on training solutions and services that can be customised to meet enterprise-specific needs
• Resources and advice on Aboriginal recruitment and retention strategies.

Students and Jobseekers

School students and leavers, career changers, and jobseekers looking to enter the workforce can access the Centre to update or upgrade skills, and improve their job prospects.

The Jobs and Skills Centre provides free:

• Career information and guidance
• Training and course information
• Help with job searching and job matching
• Skills and qualification recognition information
• Apprenticeship and traineeship assistance
• Culturally sensitive employment and career services for Aboriginal people.

Jobs and Skills Centre Joondalup

The Joondalup Jobs and Skills Centre is a one-stop-shop for career, training and employment services. Whether you are a business, student, jobseeker or career changer, visit the TAFE Jobs and Skills Centre in Joondalup for free advice and information on training and employment.

Water sports and activities

Water sports and activities

Whether it’s on the water, on land or in the air, you’re sure to find an activity that caters to your sense of adventure all within a very short distance of Joondalup City Centre.

There is an abundance of things to do across the City of Joondalup’s 17 kilometre pristine coastline.

Explore award-winning Hillarys Boat Harbour, go on a sunset cruise or a whale watching tour, learn kitesurfing at Pinnaroo Point, surf at Mullaloo Beach, snorkel at Marmion Marine Park, go jet skiing or paddle boarding in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, sail a boat or a dingy from Hillarys Yacht Club, take things to a whole new level by flying the latest and craziest jetblade, go on a deep-sea fishing adventure or even take your horse for a swim.

Some of the best waves in the City can also be found in Joondalup City Centre at Aloha Surfhouse, Australia’s first indoor wave pool facility that caters for all surfers.


Find your accommodation

Find your accommodation

The City of Joondalup is the ideal base to explore the many beaches and sights of the capital city of Western Australia. From coastal accommodation to resort-style gateways, and from caravan parks to city centre apartments, you’re sure to find the perfect place to call home during your next holiday.

Hotels, resorts and serviced apartments

Joondalup Resort

Far enough away to truly unwind, and close enough to easily enjoy everything Perth has to offer, Joondalup Resort welcomes you to an oasis of relaxation, stunning tranquil bushlands and world-class golfing facilities.

Joondalup Resort offers 70 luxurious hotel rooms with spectacular views on the 27-hole championship golf course, as well as an outdoor lagoon style swimming pool and heated spa, a mini gymnasium, a cosy English style pub, a café and an award-winning restaurant offering both a la carte and buffet style cuisine.

Joondalup Resort has state-of-the-art conference and meeting facilities for private celebrations and corporate events and is one of Perth’s most fantastic wedding destinations.

Joondalup Resort hosts regular social events and quality night-time entertainment. Come and celebrate a special occasion with family or organise your next night out with friends at the resort.

Quality Resort Sorrento Beach

Quality Resort Sorrento Beach is only a stone’s throw from the postcard perfect Sunset Coast sunsets. It is indeed the closest resort accommodation to the beach in Western Australia. It is only a short walking distance to the bustling dining and entertainment hub of Hillarys Boat Harbour and the ferry departure point to Rottnest Island.

Quality Resort Sorrento Beach offers a mix of four-star hotel rooms and luxury spa suites for romantic gateways as well as two and three-bedroom holiday apartments for family beach holidays and large sporting groups.

Quality Resort Sorrento Beach has boardrooms and meeting rooms available for conferences.

Mullaloo Beach Hotel

Mullaloo Beach Hotel is a premium boutique hotel with twelve exclusive two and three-bedroom luxury suites, all finished to a five-star standard and posing uninterrupted ocean views.

Mullaloo Beach Hotel’s facilities include the ocean view restaurant and the ocean view bar that hosts live music and entertainment seven nights a week as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean.

Mullaloo Beach Hotel caters for all types of private functions and corporate events.

Hillarys Harbour Resort Apartments

Hillarys Harbour Resort Apartments offers a selection of one to three-bedroom self-contained and serviced apartments in the heart of Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Right outside your apartment door, you will find a variety of specialty shops, cafes and restaurants, and close access to some of the region’s tourism attractions such as the Aquarium of Western Australia.

Churchill Apartments

Situated amongst stylish cafes and restaurants, Churchill’s luxury serviced apartments are perfect for those wanting to experience everything Joondalup City Centre has to offer from the convenience of their doorstep.

Tourist and caravan parks

Burns Beach Sunset Village

Burns Beach Sunset Village is a peaceful and secluded beach front caravan park providing holiday tourist accommodation for recreational visitors with their own caravans or RV’s.

Burns Beach Sunset Village also offers one and two-bedroom chalets.

Cherokee Village Tourist Park

Cherokee Village located in Kingsley offers comfortable self-contained chalets in a quiet, secure and friendly caravan park. A selection of shady grassed sites has also been set aside for tourists with their own caravans, motor-homes or who are camping.

There are a number of additional accommodation types including holiday rentals and bed and breakfasts within the City of Joondalup.

Potential visitors are advised to make direct contact with providers to investigate accommodation rates, availability and suitability. Please note that the City has no affiliation with the providers listed and can make no representation or guarantee to the standard, class or suitability.

World-class golfing

World-class golfing

The City of Joondalup is home to one of Australia’s best golf courses. Challenge your golf skills and let the landscape take your breath away during your visit to the Joondalup Resort.

Joondalup Resort Country Club

Few golf courses anywhere in the world offer the dramatic contrasts, the scenic beauty and the sheer golfing challenge of Joondalup Country Club’s 27-hole championship golf course.

Joondalup Resort golf course is just a few minutes from the beach, yet totally immersed in its bushland setting. The specular golf course meanders through a network of majestic quarries, lakes and dunes, providing a picturesque landscape at every hole.

The Quarry and Dunes nine-hole courses at Joondalup Resort are ranked seventh in Australia’s Top 100 Golf Courses of 2018.

The golf course and the Pro Shop are open to the public seven days a week.

For more information visit the Joondalup Resort Country Club.

Joondalup Resort Golf Academy

Whether you are new to golf or want to improve, the Joondalup Resort Golf Academy will help you take your game to the next level.

Private sessions or group classes can be booked online with one of the Academy’s fully certified Professional Golfers’ Association coaches.

For more information visit the Joondalup Resort Golf Academy.

Top things to do

Top things to do

Wondering what to do in Joondalup? With 17 kilometres of stunning Indian Ocean beaches, award winning Hillarys Boat Harbour and many world-class visitor attractions and amenities, you will be amazed at how much fun and adventure you can have whilst exploring our beautiful City.

Explore the wonders of AQWA

An awesome underwater adventure awaits you at the Aquarium of Western Australia located at Hillarys Boat Harbour. From free school holidays activities to close encounters with the sharks, kids’ sleepovers in the underwater glass tunnel and exclusive adult only evening events, every day is different at AQWA.

Fly over the Indian Ocean

Spectacular views start from the moment you lift off! See Hillarys Boat Harbour, the Indian Ocean, Perth’s northern beaches and our beautiful coastline on one of the scenic helicopter flights departing daily from Hillarys Boat Harbour. Surprise your loved one with a return trip to the wineries or make your way to Rottnest by helicopter.

Cruise along the coast like a millionaire

Depart Hillarys on a mid-afternoon ferry and travel to Rottnest Island for the evening. Have a drink and a bite to eat while on the island, or spend some time on the beach having a swim and taking in the stunning sunset prior to returning to mainland. Short of time? Hop aboard a 1.5hour weekend coastal cruise along the beautiful Sunset Coast for a fantastic short sightseeing excursion.

Take the family on a bike ride along the Sunset Coast

Explore the coastal highlights and the native bushland from Marmion to Burns Beach. This easy, 14 km trail runs alongside the lagoons, reefs and small islands of Marmion Marine Park and will take you past a number of swimming beaches, lookouts, kiosks and cafes including Hillarys Boat Harbour and Burns Beach.

Discover more coastal walks and cycling trails here.

Get close to nature at Yellagonga Regional Park

The City of Joondalup is home to a vast range of native wildlife and natural areas, spread among more than 370 parks and reserves including Yellagonga Regional Park, often called the Kings Park of the north.

Yellagonga is Joondalup’s best hidden secret where you could encounter kangaroos, long-necked turtles, frogs and a diverse range of birds. Yellagonga consists of a chain of wetlands, including Lake Joondalup and Lake Goollelal. You can explore the park by foot or on your bike.

Pump up your adrenaline at WA’s first indoor surfing wave pool

Surfing in Perth is no longer limited to the beach with the new indoor never-ending wave that breaks 365 days a year at Aloha Surfhouse in Joondalup.

Unwind in comfort at Joondalup Resort

Rejuvenate your mind, body and tastebuds at the Joondalup Resort with the 27-hole championship golf course, 70 guest rooms and exquisite dining. Take a moment for yourself surrounded by natural bushland and wildlife, enjoy a cocktail by the lagoon style swimming pool or organise a night out with friends at one of the resort’s regular disco parties.

Joondalup Resort is the place to go if you want to spot kangaroos and Australian native birds.

Shop till you drop

Delight in Joondalup’s world-class shopping. Some of the best retail therapy in Perth can be found by the water at Hillarys Boat Harbour, at Westfield Whitford City or at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City, WA’s largest shopping destination with direct train access from Perth CBD.

Snorkel at Marmion Marine Park

The clear shallow lagoons, reefs and small islands of Marmion Marine Park are divers and snorkelers’ paradise, forming ledges and caves inhabited by a wonderful array of fish, marine mammals and other remarkably diverse marine life.

Discover some of WA’s finest craft brews

Head to locals’ favourite micro-brewery Whitfords Brewing Company nestled in the brand new up-market food and entertainment hub at Whitford City. Relax on their rooftop Skydeck and sample some of their award-winning beers and seasonal small batch styles.

Dive like a dolphin and fly like Iron man

Fly the awesome, outrageously fun Jetblade with Jet X-treme at Hillarys Beach. It is great fun and it will get your adrenaline pumping. The most fun you will have on, in and above the water!

Improve your Ninja skills

From the dedicated Kids Zone for children 18 months to 5 years, to the fully integrated bouncing and climbing activity floor, including a wall-running zone, high-performance tramps, ninja-parkour obstacle course, dodgeball and basketball courts, you’ll get your blood pumping at Latitude.

Whale watching

Whale watching

Experience the thrill of coming face to face with the majestic Humpback whales on their annual migration along the Western Australian coastline. Every year, from September to the end of November, these gentle giants can be sighted at play frolicking in the waters off Hillarys Boat Harbour.

For further information visit Rottnest Fast Ferries.

Top places to visit

Top places to visit

You’ll fall in love with the glorious coastline of the City of Joondalup and the locales of Hillarys Boat Harbour and Yellagonga Regional Park.

Here are some favourite destinations to help you discover the charm and natural beauty of our district.

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour is one of Western Australia’s top award- winning tourist attractions offering a wide appeal of day time and night life entertainment. It is home to AQWA – the Aquarium of WA, boasting the largest aquarium and underwater glass tunnel in Australia.

Hillarys is the perfect place for kids with beautifully groomed public parklands and a sheltered beach easily accessible by pram or wheelchair. Visitors can enjoy leisure and adventure activities such as boat cruises, seasonal whale watching, jet skiing, deep-sea fishing, diving, jet boarding and helicopter flights.

Hillarys is also the perfect place to relax with a great variety of bespoke art and souvenir shops, cocktail bars, fine-dining and family-friendly restaurants.

For more information visit Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Joondalup City Centre

With direct train access from the Perth CBD, Joondalup city centre can be explored by foot or by Urbi Bike.

Take a stroll out of Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City into the laneways of Joondalup city centre and enjoy alfresco cafes and independent retailers. Visit the Joondalup Art Gallery or head to Central Park for a rejuvenating walk through native bushland.

Yellagonga Regional Park

The City of Joondalup is home to Yellagonga Regional Park, often called the Kings Park of the north. The park is best explored from the historic site of Neil Hawkins Park, situated only a short stroll from the Joondalup City Centre.

Yellagonga is Joondalup’s best hidden secret. Nature lovers can walk through the native bushland that surrounds the 16-km circuit around Lake Joondalup, home to long-necked turtles, kangaroos and black cockatoos.

Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo Beach is a popular swimming and surfing beach, ideal for children of all ages, Take a dip in the refreshing waters of the Indian Ocean or laze on the soft white sand. Enjoy a stroll, run or a bike ride on the beach paths that connect Mullaloo to neighbouring beaches along the coast.

Children will enjoy playing in the superb playground facilities and parklands overlooking the beach. Bring along a picnic lunch and settle down under the shady trees for the afternoon or indulge in a feast of fish and chips whilst admiring the stunning Western Australian sunset. Head to Mullaloo North for a great session of surf.

The Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club provides peace of mind with lifeguard patrols on weekends and public holidays, while midweek lifeguard patrols are provided by the City in conjunction with Surf Life Saving WA.

Sorrento Beach

Sorrento Beach offers excellent family swimming and turquoise water laps against pure white sand, making it an idyllic spot for a relaxing afternoon of beach fun. The City of Joondalup in conjunction with the State Government installed a beach enclosure at Sorrento Beach in late 2016.  Please note: Due to the current condition of the beach enclosure and recent storm events the City is unable to guarantee that the enclosure will restrict the entry of marine life, possibly including sharks, into the swimming area. The City advises that, as with all other beaches, you swim at your own risk.

At its November 2020 meeting, Joondalup Council unanimously resolved to remove the Sorrento Beach enclosure due to the compromised integrity of the structure.

Removal of the existing structure is likely to commence on Monday 23 November 2020. Some sections of the beach will not be available for use by the public during this time.

The City will investigate options for the provision of a replacement enclosure. This will enable the City to adequately investigate and plan appropriately to implement a new enclosure, aided by the lessons learnt from the Sorrento Beach enclosure.

Sorrento Beach is located directly south of the bustling Hillarys Boat Harbour which is home to plenty of restaurants and cafes, as well as the Aquarium of Western Australia.

The Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club provides peace of mind with lifeguard patrols on weekends and public holidays, while midweek lifeguard patrols are provided by the City in conjunction with Surf Life Saving WA.

Burns Beach

A family favourite, Burns Beach is a sheltered swimming spot that sits within the wildlife-rich waters of Marmion Marine Park. Walk the coastal path, relax on the white-sand beach, barbecue in the grassed parks, or just sit atop the limestone cliffs and drink in a spectacular Indian Ocean sunset.

Look out for seabirds, dolphins, sea lions, rays and a huge diversity of other species from the lookout points. Interpretive signs along the way provide insights into the native flora, fauna and history of the area.

Dine ocean-side at the café, or try chasing some fish by throwing in a line from the groyne or northern end of the beach.

Pinnaroo Point

Pinnaroo Point is an excellent spot for intermediate and expert kite surfers during the day and a great fishing spot at night.

Hillarys Dog Beach and Whitfords Horse Beach

To the south of Pinnaroo Point, visitors can head to Whitfords Horse Beach and Hillarys Dog Beach, a stretch of coastline dedicated to the exercising of horses and dogs. With increased parking, mobile food vendors and a dog washing service, the horse beach and the dog beach make for a great day out for the family and animal enthusiasts.

Cyber security resources for businesses

Cyber security resources for businesses

CERT Australia is the national computer emergency response team. Established in 2010, CERT is the primary government contact point for major Australian businesses to:

  • Receive and respond to cyber security incident reports
  • Receive support and advice in responding to and mitigating cyber incidents
  • Monitor cyber security incidents or attacks to develop a threat picture
  • Provide advice and alerts to its partners to enhance their cyber security resilience.

Visit the CERT Australia website for useful resources and advice relating to cyber security. This includes:

  • The Stay Smart Online program – provides information on how small businesses can protect themselves from, and reduce the risk of, cyber security threats
  • Stay Smart Online also has a Small Business Guide that outlines good online security practices and easy steps to protect customer and supplier information entrusted to your business
  • To report a cyber crime incident go to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) – a national online system to help businesses and individuals securely report cyber crime

For more information on services please visit the CERT Australia website.

Small Business Development Corporation

Small Business Development Corporation

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) offers free advice and guidance for current and aspiring small business owners in Western Australia.

Experienced advisers can be contacted on 133 140, by email or visit the SBDC office in the Perth CBD.

Information and support is also available in relation to negotiating commercial tenancy agreements with landlords and resolving disputes with others businesses or government departments.

Small Business Workshops

The SBDC also runs business workshops throughout the Perth metropolitan area:

Online Business Resources

The SBDC can help you assess new business ideas, and provides online advice on a range of key topics, including but not limited to:

SBDC Enewsletter and Blog

Joondalup City Centre 360 degree view video

Joondalup City Centre 360 degree view video

Joondalup City Centre is a master planned regional centre with significant advantages for businesses. Key transport, parking, government, education, shopping and entertainment facilities are located in close proximity.

The below 360 degree video view of the Joondalup City Centre highlights key places of interest for prospective business investors. This is also available in an interactive view format.

To find out more about the advantages of locating your business in Joondalup please view the City’s Business investment video.

Joondalup City Centre

AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia)

An awesome underwater adventure awaits you at the Aquarium of Western Australia! From free school holidays activities to close encounters with the sharks, kids’ sleepovers in the underwater glass tunnel and exclusive adult only evening events, every day is different at AQWA.

Joondalup City Centre

With direct train access from the Perth CBD, Joondalup City Centre can be explored by foot. Take a stroll out of Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City into the laneways of Joondalup City Centre and enjoy alfresco cafes and independent retailers. Visit the Joondalup Art Gallery or head to Central Park for a rejuvenating walk through native bushland.    

Quality Resort Sorrento Beach

Quality Resort Sorrento Beach is a stone’s throw from the postcard perfect Sunset Coast sunsets. It is only a short walking distance to the bustling dining and entertainment hub of Hillarys Boat Harbour and the ferry departure point to Rottnest Island.

Latitude Indoor Aerial Super Park

Latitude offers a world of aerial entertainment that will challenge the mind and body and leave you with a brand-new attitude. From their dedicated Kids Zone for children 18 months to 5 years, to their fully integrated bouncing and climbing activity floor, including a wall-running zone, high-performance tramps, ninja-parkour obstacle course, dodgeball and basketball courts, you’ll get the blood pumping and create lasting memories.

Rotorvation Helicopters

Rotorvation Helicopters is the only helicopter company approved to operate from Perth’s premier recreational destination Hillarys Boat Harbour. They offer a range of scenic, winery and resort packages as well as transfers to Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Fast Ferries

Now operating 365 days a year Rottnest Fast Ferries offers multiple high-speed ferry services to Rottnest, along with coastal and twilight cruises allowing you to relax whilst taking in the beauty of the Sunset Coast’s iconic beaches.

Hillarys Boardwalk

With over 60 shopping and dining outlets, Sorrento Quay Boardwalk at Hillarys Boat Harbour is the perfect place to shop, eat, relax and catch up with family and friends. There is always plenty going on at Sorrento Quay Boardwalk to keep the whole family happy. Make sure to check out the latest news and events on their website.

Aloha Surfhouse

Surfing in Perth is no longer limited to the beach with the new indoor never-ending-wave that breaks 365 days a year at Aloha Surfhouse in Joondalup. Aloha is also home to the first Clip ‘n Climb in Perth, a yoga studio, a coffee house and a lifestyle boutique.

Edith Cowan Security Research Institute

In April 2018 the Federal Government, in cooperation with the WA Government, launched the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), based at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup. $140 million is being invested into the CRC by 25 industry, government, university and research participants. This includes $50 million from the Australian Government over seven years and $5.6 million from the State Government over seven years.

Benefits of locating your business in Joondalup

Benefits of locating your business in Joondalup

The City of Joondalup is located just 25 kilometres north of the Perth CBD in one of Australia’s fastest growing regions.

Through careful long-term planning and infrastructure delivery the Joondalup City Centre has grown to accommodate Perth’s largest shopping centre, major university and health campuses, solid office and industrial property fed employment bases and the largest apartment market in the northern suburbs. This diversity of property uses has given Joondalup a competitive advantage over competing centres.

Joondalup is transforming into a vibrant, knowledge-based destination city and strategic employment centre. By 2050 the City Centre will support up to 45,000 jobs and will build on its existing reputation as a centre of excellence in a range of growth sectors – from digital media, cyber security, engineering and technology – to specialist health, professional and scientific services and international education.

Over the last decade, the City Centre has expanded by an average of 28,800m² of commercial floor space per annum, reaching a total floor area of over 800,000m² in 2017, with a 3.6% vacancy rate. Over the same period, commercial building approvals have averaged $162 million per annum. Recent major expansions of the Joondalup Health Campus, Edith Cowan University, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City, The Quadrangle and HBF Arena have all contributed to this growth.

With many large projects either under construction, approved or in advanced planning stages, the City of Joondalup is well placed to continue attracting a significant proportion of Perth’s commercial property and business investment.

Small Business Development Corporation

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) assists the establishment, growth and development of small business in Western Australia. The SBDC provides a range of services covering:
  • Business skills workshops
  • Business license finder
  • Advisory Services
  • Commercial tenancy advisory service
  • A low-cost alternative dispute resolution service
  • Business migration
The SBDC has offices in Perth but also provides support in the Perth metropolitan area via a network of expert Business Local program providers.

ECU Business and Innovation Centre

ECU Business and Innovation Centre

Space to develop and grow your business

The Edith Cowan University Business and Innovation Centre (ECUBIC) is a purpose-built facility in the Joondalup City Centre which is managed by Business Station. A business incubator is a hybrid of economic development dedicated to supporting start-ups and small businesses by providing and facilitating various services to accelerate growth.

Subsidised office space rental starts at 15 sqm with 20/30 sqm offices also available. Features include:

  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Reception to greet guests
  • Communal kitchens with refrigeration and tea and coffee-making facilities
  • Courtyard space
  • Secure car parking
  • Cleaning, maintenance and utility costs included
  • Meeting and training room access
  • Printing, scanning and photocopying facilities
  • Within walking distance of Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City and the train station.

If your business is not quite ready to commit to office space, you can take advantage of an ECUBIC working hub membership, which offers all the facilities of ECUBIC.  Memberships start from $19 for up to four hours of use to $300 per month for unlimited use including use of address.

For a free tour of ECUBIC please contact the Business Station team.

Additional services

Additional State and Federal Government funded services available through Business Station at ECUBIC include:

Joondalup Business Association

The Joondalup Business Association (JBA) represents a number of local business industries. Association members are actively encouraged to promote and build their business through JBA networking events and workshops. The Association also has a boardroom for hire, which is suitable for workshops and seminars.

ECU Business and Innovation Centre

The ECU Business & Innovation Centre is in the heart of Joondalup and offers subsidised office space and working hub memberships. Business Station manage the Centre and offer numerous business development workshops, business support and advisory services with funding from the State and Federal Government.

City business support contacts

City business support contacts

The City is committed to making it easy for businesses to locate, operate and grow in the City of Joondalup and offers a range of assistance and support services.

The following table outlines key contacts at the City for business support enquiries.

City of Joondalup TeamCommon Support AreasContact
Planning Services- Development (Planning) Approvals
- Home Businesses
- Business signs
- Change of land use
- Planning strategies
- District Planning Scheme No. 2 (DPS2)
- Structure Plans, Activity Centre Plans and Local Development Plans
- Local Planning Policies
Email: info@joondalup.wa.gov.au
Call: 9400 4100
Building Services
- Building Regulations
- Building Permits
- Building Applications and Approvals
- Occupancy Permits
Email: info@joondalup.wa.gov.au
Call: 9400 4961
Health & Environmental Services- Food business registrations
- Outdoor eating permits
- Public buildings
- Lodging houses
- Aquatic facilities
- Skin penetration establishments (tattoo’s, beauty therapy)
- Hairdressing establishments
Email: info@joondalup.wa.gov.au
Call: 9400 4933
Economic Development- Business Support
- Business Development Initiatives
- Business Research/Statistics
- Business Investment Enquiries
- Key stakeholder identification/introductions
Email: info@joondalup.wa.gov.au
Call: 9400 4253 or 9400 4407

Unsure who to contact for your business enquiry?

If you are unsure who to speak to please call or visit a Customer Service Centre and your query will be directed appropriately.

City of Joondalup Customer Service CentreVisitContact
Joondalup Customer Service Centre90 Boas Avenue
Joondalup WA 6027
Email: info@joondalup.wa.gov.au
Call: 08 9400 4000

External business support contacts

There are also a number of external organisations that provide business support services to help businesses grow and prosper. For more information please view the Local Business Training, Workshops and Events page.

Other enquiries

If you have an enquiry which is not of a business nature please view this article: Contact the City.

Economic Profile and Opportunities

Economic Profile and Opportunities

The City of Joondalup has a thriving local economy. Key statistics are shown in the below table which is also available in eBook format.

It is important to be aware of any limitations relating to data sources – for detailed information please refer to the Source links in the below table.

If you would like more information on the benefits of locating your business in the City of Joondalup please view the business investment section of the City’s website. You can also use the free tools provided by the City for further research.

City of Joondalup Economic Snapshot  
Measure: Population Estimate
Data as at: 2018
Source: forecast.id
Note: Last updated by .id in October 2017.
This forecast has been updated with 2016 Census dwelling counts and the 2016 Estimated Resident Population.
Yearly forecasts are available for 2016 to 2036.
Measure: Gross Regional Product (GRP) Estimate
Data as at: 30 June 2017 (updated annually)
Source:economy.id - National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR)
Note: The Gross Regional Product of an area is the equivalent of Gross Domestic Product, but for a smaller area. It is the amount of the nation’s wealth which is generated by businesses, organisations and individuals working in the area.
Measure: Business Count by Size
Data as at: 30 June 2017 (updated annually)
Source:economy.id - Australian Bureau of Statistics, Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits, 2015 to 2017 Cat. No. 8165.0
Non Employing: 8,634
Employs 1>4 people:3,321
Employs 5>19 people:1,007
Employs 20>199 people: 233
Employs 200+ people:6
Total Businesses: 13,201
Measure: Employment Total (Local Jobs) Estimate
Data as at: 30 June 2017 (updated annually)
Source:economy.id - National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR)
Note: Employment (total) is the most accurate and up to date measure of people employed in the City of Joondalup. The statistics are modelled by NIEIR to correct for the known undercount of jobs recorded in the Census.
Measure: Employment (Jobs) Estimate - Top 3 Industry Sectors
Data as at: 30 June 2017 (updated annually)
Source: economy.id - National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR)
Refer to note in Employment Total (Local Jobs Estimate).
1. Health Care and Social Assistance Jobs:10,374
2. Retail Trade Jobs:9,820
3. Education and Training Jobs:8,274
Note: Refer to note for Employment Total (Local Jobs Estimate)
Measure: Unemployment
Data as at: 30 June 2018 (updated quarterly)
Source: economy.id - Australian Bureau of Statistics, Labour force survey, catalogue number 6202.0, and Department of Employment, Small Area Labour Markets
Unemployed People:3,929
Unemployed Rate:4.09%
Measure: Building Approvals
Data as at: 30 June 2018
(FY 2017/18)
Source: economy.id - Australian Bureau of Statistics, Building Approvals, Australia, catalogue number 8731.0
10 Yr Rolling Average to 30/6/18Total: $357.5m
Note: Annual statistics are shown however figures are updated on a quarterly basis and current year data can be obtained via the above link.
Measure: Visitor Numbers Estimate
Data as at: 30 June 2017
Source: economy.id - Tourism Research Australia, Unpublished data from the National Visitor Survey and International Visitor Survey 2016/7.
International visitor nights:777,717
Domestic visitor nights:343,861
Domestic day trips: 1,057,833


Ask a librarian

Ask a librarian

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    Staff will endeavour to respond to your research enquiry within 2 working days.

    For general enquiries check out our other pages:

Community events calendar – Submit your event

Community events calendar – Submit your event

Joondalup City Centre 360 degree interactive view

Joondalup City Centre 360 degree interactive view

Joondalup City Centre is a master planned regional centre with significant advantages for businesses. Key transport, parking, government, education, shopping and entertainment facilities are located in close proximity.

To find out more about the advantages of locating your business in Joondalup please view the City’s Business investment video.

Joondalup City Centre

This is an interactive 360-degree view of the Joondalup City Centre, with links to websites for key places of interest for businesses and prospective investors. Use the controls at the bottom right hand side of the aerial view to navigate around.

Open 360 degree view

Community Art Exhibition

Community Art Exhibition

CAE image
Image credit: Creativity & Innovation (detail), 2021 by Janette Hafez. Image courtesy of the artist.

The City of Joondalup’s 2022 Community Art Exhibition was held from Sunday 27 March – Sunday 10 April 2022 at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Great Space.

This annual exhibition celebrated the City’s artistic community and included 161 artworks, incorporating a wide range of traditional and contemporary media, spanning from painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, glass work, textiles, photography, printmaking, and mixed media.

To view a Virtual Tour of the exhibition click here.

Entrants competed for a share in a prize pool of over $11,000.

All artworks qualified for consideration of the following Awards:

  • Most Outstanding Artwork – $4,000
    Winner: Julia Andrijasevich for Isolation
  • Highly Commended – $1,500
    Winner: Olga Perova for Bargello vase

Artists could also nominate for consideration for these optional Awards:

  • Celebrating Joondalup – $1,500
    Winner: Katie Gordon for Joondalup Still Life – A Study in Biodiversity
  • Student Award – $750
    Winner: Monique Chevalier for Honey
  • Arts in focus – $500 with solo exhibition
    Winner: Afsaneh Khoramshahi for A Countess from Georgia

A further commission was provided to one selected Artist:

  • Inside Out Billboard Commission – $3,000
    Winner: Kodi Dennison for When can we play?

The Popular Choice Award of $500 is based on the most number of votes from the public. This year’s winner was Anne Marie Bloor with her artwork Rod, a colourful painting of a pink and white Galah.

Calls for entry for the 2023 Community Art Exhibition will open at the end of 2022 and close in February 2023. The exhibition will run from 26 March – 9 April 2023.

Sign up for the Arts in Focus eNewsletter for updates.

Local business advice and support

Local business advice and support

Business Station

Business Station manage the ECU Business and Innovation Centre (ECUBIC) in Joondalup.

If you are starting a new business, or run an existing small business, you may benefit from a number of free or low-cost programs, services and workshops delivered by Business Station to help your business grow. These include support services through the following State and Federal Government programs:

  • Business Local* – an outreach advisory service providing access to free advice and guidance for small businesses owners
  • Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions – includes workshops and webinars for websites and selling online, social media and digital marketing, using small business software, and online security and data security

* Please note that Business Local utilises a number of service providers across the Perth Metropolitan region. For more information on Business Local support services please visit the Small Business Development Corporation website.

E-newsletters and workshops

To keep up to date with business support services delivered by the Business Station team:

Business advice consultations

You may also like to consider booking a one on one business advisory session with a Business Station advisor at ECUBIC in Joondalup or at one of their other locations. The following options are available:

  • General business advice for e.g. starting your business and general business development issues for SMEs (Free service)
  • Advice on digital business solutions such as websites and selling online, social media and digital marketing, using small business software, and online security and data security ($20 cost for initial appointments and $40 for subsequent)

For more information and to book please call 08 9301 8000 or email.

Other Business Workshops in the City of Joondalup

To find more business workshops and business events in Joondalup:


Local business training, workshops and events

Local business training, workshops and events

Several organisations provide business training, workshops and events in and around the City of Joondalup. Free/low cost local business events and workshops are often shown under the Business Support category on the City’s website events calendar.

Subscribing to e-newsletters from the following organisations may help businesses keep up to date with the latest business events, networking and learning opportunities.

City of JoondalupHolds Business Forums and works with external organisations to deliver business events.Joondalup Business Online Enewsletter
Business Forums
Business Local -Workshops and Webinars
(Various Providers)
The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) has appointed several providers to deliver a variety of enterprise skill development workshops and webinars under their Business Local program. The SBDC website is regularly updated with Business Local workshops and webinars for the Perth metro area, including Joondalup.
Providers are also encouraged to submit details for the City's events calendar
Business StationBusiness Station are funded by State and Federal Government to provide a range of free and low-cost business training workshops and business advisory services. They also let/manage offices in the ECU Business and Innovation Centre (ECUBIC) which are aimed at new businesses.Enewsletter
Joondalup Business AssociationLocal Business Association offering business networking, workshops and events.Enewsletter
Immigrant Business Networking AssociationOffers business networking and workshops for immigrants.Enewsletter
District32Business Cooperative offering networking, training and marketing services.Enewsletter
Small Business Development Corporation
(State Government)
Offers a range of small business resources and services, including free and low cost business workshops in Perth CBD - some on weekends. Enewsletter
Business Advice Topics
Dispute Resolution
(Federal Government)
Offers a range of business resources, grants and assistance programs. Also run information sessions on topics such as the R&D Tax Incentive, Free Trade Agreements, Accelerating Commercialisation.Enewsletter
Grants & assistance
Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA Perth based. Offers a range of membership packages, business events and workshops.Business News
Environmental Health Australia/City of JoondalupThe City offers the I'm Alert free online course to assist food business in the training of their staff.View Information

Business owners and staff may also like to explore professional learning opportunities at the Edith Cowan University and North Metropolitan TAFE campuses in Joondalup.

Edith Cowan University School of Business and LawOffers a range of professional development opportunities to help you succeed in business.
Runs an MBA Program with specialisation options in areas such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Environmental Management, Marketing, and Finance.
Edith Cowan University Corporate and Professional DevelopmentOffers a unique range of short courses and customised programs in cyber security, the future of work, design thinking, tourism, healthcare, innovation and entrepreneurialism.More information
Edith Cowan University Security Research InstituteRuns Special Interest Group events relating to cyber securityNews and events
North Metropolitan TAFEWell positioned to develop tailored and innovative training to meet your business objectives.News

Cyber Check Me Initiative

Cyber Check Me Initiative

CyberCheck.Me provides local businesses with assistance, advice and assessment to help them better protect themselves and their business online.

The initiative also provides free one hour consultations to City of Joondalup businesses to assess  their cyber security capabilities as well as a number of useful online cyber guides.

CyberCheck.Me is an initiative developed by the ECU Research Institute in partnership with the Cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo and the WA AustCyber Innovation Hub.

For more information on the initiative and services available to City of Joondalup businesses visit cybercheck.me

Caring for wetlands

Caring for wetlands

Wetlands are complex ecosystems and are vulnerable to many impacts. Some of the threats to the Yellagonga Regional Park wetlands include declining water levels, water contaminants, weeds, wildfire, habitat destruction and fragmentation, introduced animals, acid sulphate soils exposure, plant disease, vandalism and rubbish dumping.

Actions you take when visiting wetlands or within your own home and garden can impact on the health of our local wetlands.

When visiting wetlands:

  • Join a community group that cares for a local wetland such as Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park
  • Remove any litter you find. You could even organise or participate in a Clean Up Australia Day event for your local bushland
  • Keep dogs on leads around wetlands and picking up dog waste
  • Leave birds and other wildlife to find their own food from nature
  • Stay on pathways.

In your home and garden:

  • Plant native species to increase biodiversity for native animals such as birds and insects
  • Avoid fertiliser use in the garden
  • Compost your leaves and grass clippings
  • Keep stormwater drains free from chemicals
  • Use mains and bore water efficiently to avoid the drying out of the wetlands
  • Keep domestic cats confined to your property
  • If you are part of a community group or school you can apply for funding through the City’s Environmental Development Community Funding to undertake a project, event or activity that helps to protect the City’s wetlands
  • Don’t release helium balloons as balloon fragments can be ingested by animals
  • Report suspicious behaviour to the Police on 131 444 or if you see a fire phone 000

Learning about wetlands

Learning about wetlands

The Yellagonga Regional Park wetlands include rich and dynamic ecosystems ranging from upland forest, fringing wetland and aquatic vegetation to open water bodies. These ecosystems provide important habitat for many flora and fauna species, reduce flooding risks, filter and recharge water and prevent soil erosion.

Fauna found in the Yellagonga Regional Park includes the Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo, Western Grey Kangaroo, Quenda (native marsupial), Brushtail Possum, Echidna, Oblong turtle, Rakali or Water Rat and the Tiger snake as well as six different frog species. The park is also important as a summer refuge and breeding habitat for many bird species, with over 120 bird species having been recorded in the park.

To learn more about your local wetland areas:

  • Visit Neil Hawkins Park and read the Noongar cultural heritage interpretive signage explaining traditional Noongar use of the Yellagonga Wetlands
  • Subscribe to the City’s Environmental News and Events e-newsletter to learn about the City’s latest environmental events including flora and fauna tours, nightstalks, bushtucker tours and sustainable gardening seminars
  • Read the Birds of the City of Joondalup brochure to learn about local bird species
  • Read the Plants and People in Mooro Country book to discover more about local flora species used by the Noongar people. The book also details the Yellagonga Regional Park’s changing landscape from Aboriginal Settlement to today
  • Find out more about Yellagonga Regional Park in the Yellagonga School Activity Sheets, targeted at school age students from pre-primary to Year 7.