Strategic Community Plan — Joondalup 2032

Strategic Community Plan — Joondalup 2032

NAIDOC Celebrations 2022 – Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions apply to this competition: 1. Instructions on how to enter and other details contained within promotional advertisements for this competition form part of the conditions of entry. 2. This competition is being run by the City of Joondalup (“Promoter”). 3. Entries and information on the prize and how to enter form part of these Terms and Conditions. 4. Participation in this competition constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 5. Councillors, staff employed by the City and related parties are ineligible to enter the competition. 6. To be eligible to win, complete and submit the Feedback Forms related to one or more of the NAIDOC Celebrations 2022 events. 7. There is one Westfield voucher to the value of $50.00. 8. There is no entry fee to enter this competition. 9. For attendees who complete more than one form there will be only one entry per individual. 10. The competition opens Monday 4 July 2022 and closes midnight (AWST) Monday 8 August 2022. 11. There will be one winner chosen at random. The promoter’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. 12. The winner will be notified by email (using the email as recorded on the competition entry form) by Monday 15 August 2022. 13. Collection of the prize will be organised by the winner following notification of their winning entry. The Promoter will not be liable for any delivery or travel costs associated with claiming a prize. The winner must collect their prize by Monday 29 August 2022 or it will be judged forfeited. 14. The information that entrants provide will be used by the Promoter for the purpose of conducting the competition. By entering this competition, entrants’ consent to the use of their contact details for the purposes described in this clause. 15. The Promoter will not be liable for any loss or damage for any personal injury sustained as a result of taking the prize or entering the competition. The Promoter makes no representation or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of any goods or services offered as prizes. 16. The winner must provide suitable identification to the Promoter’s satisfaction to claim the prize.

Notice of Special Council Meeting

The City of Joondalup gives public notice of a Special Council Meeting to be held in Council Chambers, Joondalup Civic Centre, Boas Avenue, Joondalup on Tuesday 5 July 2022, commencing at 5.45pm. The purpose of the meeting is to consider:
  • The appointment of an Elected Member to perform the duties of Mayor.
This meeting is open to all members of the public. Questions and Statements must relate to the purpose for which the meeting has been called. For further information, please contact the City’s Governance Coordinator on 9400 4369. JAMES PEARSON Chief Executive Officer

Subscribe and win competition

Subscribe and win competition

Subscribe and win imageStay informed and win

Subscribe to a City eNewsletter during July and automatically go into the draw for a chance to win a Craigie Leisure Centre one-month multi access membership, valued at $199.00. With 12 regular newsletters available, there is a wide range of interests and topics covered for both residents and businesses.

Sign up for a chance to win. Good luck.

Council Approves 2022/23 Budget

The Joondalup Council has approved the City’s 2022/23 Budget at its June meeting, including an increase of 4.09% to the general rates charge. The 2022/23 Budget has been influenced by a changed economic environment over the last 12 months, with significant movement in inflation and the first interest rate increases since 2010. The economic environment of high inflation and interest rate rises is projected to persist in the immediate future. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant state of emergency continues to be a disruption to normal economic and social activity. The 2022/23 Budget continues measures taken in 2020/21 to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the wider community, including the local economy, with rates revenue only marginally above 2019/20 rates levels. The budget highlights include:
  • $3.5 million contribution to new Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club facility
  • $2.3 million to the Chichester Park clubroom redevelopment
  • $1.7 million to Ocean Reef Park toilets and changerooms reconstruction, irrigation upgrade and associated works, playspace renewal
  • $1.6 million to coastal shared path
  • $1.4 million to Joondalup Drive / Hodges Drive intersection upgrade
  • $1 million to Craigie Leisure Centre
  • $950,000 to Craigie Leisure Centre geothermal bore replacement
  • $814,000 to Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club redevelopment
  • $500,000 to Leafy City program
Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said the 2022/23 Budget enables the City to continue to provide quality programs and services whilst minimising the rates burden for residents. “On any fair measure, this is a responsible budget that allows the City of Joondalup to have one of the lowest rating levels in the State, both in terms of rate in the dollar and minimum rate levels,” Mayor Jacob said. “The rates rise is significantly lower than CPI and it is also lower than the increase to the State Government’s Emergency Services Levy, which the City collects on their behalf. “Two-thirds of residential properties will be charged a general rates levy lower than in 2019-20, due to the pandemic relief measures that the City first undertook in 2020-21. “We understand that residents have been impacted by cost of living pressures, but local governments are not immune to price increases. Whether it be fuel for the City’s fleet, utilities such as power and water at City facilities or invoices for work and materials, costs have increased significantly in the current market. “There are some exciting projects on the horizon, including continued progress on the Ocean Reef Marina and Craigie Leisure Centre upgrades, as well as the much-needed redevelopment of the Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club. “I encourage residents to visit the City’s website for more information on these and other works to be undertaken over the City’s 22 suburbs in the next 12 months.” City of Joondalup ratepayers can sign up to the eRates service to receive their 2022/23 rates notices and instalment reminders by email rather than by post. Register on the City’s website. Residents are also reminded that in 2022/23 they will be able to download the annual waste guide, greens tipping and shredded green waste (mulch) vouchers directly from the City’s website from Friday 1 July 2022. Residents who require assistance to download their vouchers and access the guide online can visit any of the City’s Libraries and the Customer Service team at the administration building (90 Boas Avenue, Joondalup). Print copies are also available on request. Budget Highlights by Suburb BELDON Ocean Reef Road / Gwendoline Drive intersection improvements ($536,000*) ** Gwendoline Drive resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($412,000*) Harrier Way resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($116,000) Fantome Road, Electra Street resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($99,000) Cowalla Gardens resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($96,200) Lockeville Close resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($68,200) Woodbridge Mews resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($64,000) Newtown Grove resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($57,500) Milton Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($46,000) Tranby Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($45,000) Margery Close resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($40,000)   BURNS BEACH Burns Beach coastal node redevelopment ($400,000) ** Burns Beach café/restaurant/kiosk construction ($146,000) **   CONNOLLY Country Club Boulevard resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($290,000*) Hodges Drive resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($123,038*) St Michaels Avenue resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($85,400*) Oakmont Turn resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($77,200) Fairway Circle resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($75,000*)   CRAIGIE Craigie Leisure Centre upgrades Stage One ($1,043,000) Craigie Leisure Centre geothermal bore replacement ($950,000) Eddystone Avenue shared path upgrade ($830,000*) ** Chadstone Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($109,000) Craigie Open Space bushland path renewals ($100,000) Mandarin Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($62,000) Dromana Place new pathway on eastern verge ($47,000) Camberwarra Park lighting improvements ($47,000) Rosette Close and Otway Place lighting replacement ($45,000) Camberwarra Drive / Dromana Place pedestrian crossing improvement ($40,000) Barradine Way new pathway on western verge ($32,000)   CURRAMBINE Connolly Drive (Sussex Way to Burns Beach Road) western verge path replacement ($135,000) Bainbridge Mews and Oriana Place laneways resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($55,000) Christchurch Park changerooms refurbishment ($30,000) Oakland Hills Boulevard to Delamere Avenue roundabout new path connection ($16,500)   DUNCRAIG Sorrento Football Club changeroom and grandstand additions ($700,000*) Killen Park and Sycamore Park amenity improvements ($400,000) Readshaw Drive (Marmion Avenue to Barker Drive) resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($215,000*) St Andrews Way resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($168,000) Bernedale Way (including Poynter Drive intersection) resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($150,400*) Sillmon Way resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($140,400) Virgilia Street resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($131,200) Melene Park playspace replacement ($120,900) Greenlaw Park playspace replacement ($120,900) Galston Park playspace replacement ($120,900) Percy Doyle Reserve soccer pitch #1 irrigation renewal and carpark lighting renewals ($105,000*) Duncraig Early Learning Centre new universal access toilet ($100,000) Mapleton Place resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($96,200) Mandara Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($96,000) Sycamore Drive (Tecoma Street to Scadden Street) new pathway ($93,000) Kinloch Place resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($77,200) Juniper Park parking improvements ($75,000*) Tarata Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($69,200) Jope Place resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($49,000) Percy Doyle Reserve football / tee-ball clubroom upgrades ($40,000) ** Glengarry Park tennis court lighting improvement ($40,000) Elmton Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($34,000) Colac Way northern verge path ($20,000)   EDGEWATER Joondalup Drive (Treetop Avenue to Wedgewood Drive) eastern verge path replacement ($405,000*) Stillwater Way resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($186,600) Lakevalley Park playspace replacement ($120,900) Joondalup Drive (northbound) resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($97,221*) Amber Grove resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($68,700)   GREENWOOD Allenswood Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works, including Blackall Drive, Merivale Way and Leschenaultia Street roundabouts and approaches ($443,200*) Warwick Road (eastbound) resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($268,360*) Wirilda Crescent resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($212,200) Warrigal Park parking improvements ($195,000*) Turramurra Way resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($187,000) Kurrajong Place resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($183,700*) Melaleuca Drive resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($148,400) Pullan Place resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($124,400) Lambertia Street resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($108,200) Kanangra Park playspace replacement ($104,500) Gilmerton Way resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($93,200) Gerda Park playspace replacement ($74,400) Pimelia Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($72,200) Maple Street resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($66,200) Greenwood Scout Hall refurbishment and minor works at Calecstacia Hall ($40,000*) Hartley Park, Birch Park and Filbert Park landscape improvements ($30,000) ** Hepburn Avenue / Karuah Way intersection upgrade* ($30,000) ** Liwara Place (Orkney Road to shared pathway) new pathway on southern verge ($20,000) **   HEATHRIDGE Prince Regent Park parking improvements ($165,000) Poseidon Primary School (Roderick Court) parking improvements ($100,000*)   HILLARYS Flinders Park roof replacement and playspace renewal ($275,900*) Mawson Crescent (including Shackleton Avenue roundabout) resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($227,600*) Pinnaroo Point parking improvements ($150,000) Orbell Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($120,400*) Whitfords Avenue Coastal Fencing Renewals ($120,000) Nimrod Place resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($99,000) Buchan Place resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($80,000) Hepburn Avenue / Amalfi Drive roundabout improvements ($25,000*) ** Waterford Drive to Fenton Way pathway ($11,000)   ILUKA Iluka Beach Park shade sail installation ($50,000) Sir James McCusker Park place of reflection ($47,000*)   JOONDALUP City Centre Streetscape Renewal Program ($400,000) ** Joondalup Drive / Hodges Drive intersection upgrade* ($400,000) ** McLarty Avenue Multi-Storey Car Park construction ($300,000) ** Joondalup Drive streetscape upgrades ($300,000) ** Joondalup Drive (Shenton Avenue to Moore Drive) western verge path replacement ($250,000) Joondalup Drive (northbound Sundew Rise to Injune Way, southbound Moore Drive to Kennedya Drive) resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($225,182*) Joondalup Reception Centre refurbishment ($175,000) Joondalup Drive (Clarke Crescent to Collier Pass) eastern verge path resurfacing ($140,000) Kennedya Drive new pathway and replacements ($122,000) Grand Boulevard / Boas Avenue / McLarty Avenue intersection resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($72,765*) Joondalup Drive / Lakeside Drive traffic signal improvements ($15,000*) ** Joondalup Library and Joondalup Civic Centre energy efficiency initiatives ($100,000)   KALLAROO Marmion Avenue / Coral Street intersection upgrade ($368,960*) ** Stanford Park sump beautification ($160,000) Castlecrag Park playspace replacement ($120,900) Whitfords Avenue / Westfield Whitford City roundabout resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($80,979*) Juno Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($51,200) Castlecrag Drive / Henderson Drive intersection upgrade ($45,000) Whitfords West Park amenity improvement ($25,000) **   KINGSLEY Whitfords Avenue / Kingsley Drive intersection upgrade ($118,400*) Charlton Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($114,000) Halwood Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($101,000) Kylie Way resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($99,000) Edith Close resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($77,200) Becton Court resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($54,200) Barridale Park irrigation and playspace replacement ($18,000)   KINROSS Kinross Drive footpath (western side of Callender Park) ($25,000)   MARMION Clifford Coleman Park amenity improvements ($225,000) Cliff Park playspace replacement and landscaping improvements ($189,400*) Whiley Road resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($163,600) Peirse Way resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($143,000) Charsley Crescent resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($124,200) McKirdy Park playspace replacement ($78,000) Marmion Foreshore (West Coast Drive, opposite Troy Avenue) new drinking fountain and shower ($30,000)   MULLALOO Mullaloo Drive (Marmion Avenue to Koorana Road) resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($191,800*) Mullaloo Drive retaining wall refurbishment (supporting Warringah Close) ($100,000) Scaphella Avenue / Meridian Drive intersection upgrade ($70,000*) Johnson Crescent drainage improvements ($40,000) Mullaloo Foreshore connection from north beach to coastal pathway ($20,000) **   OCEAN REEF Contribution to new Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club facility ($3,500,000) Ocean Reef Park toilets and changerooms reconstruction, landscape and irrigation improvements, playspace replacement ($1,735,900) Beaumaris Park and Copeland Gardens path replacements ($185,000)   PADBURY Wentworth Park, Fraser Park and Byrne Park landscape improvements ($645,000) Marmion Avenue / Forrest Road intersection upgrade ($596,000*) ** Whitfords Avenue / Gibson Avenue intersection upgrade ($226,056*) Gibson Avenue (Barclay Avenue to Warburton Avenue) resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($182,200*)   SORRENTO Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club redevelopment ($814,000) ** Parnell Avenue (between Lane Two and Clontarf Street) parking improvements ($245,000*) Hood Terrace resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($163,200) Hawkins Avenue resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($155,000) Cowper Road / Parker Avenue intersection upgrade ($150,000) Seacrest Drive (Marmion Avenue to Reef Court) resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($110,200*) St Patricks Road (between Lane Three and High Street) parking improvements ($95,000*) Geneff Park LED lighting improvement ($50,000)   WARWICK Erindale Road / Eddington Road children’s crossing improvement ($105,000) Glenmere Park playspace replacement ($74,400) Revitalisation of Hillwood Park North infrastructure, Carr Park and Hillwood Park South minor improvements ($30,000) **   WOODVALE Chichester Park clubrooms redevelopment ($2,331,000) Whitfords Avenue eastbound (Trappers Drive to Moolanda Boulevard) rehabilitation works ($341,312*) Trappers Drive intersection and pedestrian improvements ($235,000*) McCubbin Park irrigation renewal ($140,000) Lyell Grove resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($102,000) Gascoyne Park bore iron filter installation ($95,000*) Everard Close resurfacing and rehabilitation works ($60,000)     MULTIPLE SUBURBS Leafy City Program works in Edgewater, Mullaloo and Duncraig ($500,000) ** Road Preservation and Rehabilitation Program ($220,000) Minor sump landscaping and fencing improvements ($195,000*) Tree Planting Program ($175,000) Building component renewal and upgrade programs ($170,000) Stormwater drainage renewal and upgrade programs ($150,000) BMX track upgrades at Quarry Park and Kanangra Park ($130,000) Lighting infrastructure renewals program ($130,000) Park vehicle entry renewal program ($125,000) Pathway replacement program ($105,000*) Changeroom shower modifications ($95,000*) Universal access path improvements ($80,000) Pedestrian accessibility improvements ($75,000*) Park minor asset renewal program ($60,000) Tennis court resurfacing at Timberlane Park, Heathridge Park and Harbour View Park ($60,000) Cricket infrastructure renewal at Seacrest Park and Ellersdale Park ($50,000) Minor irrigation renewal program ($50,000) Minor road safety improvements ($50,000) Basketball pad renewal program ($50,000) Path and Public Access Way lighting ($50,000) Distributor and Local Road lighting ($50,000) Basketball pad installation program ($45,000) Park seating renewal program ($40,000) Bus shelter installation, pad and path upgrades ($35,000*) Natural areas minor asset improvements ($30,000) Conservation reserves signage – pathogen and Noongar season ($20,000)   NOTE: Funding shown is for 2022/23 only. * Subject to grant and/or external funding. ** Multi-year project.

Plastic Free in the City of Joondalup

The City of Joondalup is excited to announce that WA Plastic Free will be providing free assistance to local food retailers as they adapt to the single-use plastic free future. From 2022 onwards the WA State Government is introducing a single-use plastic item ban as part of a national effort to combat plastic pollution. WA Plastic Free will be providing free assistance to City businesses as part of that transition, through funding provided by the WA State Government. Food retailers such as cafes, bars, restaurants, kiosks and vans are eligible for the program. The focus will be on single-use takeaway items where sustainable practices and alternative products already exist. The global packaging industry is changing fast, which is fantastic for communities and the planet, but many local businesses are not yet fully prepared. City of Joondalup businesses will be able to receive free on the ground support with WA Plastic Free to help in this transition. Local businesses can register their interest at

Not a driver? Getting around town

Not a driver? Getting around town

There are a range of ways to keep connected to the services you need, and the places and people you love. From paths to public transport, community, and private transport services, it’s never been easier to get out and about.

Walking and Cycling

City of Joondalup coastline has shared walk/cycle paths that venture inland amongst nature reserves and wetlands. Get your copy of Map Your Move (North or South) and the Yellagonga Regional Park TravelSmart Guide to plan your next jaunt online or at one of the City’s four libraries. For more information, call 9400 4705.


Journey planning
Plan your public transport journey on the Transperth website, mobile app or call 13 62 13.

Transperth App
Download the Transperth app on your mobile device or phone to help plan your journey and receive live updates on services. This app can link to your SmartRider and parking payments (SmartParker).

How to obtain your Seniors SmartRider
You can make your application in person at the WA Seniors Card Centre at Level 2, 140 William Street, Perth or by obtaining an application form from most banks or downloading one from the Transperth website.

How to add value to your SmartRider
There are several ways to add funds to your card including Autoload (thought direct debit), Add-value machines (at train stations), on buses and BPAY (biller code on the front of your card).

Veteran’s SmartRider
If you have a DP (Disability Pension 70 -100%), EDA, INT, POW, TPI, OIP or are a TTI pension recipient you are eligible for a Veterans SmartRider card for free travel.

Accessibility Assistance
Information on a range of accessibility services information is available online including Communication Cards, special assistance at train stations, accessible busses, large format timetables and concession smart rider free travel.

Joondalup CBD Free CAT Bus
Access the CAT Bus for free, the service run goes to 20 stops on a regular (15 minute) basis around the Joondalup CBD between 7.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday. For more information call 13 62 13.

Taxi User Subsidy Scheme

A subsidised taxi service is available to eligible persons with a disability or are frail and travel in taxis. Referrals can be made through medical practitioners. For more information call Department of Transport on 1300 660 147.

On demand car booking apps

There are a range of on demand car booking apps including rideshare services. Book into the City of Joondalup Key Strokes Program for one on one assistance in using apps.

NDIS Transport

If you are under the age of 65 and are living with a disability and cannot use public transport without difficulty, you may be eligible for subsidised transport through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. For more information call 1800 800 100.

My Aged Care Transport

If you are finding it challenging getting out and about you may be eligible for the My Aged Care program including subsided transport for shopping, appointments and social activities. This can also include arranging a driver service, providing transport vouchers and subsidies. For more information call 1800 200 422.

Pensioner Annual Free Trip Scheme

If you have a pension, you can access a return journey (or two one-way trips) on any Transwa service to regional WA. For more information call 1300 662 205.

Companion Card

This card is issued if you require the assistance of a companion or carer. You can have your companion traveler with you free of charge on all public transport services as well as free access to a range of activities. For more information call 1800 617 337.

Comes to you!

City of Joondalup Community Transport Program

This program can help you if you have limited access to transport by offering a door-to-door service for a subsidised fee to travel to selected shopping centres and Whitford Senior Citizen Club as well as a free service to the Joondalup Library. For more information call 9400 4204.

Books on Wheels

This program is a fortnightly library delivery service if you are living with frailty or limited physicality and have limited access to visit a public library.

You can borrow items including fiction and non-fiction books, large print books, books in languages other than English, CD audio books, music CDs, DVDs and magazines. The library catalogue can be accessed online or you can let us know your favourite genre or title you’re interested in. For more information call 9400 4755.

City News Business Deals

City News Business Deals

The City invites expressions of interest from local businesses to showcase your business to 60,000 households via the City News community newsletter.

Businesses are invited to register a discount/promotion using the form below to be included in the Deals section on the back page of City News. This is a great opportunity to expose your business to your local community and attract new customers.

City News Business Deals Expression of Interest

Business Address(Required)
Please provide details of the proposed promotion you would like to offer City of Joondalup residents through City News Deals
Please list any terms and conditions applicable to your proposed promotion

Terms and Conditions: 
– Businesses must be based within the City of Joondalup.
– Businesses must provide a discount or offer that is available to all City of Joondalup residents.
– Businesses must be a member, or sign up to the Joondalup Business Catalogue to be eligible for inclusion – membership is free.
– Eligible businesses will go into a draw to be selected for the opportunity.
– Three business promotions are available per edition.
– City News is distributed to all City of Joondalup households in March, July, October and December.
– The City of Joondalup reserves the right to select the appropriate businesses for this opportunity.

Closure of Moolanda Footbridge

Closure of Moolanda Footbridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the footbridge over Moolanda Boulevard closed?

Each year the City is required to undertake routine visual inspection of all its bridges and underpasses. For a number of years, these inspections have highlighted rotting and fungal activities on the Moolanda footbridge’s timber member.

An interim detailed inspection of the footbridge was undertaken by Main Roads WA (MRWA) in September 2020 on behalf of the City whereby good solid timber was found to sufficiently hold the bridge up. A full detailed inspection was being scheduled by MRWA to be undertaken as part of their annual program.

However since then, there has been major and rapid deterioration of some members of the timber footbridge over the last 12 to 18 months resulting in a risk of the bridge failing if subjected to loads. Upon advice received from MRWA and in the interest of public safety, the City made the difficult decision to close access to the footbridge at the end of April 2022.

When will the footbridge over Moolanda Boulevard be open again?

The City is currently working with MRWA to design a temporary solution involving the propping of the existing timber footbridge that should allow the bridge to be reopened by late-2022, whilst a more permanent solution is being investigated and funding obtained.

Will the timber footbridge remain or be replaced?

The advice the City received from MRWA, which was informed by an independent structural assessment, suggested that the timber footbridge’s condition is beyond repair and as such will require replacement.

The new footbridge will be designed to meet the relevant Australian Standards and continue to serve as a vital link in the City’shared path network.

When will the new footbridge be constructed?

Construction of any bridge takes significant planning and development. The City is currently working with MRWA to commence the process of a full detailed design of the new footbridge.

Upon completion of the detailed design, the City will engage a specialist contractor to remove the existing and construct the new footbridge. The footbridge will be required to be closed again to facilitate these works.

At this stage, and all things going well, the City is hopeful that a new footbridge will be completed by late-2023 in accord to the following broad timeline:

  • Mid to late 2022: Temporary propping works arrange
  • Late 2022: Re-opening of existing timber footbridge
  • Mid 2022 – mid 2023: New footbridge planning and development occurs
  • Mid – late 2023: New footbridge construction and opening

What detours are in place?

Whist the footbridge is closed, detours will be in place directing users to to cross Moolanda Boulevard at-grade located down the entry ramps either side of the bridge. Please follow the signage provided onsite and be courteous to other path users.

Further interim improvements to detours and crossings will be introduced as the project develops.

Last updated: June 2022.

Registers for public viewing

Registers for public viewing

This page provides information about delegated authority and registers available for public viewing.

Register of Delegation of Authority
Under the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act) and other legislation, both Council and the Chief Executive Officer are given certain functions and duties to perform. Council may delegate the authority to the Chief Executive Officer to perform its functions and duties on its behalf. Delegations form part of the City’s decision-making approach. Learn more.

Primary Returns and Annual Returns Register
The Local Government Act 1995 requires elected members and employees to make decisions in the best interests of the community and decision-making must be transparent, accountable and free from bias or conflicts of interest. In view of this, elected members and employees (with delegated authority) must disclose certain personal information when they commence and every subsequent year while either elected, or employed at the City. Learn more.

Financial Interest Register
The Financial Interest Register contains those disclosures of interests that have been made by Elected Members and employees at City of Joondalup Council Meetings, Committee Meetings and Briefing Sessions. Interests that need to be declared include financial interests, proximity interests and interests that may affect impartiality. Learn more.

Gifts Register for Elected Members and Chief Executive Officer
The Gifts Register contains those disclosures of gifts that have been made by Elected Members and the Chief Executive Officer in their official capacity which are valued over $300.00 or are two or more gifts with a cumulative value over $300.00 (where the gifts are received from the same donor in a 12 month period). Learn more.

Electoral Gifts Register
The City maintains an electoral gifts register that details certain information of electoral gift declarations made by candidates and donors during local government elections. Learn more.

Gifts Register for Employees
A gift is valued between $50.00 and $299.00 or are two or more gifts with a cumulative value (where the gifts are received from the same donor within a 12-month period). Learn more.

Complaint Registers
An Elected Member commits a minor breach if he or she contravenes the Local Government (Rules of Conduct) Regulations 2007 (prior to 3 February 2021) or Division 4 – Rules of Conduct of the City of Joondalup Code of Conduct for Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates (after 3 February 2021). Learn more.

Public Notices
A Public Notice is a mechanism that can be used to inform the Joondalup community about activities or consultations that are being undertaken by the City. Learn more.

Community Consultation
The City is committed to getting community input and sharing information on new projects, plans, services and initiatives. The City recognises that what is happening in your neighbourhood is important to you, and want to ensure you are given the opportunity to present your views. Learn more.

Objects of and reasons for proposed differential rates for the 2022-23 financial year

Gross rental value 


The cents in the dollar ($) for the various differential rates are calculated to provide the shortfall in income required to enable the City to provide necessary works and services in the 2022-23 Financial Year after taking into account all non-rate sources of funding.


Residential Improved:  the cents in the $ of 6.2668 has been set to ensure that the proportion of total rate revenue derived from residential property remains consistent with previous years. Residential Vacant:  the cents in the $ of 11.7391 has been set to ensure that the proportion of total rate revenue derived from residential property remains consistent with previous years and is higher than residential improved property in an effort to promote development of this category of property thereby stimulating growth and development in the community. Commercial Improved: the cents in the $ of 6.9784 has been set to ensure that the proportion of total rate revenue derived from commercial property remains consistent with previous years and recognises the higher demand on City infrastructure and services from the activity on commercial property. Commercial Vacant: the cents in the $ of 11.7391 has been set to ensure that the proportion of total rate revenue derived from commercial property remains consistent with previous years and is higher than commercial improved property in an effort to promote development of this category of property thereby stimulating growth and development in the community. Industrial Improved: the cents in the $ of 6.3464 has been set to ensure that the proportion of total rate revenue derived from industrial property remains consistent with previous years and recognises the higher demand on City infrastructure and services from the activity on industrial property. Industrial Vacant: the cents in the $ of 11.7391 has been set to ensure that the proportion of total rate revenue derived from industrial property remains consistent with previous years and is higher than industrial improved property in an effort to promote development of this category of property thereby stimulating growth and development in the community.

Premier attraction at City Business Forum

The Hon. Mark McGowan MLA, Premier of Western Australia, will provide the keynote speech at the City of Joondalup’s first business forum of 2022 at Joondalup Resort on Thursday 2 June. Mr McGowan will address the forum theme: Growing the global economy through local communities, speaking about the importance of economic diversification for the State and how strategic growth centres like Joondalup will play a significant role in WA emerging stronger from the pandemic. The Premier will then discuss these issues in a conversation session with City of Joondalup CEO James Pearson. It is the second time the Premier has attended a City of Joondalup business forum, having previously delivered a keynote speech at the City’s June 2019 forum. Premier McGowan and his Cabinet met in Joondalup in 2020. A sold-out audience of 320 is expected. “Setting up our State for the future is one of my Government’s key priorities and the most fundamental way to achieve that is to diversify the economy,” Mr McGowan said. “We are investing across a range of industries and economic infrastructure projects in Perth’s north and beyond to drive deeper economic diversification and generate jobs. “My Government’s Diversify WA strategy and WA Jobs Plan are enabling us to build a resilient economy as Western Australia continues to reconnect with the world.” Also speaking at the forum will be Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) Chief Economist Aaron Morey. Mr Morey will provide an update on the WA economy, bringing to light some of the challenges and supply chain vulnerabilities that have emerged during COVID-19 and highlighting the impact the pandemic has had on housing markets and local communities. Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said it was testament to the high regard that the City and its business forums are held that Mr McGowan had again put aside time to address the Joondalup and northern metropolitan business community. “This is an opportunity for key City stakeholders to hear directly from the Premier of our State about the Government’s strategy to boost and sustain economic growth and the opportunities it offers to people and businesses in Joondalup, and the northern region we serve, as WA emerges stronger from the COVID-19 challenge,” he said. “Supply chain disruption, the global pandemic and the changing workplace affect our community, families, employment and businesses. “As Perth’s northern growth and innovation hub, with capabilities in education, health, cyber, tourism, AI, robotics and digital, the post-pandemic world presents major opportunities for Joondalup.” Those interested in attending can register online via Ticketbooth by Friday 27 May. For more information, contact the City’s Economic Development team on 9400 4564 or email

Test Business Ready form

Business Ready Online Registration Form 2022

    You may select to apply for more than one.
  • • Applications close Friday 13 May 2022.
    • Businesses must be in the City of Joondalup.
    • Joondalup businesses are welcome to apply for all three Programs, subject to eligibility criteria, however you may only be able to participate in one Program.
    • Successful applicants will be advised by Friday 20 May 2022 of their acceptance. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified at this time.
    • Applicants must commit to attending every session in the Program.

Percy Doyle Youth Facilities Take Another Step Forward

The provision of youth recreation facilities at Duncraig’s Percy Doyle Reserve has taken an important step forward after the Joondalup Council endorsed the recommended scope of works and progressed the project to a concept design stage. The proposal includes a skate park (with bowl), BMX facilities, a multipurpose court, nature play elements, climbing frames, barbecue and picnic areas, spectator spaces, CCTV and lighting. The preferred site for the infrastructure is the old tennis courts site on Ron Chamberlain Drive. The estimated capital cost of the project is between $4.3 and $5.7 million, and the scope of works is consistent with similar, contemporary play and skate spaces delivered by other local governments across Perth, including the City of Stirling’s Bina Parkland, Briggs Park in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, the City of Perth’s Wellington Square and Mills Park in the City of Gosnells. The Council has agreed to list $200,000 for consideration in the City’s 2022/23 budget to fund the concept design. Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said that many people will benefit from skate and BMX facilities for youth in the City’s southern suburbs. “There are lots of young families in the Duncraig area, and more facilities for our youth is among the most important issues for local residents,” Mayor Jacob said. “Percy Doyle Reserve provides the ideal location as the City’s premier sporting and recreation open space, and these facilities will help to fill a critical gap in skate facilities for young people in the southern suburbs, as identified in the City’s Outdoor Youth Recreation Strategy. “Council’s decision will allow the City’s administration to develop a concept design, including conducting community consultation, and this will confirm the specific nature of facilities and the scope of works required at the site. “The City will also explore the potential of grant funding to help contribute to capital costs of the project.” Following the preparation of a concept and community consultation more detailed costings of the project will be undertaken. The project will then be brought back to Council for a decision on whether to proceed and funding to be included in the five-year Capital Works Program.

Hillarys Beach Park – temporary closure By the C music event

Hillarys Beach Park (Whitford Nodes Health and Wellbeing Hub) is hosting the By The C music event on Saturday 30 April 2022. Hillarys Beach Park (Whitford Nodes Health and Wellbeing Hub) will be closed as per the dates below:
Closed Re-opened
Park access Tuesday 26 April 2022 Tuesday 03 May 2022
Playground and carpark (including access to toilet) Saturday 30 April 2022 Sunday 01 May 2022
Health and Wellbeing Hub (inc. eastern hill fitness track, Jacobs Ladder and ninja warrior course) Saturday 30 April 2022 Sunday 01 May 2022
  There will be no access to any areas at Hillarys Beach Park inclusive of the Hillarys Beach Park carpark on Saturday 30 April 2022. The coastal dual use path to the west of the park will remain accessible for the duration of the infrastructure build and on event day. Safety and security The City and the event organisers have worked in collaboration with WA Police to ensure a safe and secure event. Should you have any concerns about safety, please use the contact details below to report your situation to the appropriate authority. Parking and traffic Modified road conditions and speed limits surrounding Hillarys Beach Park (Whitford Nodes Health and Wellbeing Hub) will be in place. Traffic delays are expected, so road users are encouraged to exercise patience, or select an alternative route. There is no public parking at the event – attendees are encouraged to use public transport, ride share, or use the event specific shuttle buses. Further information on transport and parking can be found on the event website. WA Police and City Field Officers will be conducting patrols in the areas to assist traffic management personnel with traffic flow and parking where possible. Should you have concerns about parking, please contact the City’s after hours number on 1300 655 860. Contact information For information regarding the park and relevant closure periods please contact 9400 4268. If you have any concerns or feedback on the day of the event, including noise/music related issues, please contact the event organiser via the event hotline on 0491 705 008 or For issues related to parking, anti-social behaviour or similar, contact the afterhours number on 1300 655 860. For incidents of a more serious nature, please contact Police on 131 444, or dial 000 in an emergency situation.

City News Autumn 2022

Special Meeting of Council

In accordance with regulation 12(3) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 and clause 2.6 of the City of Joondalup Meeting Procedures Local Law 2013, a Special Meeting of Council will be held in the Council Chambers at the Joondalup Civic Centre, 102 Boas Avenue, Joondalup, on Tuesday 29 March 2022, commencing at 7.00pm. The purpose of the meeting is for Council to:
  1. Consider the Development Agreement and Land Transfer Deed between the City of Joondalup and DevelopmentWA associated to the Ocean Reef Marina Development;
  2. Consider authorising the Chief Executive Officer to sign a Form 1A (Application for Approval of Freehold, Survey-Strata, Leasehold (Survey-Strata) or Community Titles (Land) Scheme Subdivision form) in order to facilitate the lodgement and processing of the first stage subdivision for the Ocean Reef Marina Development;
  3. Consider a contribution from the City towards the proposed Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (ORSSC) building.
This meeting is open to the public and will be subject to COVID-19 requirements and protocols. JAMES PEARSON Chief Executive Officer

School Holiday Events

School Holiday Events

Thank you for your interest in the Library School Holiday Program.

To register for up to four children on the waitlist, please complete the form below.

For further information call 9400 4751.


School Holiday Event Waitlist

Eat and drink

Eat and drink

eat and drink

The City of Joondalup is home to some well known bars and restaurants as well as some hidden gems which locals are keen to keep to themselves. Whilst the exploring will be left up to you, there are a few locations which offer a variety of venues to ensure they fulfill the cravings.

Hillarys Boat Harbour
There are so many options when it comes to where to dine at Hillarys Boat Harbour. Whether you are looking for an Italian feast, delicious Thai or a gastropub, you will find it here.
The Breakwater provides waterfront views over the harbour and is perfect for sunset drinks and dinner on the deck. Little C’s Pizzeria and Bar offers award winning pizza in over 70 different combinations which is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Mia Cucina and Rustica Canteen serve up some of the best Italian cuisine north of Perth and are numerous ice cream and gelato spots to keep the kids happy. Check out the full dining options at Hillarys Boat Harbour website.

Joondalup City Centre
There are many boutique restaurants and cafes to discover in the Joondalup City Centre. As well as popular dining attractions such as Varsity and Pappa Rich, there are small family owned restaurants offering diners authentic cuisine straight from the heart. Be sure to book ahead if you’re thinking of visiting Scents of Siam and whilst it is a small restaurant, the food will transport you to Thailand. Once your done you can make your way down the road to experience a true Irish pub at Paddy Malone’s.

Westfield Whitford City
Perth shopping centres have become an all-day destination offering visitors a range of attractions including unique dining options. Westfield Whitford City’s alfresco dining and entertainment area provides a range of food and beverage options as well as an outdoor play area and live music.  Try the family friendly pub grub at Whitfords Brewing Company and TGI Fridays, visit Bangkok Brothers or Miss Chow’s for delicious modern Asian cuisine or grab a Pretzel, find a deck chair and enjoy the atmosphere.

Joondalup is lucky enough to be home to 17km of beautiful coastline and visitors are even luckier as the coast is lined with amazing dining options. Sistas Burns Beach is a popular weekend brunch spot the for the locals whilst Swell Mullaloo and Mullaloo Beach Hotel offer amazing views of the Indian Ocean – perfect for sunset dinner and drinks. Travel further south to Hillarys and Sorrento and you will find even more great eateries at Lot One, Voyage Kitchen and White Salt.




The City of Joondalup is home to over 300 parks and reserves and has some spectacular parks which are great for catch ups, picnics and exercising. Some of the best parks are located on the coast giving you the chance to enjoy the City’s best parks and beaches.

Whitford Nodes Health and Wellbeing Hub, Hillarys (Hillarys Beach Park)
This park is a fitness fanatics dream. Park goers can record their time on Australia’s largest outdoor park warrior course, utilise the outdoor exercise equipment, complete the running tracks or climb the exercise staircase and be spoilt with beautiful views of the Indian Ocean at the top. Hillarys Beach is just over the dunes for those needing to cool down with a swim post workout.

Whitford Nodes is also a great place to enjoy a picnic while they kids play on the playground or wear themselves out running around on the grass. Toilet facilities and public parking are also available.

Tom Simpson Park, Mullaloo
A favourite picnic spot for the locals and a must visit for visitors to the region, Tom Simpson Park sits perfectly alongside Mullaloo Beach and is the perfect place to take in the stunning sunsets over the Indian Ocean. The park offers picnic shelters, BBQs, abundant grassed areas and two playgrounds – one designed for younger kids and the other for the big kid explorers.

Shepherds Bush Park and Reserve, Kingsley
This is one for the kids. With a playground and bike skills trail for the younger kids and a pump and jump track for the more experienced bike riders, Shepherds Bush Park and Reserve will keep the adrenaline running.

Shepherds Bush Reserve is also a top biodiversity spot for nature lovers to explore the unique flora and fauna of Western Australia. Wander the nature paths and see what you can discover.

Neil Hawkins Park, Joondalup
If you’re visiting the Joondalup City Centre and have some extra time on your hands, head to Neil Hawkins Park. Situated on the edge of Lake Joondalup within Yellagonga Regional Park, Neil Hawkins Park provides a shaded sanctuary away from the bustle of the City Centre. Relax by the jetty or the playground and take in the surrounds or for those who have planned a visit, use the park as the departure/return point for a bike ride around Lake Joondalup dual use path trail.



Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches in the City of Joondalup whether its for watersports, relaxation or a day out with the family.

Best beaches for families
A day out at the beach is an iconic Australian tradition and the City is home to some of the best family friendly beaches in Perth. Hillarys Marina Beach (situated within Hillarys Boat Harbour) is a great spot for toddlers and young children. The beach is sheltered from waves by the marina providing calm waters for young ones plus toilets and cafes close by.

Best beaches for swimming
Whilst most beaches are great for swimming, Sorrento and Mullaloo are the local favourites and it’s easy to see why. Beautiful white sand, turquoise waters and surf lifesaving patrols make these two beaches some of Perth’s best. Both beaches have convenient parking, toilet facilities and food and beverage options. Mullaloo Beach was also included in the top 50 WA beaches as ranked by Perth is Ok in 2022.

Best beaches for snorkelling
Marmion Marine Park runs the length of the City’s coastline providing a number of great dive and snorkel locations. Marmion Beach is a great spot for avid snorkellers to discover the marine life and underwater plinths which are part of the Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club Dive and Snorkel Trail. Boyinaboat Reef is located approx. 75m from the Hillarys Boat Harbour groyne and is another great snorkel site. For a full list of great dive and snorkel locations visit the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.

Best beaches for water activities
For those looking for a more exciting beach visit, the City has popular kite surfing spots at North Mullaloo and Pinnaroo Point. Windy afternoons on the coast make for great kite surfing conditions.

Calm early morning waters along the coast are also ideal for stand up paddle (SUP) boarding and fishing. Popular fishing areas include Burns Beach, Ocean Reef Boat Harbour, Pinnaroo Point and Mullaloo Beach (north of the main car park) and Hillarys Boat Harbour (on any of the moles). There are also a number of fishing charters that depart from Hillarys Boat Harbour for the keenest anglers.



If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Perth CBD but still stay somewhere close enough to all of Joondalup (and Perth’s) attractions, then this is the list for you.

Quality Resort Sorrento Beach is a stones throw from Sorrento Beach and one of Perth’s most visited attractions, Hillarys Boat Harbour. With hotel and self contained apartments available plus an outdoor pool, spa, sauna and BBQ area and a great location, Quality Resort has everything you need to relax or just rest your head after busy days exploring the region.

One of the most spectacular things about Perth is its coastline. So why not make the most of it and stay right on the coast at Hillarys Harbour Resort Apartments. Located within Hillarys Boat Harbour, the resort offers one, two and three bedroom self-serviced apartments and has a range of restaurants and local attractions right on its doorstep. It’s the perfect place to explore the sunset coast by boat, car or even helicopter!

Relax and unwind at one of Joondalup Resort’s 70 spacious guest rooms. Surrounded by lush gardens and an award-winning championship golf course, guests can enjoy a round of golf or unwind at Endota spa, by the pool or onsite restaurant. The state-of-the-art conference facilities also make Joondalup Resort a great destination for business events and private functions.

Quest Joondalup is the region’s newest apartment hotel and is situated right in the heart of the Joondalup City Centre. Offering 90 rooms including studio, one and two bedroom apartments, Quest Joondalup has an abundance of shopping, cafes and restaurants close by. It is also conveniently located close to Edith Cowan University and Joondalup Health Campus – perfect for visiting family and friends.

What’s On

What’s On

whats on

The City’s annual calendar of events is packed full of exciting family friendly events.  So, whatever you are looking for, whether it’s art, music, festivals or just an instagrammable backdrop, the City of Joondalup has something to delight.

The Music in the Park Concert Series brings some of the best Australian and West Australian musicians to Joondalup each summer. Held in January and March each year and set in picturesque local parks, visitors can picnic with friends enjoy laid back live music as the sun goes down. Music in the Park is the epitome of Australian summer.

Set on the pristine fairways of Joondalup Resort, the prestigious Valentine’s Concert has seen some of Australia’s best performers take the stage and enchant the audience. From The Whitlams and Human Nature to performances of the music of The Beatles and We Will Rock You musical, the Valentine’s Concert is the premier music event of the summer. Tickets go on sale in November and the concert is held February.

City of Joondalup parks also play host to some of Perth’s best music events including Castaway and By the C.

It’s hard to find low cost kids events that will keep the littlest creative minds engaged, but one to add to the annual calendar is the Little Feet Festival. Held each year in October, Little Feet Festival is one of the most popular free kids events in Perth. It provides an afternoon of fun activities for children under 12 and is themed each year to create excitement and magic for everyone.

For those with bigger kids to entertain or looking for something a little more cultural, the Joondalup Festival is for you – the jewel of the crown when it comes to events held within the City of Joondalup. The festival, held around March each year, brings together street and cultural performers from around the world and celebrates music, performing arts, art installations and food providing entertainment for everyone.

Public art and murals don’t just make a great backdrop for photos, they also brighten up the streets and invite people to explore the region all year round. The City of Joondalup is filled with public artworks and stunning murals by the likes of Anya Brock, Amok Island and Brandon Ballengée so start exploring and see what you can find.

Immerse yourself in the best of community and Western Australian artworks at one of the City’s two annual art exhibitions. The Community Art Exhibition showcases some of Joondalup’s most talented local artists to the local community and invites those interested to peruse and purchase artworks. The Invitation Art Prize, held in October, is an exhibition of professional artists who are invited to present their artworks to the community with the winner’s piece being acquired by the City. Both shows are worth a wander through and you never know, you may find a unique piece of art prefect for your home or office.

Markets are a food lovers delight. Whether it be fresh produce at a local farmers market or a food truck fiesta with friends, you will find it within the City of Joondalup.

Poynter Farmers’ Market is a popular fresh produce market run fortnightly at Poynter Primary School in Duncraig. Here you can find fresh bread, aromatic coffee and locally produced goods such as honey, oil and chocolate. You may find a new local favourite here.

Burns Beach Twilight Markets are all about the #nocookwednesday and entice locals to skip the kitchen and dine by the ocean at one of their delicious food trucks. They even have an artisan gift lane plus live music for a truly chilled out vibe.

Big Kid Events like to share their Food Truck Fiesta love across a number of City parks. Each weekend you’ll find them at a different local park creating a buzz and feeding the locals with their relaxed food truck events. With activities for the kids plus live music it is a great family evening out.



IAP 2022 Form test

IAP 2022 Form test

This form is not available

Waste Service Changes

The City’s waste collection contractor, SUEZ, is continuously reviewing service continuity and pandemic response plans in line with the WA Governments evolving COVID-19 protocols. The SUEZ Operations Centre covers approx. 161,000 properties across the Cities of Bassendean, Stirling, and Joondalup. With WA now operating under high caseload protocols and the expectation of widespread COVID-19 cases in WA in the coming weeks, Suez has implemented split shift starting times for all collection drivers based at their Wangara Operations Centre. Collections will commence from 5.00am for a limited time. To minimise disruption, original starting locations have been maintained with only very small number of bins not being presented at 5.00am with the City returning to pick up the missed bins. This move is to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 between staff interacting in groups at the commencement and end of collection shift. This action greatly reduces the possibility of cross infection within waste collection teams. Whilst WA is under a ‘state of emergency’, section 74 of the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA) states “rubbish and refuse can be collected without any restrictions on the time when that delivery or collection can occur.” The City will strive to ensure collections are maintained as much as possible in the coming weeks.




The City of Joondalup is home to some of Perth’s best visitor attractions. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure or some indoor fun, you will find a range of attractions and adventures just north of the Perth CBD.

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour is one of Perth’s most visited tourist attractions and it’s easy to see why. Hillarys Boat Harbour offers family friendly activities all year round. It is home to WA’s only underwater aquarium – AQWA, and the launching pad for a range of adventure activities including coastal motorcycle tours, scenic helicopter flights, fishing and dive charters plus it is the departure point for Rottnest Fast Ferries.

If you are looking for a more relaxed visit, Hillarys Marina Beach offers calm waters making it the perfect beach for families with young kids. Hillarys Boat Harbour also offers an abundance of casual and gastro pub dining options.

AQWA (The Aquarium of WA)

Discover WA’s spectacular marine life at AQWA’s unique exhibits. Travel through Australia’s largest single aquarium and underwater moving conveyor belt tunnel as sharks, turtles, stingrays and fish swim above, explore marine life from WA’s different coastal zones or if you’re feeling brave, dive or snorkel with the sharks in the shipwreck coast aquarium.

Marmion Marine Park

Marmion Marine Park covers the City’s coastline from Burns Beach in the north to Marmion in the south. The Marine Park is not only home to some of Perth’s best beaches at Mullaloo and Sorrento, but also to some incredible snorkel and dive reefs just offshore.

The Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club (MAAC) dive and snorkel trail provides 20 underwater plinths for enthusiastic snorkellers and divers to explore and learn about the local marine life.

For the more advanced divers, there are a number of exciting spots to explore by boat including Boyinaboat Reef, Wreck Rock, Cow Rock, North Lump and Three Mile Reef. Visit the Department of Parks and Wildlife website for information on sanctuary zones and GPS coordinates.

Golf at Joondalup Country Club

This award winning 27-hole championship golf course is unlike any other. Sweeping through serene bushland, past lakes and rolling limestone quarries, the Joondalup Country Club is a challenging course for the even the most dedicated golfer.

It’s location within Joondalup Resort provides convenient amenities including accommodation, restaurant and conference facilities making it the ideal destination for a corporate or social golf weekend.


Freedom of information

Freedom of information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 the City is required to provide a general right of access to documents and records the City holds (although some documents cannot be accessed and are exempt). Documents and records that can be accessed can be either personal or non-personal records and documents.

Freedom of Information application requirements

All applications will require the following:

Enough detail to enable the requested documents to be identified (such as property address, subject matter, date range).

An Australian postal address and contact details (such as telephone number and email address). An application fee of $30.00 (for non-personal information). Other fees and charges may apply in processing the application. These will be identified once the application is received and processed. The City will consult with the applicant to keep them informed of any additional charges that may apply.

Lodging a Freedom of Information

Application to access personal information

Application to access non-personal information


If not lodged online, applications can be lodged in the following manner:

  • Post: Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 21, Joondalup WA 6919
  • Email (hard copy forms) to
  • Fax: 9300 1383
  • In person: City of Joondalup Administration, 90 Boas Avenue, Joondalup

Freedom of Information Statement

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 requires the City to publish an annual Information Statement. This guide to the City serves as that statement and as a reference to the City’s functions, responsibilities and information it holds.

This guide details the structure and function of the City, ways in which the public can participate in the City’s decision making processes and how the public can gain access to City documents.


Get involved in the 2022 Joondalup Festival

Do you have a food and beverage business in Joondalup City Centre, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Westfield Whitford City, Kingsley, and Greenwood? The Joondalup Festival has been revamped to 2022 and the City would like to invite your business to be involved. The City is inviting local businesses to register a discount/offer/special to be promoted to the Joondalup Festival audience. The 2022 Joondalup Festival will be held over three weeks from Friday 11 March until Saturday 2 April 2022 at various locations across the City of Joondalup. The Joondalup Festival is the northern corridor’s premier cultural event and has attracted crowds of up to 50,000 over one weekend in previous years.

Benefits for your business

  • Be included in the Festival Deals marketing campaign which includes website, social media and signage
  • Exposure to the festival audience which includes both the local and regional visitor markets
  • Listing on the Joondalup Festival website
Register your interest below and one of our team will get in touch.

2022 Joondalup Festival Deals Registration

Enter the business trading name.
Enter the business trading address.
Provide one contact person for the campaign.
Provide details on the Festival Deal you propose to offer to Joondalup Festival attendees.
Provide any known terms and conditions for your proposed offer.

Further details

  • The 2022 Festival Deals campaign will be delivered through the Litt app during March and April 2022.
  • The target market for the Joondalup Festival is families and people aged over 25 years. Businesses can tailor their Festival Deal to appeal to these markets.
  • The Festival will spread across the City of Joondalup with programming in Joondalup City Centre, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Westfield Whitford City, Kingsley and Greenwood.
  • Offers will be redeemed using the Litt app and the Festival audience will be encouraged to download the app to access these offers.
  • Registrations close Thursday 10 March 2022.
To see the full programming of events head to the Joondalup Festival Website For further information contact the City’s Economic Development team.

Revision – Sorrento Beach

Sorrento Beach offers excellent family swimming and turquoise water laps against pure white sand, making it an idyllic spot for a relaxing afternoon of beach fun. Sorrento Beach is located directly south of the bustling Hillarys Boat Harbour, which is home to plenty of restaurants and cafes, as well as the Aquarium of Western Australia. The Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club provides peace of mind with lifeguard patrols on weekends and public holidays, while midweek lifeguard patrols are provided by the City in conjunction with Surf Life Saving WA. Removal of Beach Enclosure The City of Joondalup in conjunction with the State Government installed a beach enclosure at Sorrento Beach in late 2016, however at its November 2020 meeting, Joondalup Council unanimously resolved to remove the Sorrento Beach enclosure due to the compromised integrity of the structure. Removal of the beach enclosure has been completed. The City will investigate options for the provision of a replacement enclosure. This will enable the City to adequately investigate and plan appropriately to implement a new enclosure, aided by the lessons learnt from the Sorrento Beach enclosure.

Interlibrary lending

Interlibrary lending

Library members can request materials from other libraries through the interlibrary loan service, if the title is not held in the City’s collection. The following items cannot be requested on interlibrary loan:

  • Items less than 12 months old
  • Music CDs or DVDs
  • Multiple copies for book clubs.

There are exceptions for people with special needs including disabilities, housebound and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds where books in languages other than English are needed.

Request an interlibrary loan

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an interlibrary loan limit?
There is no interlibrary loan limit per borrower per year.

Can we request new items?
Anything 12 months old or less cannot be requested. This includes all categories and formats.

Can we request music CDs?
Music CDs cannot be requested.

Can we request DVDs?
Only if the DVD title forms part of a series.

Can we request audiobooks on CD or MP3?
Yes, providing it is not less than 12 months old.

Can we request junior or young adult items?
Yes, providing it is not less than 12 months old.

Can we request/lend materials in Languages other than English (LOTE)?
LOTE items are exempted from the restrictions. They can be requested regardless of age.

Purchase requests

Some unfulfilled interlibrary requests may be considered for purchase. These are assessed against a criteria, then ordered by the Library to be added to the library collection as locally owned stock.

Not all requests are purchased. The criteria for purchase are:

  • Item has been published or released in the last five years or is a classic
  • Item is experiencing high demand or interest
  • Item fills a subject or series gap in the current collection
  • Item must be due for publication within three months, otherwise you can resubmit the request closer to the publication date.

Members can make purchase requests after logging in to the library catalogue.

Make a purchase request


Relevant formats for people with Disabilities. Access to information for people with disabilities in a format that will enable them to access the information as readily as other people are able to access it – as per Disability Service Regulations 2004.

Parking for people with disabilities

Parking for people with disabilities

Disability or accessible parking is available throughout the City of Joondalup. If an easy access bay is not available, disability parking permit holders can park in a standard parking bay and still receive the concessions provided by the City.

Disability parking permits

The following permits are recognised by the City:

  • Western Australian disability parking permits, which consist of two separate parts – the Australian Disability Parking Permit and the ACROD Parking Program Card (both parts must be displayed).
  • Interstate and overseas permits.

The following conditions apply for a permit to be valid:

  • The permit must be current.
  • The expiry date and permit number must be clearly visible from outside the front of the vehicle.
  • The permit holder is present in the vehicle at the time of parking.

Fee-payable areas

  • Parking tickets must be purchased in paid parking areas.
  • Concession provides twice the time purchased (for instance one hour parking restriction allows two hours of parking).

Time restricted areas

Areas with a parking restriction of:

  • less than 30 minutes – Concession provides a maximum parking time of 30 minutes
  • between 30 and 60 minutes – Concession provides a maximum parking time of two hours
  • over one hour – Concession provides a maximum time that is double the amount of time shown on the sign.


Abandoned shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys taken outside of shopping areas can be hazardous and unsightly. Abandoned trolleys often:

  • Obstruct the road or footpath
  • End up in waterways, causing a build up of debris and restricting water flow.

Trolleys are the property of the store they are from and need to be reported to the correct company for collection; please take note of the company name on the trolley you wish to report.

How to report abandoned shopping trolleys

The City encourages community members to report all trolley sightings direct to their respective collection services. These services are solely dedicated to collecting abandoned trolleys and provide rapid deployment of collectors to remove trolleys shortly after they are reported. To report an abandoned shopping trolley, please refer to the below contacts:

Retailer Contact
Aldi Report to Aldi via the Aldi online form
1st Choice Liquor Stores
Report to Coles via:

Target 1800 163 900
Big W
Dan Murphy’s
 Report to Trolley Tracker via:

SpudShed Report to Supdshed via their online form

Unbranded trolleys or those for stores not specified above can be reported to the City of Joondalup by calling 9400 4000 or emailing

Councils Role

The City of Joondalup’s Officers regularly locate, report, and impound abandoned shopping trolleys in line with the City’s Local Laws and will investigate any reports received.

Community Responsibilities

If you use a shopping trolley, it is your responsibility to ensure the trolley remains in the shopping centre precinct and return it to the designated trolley collection point. Leaving a shopping trolley in a public place or on the verge causing an obstruction is considered an offence under the Local Government and Public Property Local Law 2014.

Retailer Responsibilities

The Local Government and Public Property Local Law 2014 stipulates retailers must collect abandoned shopping trolleys within 24 hours of notification from the local authority. If the shopping trolley is not collected, the trolley may be impounded, and an infringement issued to the responsible retailer.

Annual Report 2020 – 2021

Annual Report 2020 – 2021

City Announces New Director

The City of Joondalup has announced the appointment of Chris Leigh as the new Director of Planning and Community Development. The appointment was endorsed by the Joondalup Council at its December meeting earlier this week. Mr Leigh replaces Dale Page, who left the City last month to take up the position of General Manager, Planning and Economic Development at the City of Perth. Mr Leigh has served as the City’s Manager Planning Services since November 2016, and prior to this was a Senior Associate at CLE Town Planning and Design and a Senior Planner at the City of Stirling. He is also the current President of the Local Government Planners Association. He will lead the City’s Planning, Community Development and Library, and Regulatory Services business units. Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said Mr Leigh’s appointment followed a rigorous selection process involving a highly competitive field of candidates. “Chris brings strategic nous, experience and skills to this position,” Mayor Jacob said. “His knowledge and familiarity with our processes and people, and the issues we are dealing with, will stand him in good stead.” Mr Leigh commences in the role on Monday 20 December 2021. The City will begin the process of appointing a new Manager Planning Services early in the New Year.

Ninja Warrior Course at Whitfords Nodes

Visitors to Whitfords Nodes Park in Hillarys can unleash their inner warrior at the City of Joondalup park Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course located at the popular health and wellbeing hub located near the 145-step stairway structure and fitness equipment. The Warrior Course is the first mega course in Australia and has been designed in a similar fashion to the obstacles on the popular Australian Ninja Warrior TV show. The challenge is to complete each obstacle landing only on the green mounds following the circuit route from start to finish. It is appropriate for users aged 12 and over and is a fun way to develop strength and agility. Please be aware that this facility is not available for booking or exclusive use by individuals as it is a public facility (similar to the City’s playspaces and other fitness installations). Important: if you have a medical condition, are overweight, aged over 40 or haven’t exercised in a long time, before starting a new exercise program, you should have a medical check-up. Please note that the City is not liable for any injury or loss sustained as a result of using the equipment.

Annual Parking Permit Renewal

Annual Parking Permit Renewal

This form is for the renewal of your current permits. If you are requesting extra permits, please contact or go to the Annual Parking Permit Application.

Annual Parking Permit Renewal Form

This form is for the automatic renewal of current annual parking permits.

Permit holder details

Please select the relevant number of current parking permits you currently hold for this address.

Contact details

Future correspondence
Please click if you would like to receive future correspondence by email.


I confirm I am the current permit holder, and the details above are true and correct, and I agree to comply with the terms and conditions of Issue and Use of annual Parking permits.

Fertiliser Use Notification 15 November – 19 November 2021

The City takes a scientific turf management approach by undertaking regular soil and leaf tissue analysis to guide its fertilising program to ensure the required and correct nutrients are being applied in the endeavour to provided quality public open spaces. Wetting agent product will be applied (broadacre scale) by the City’s appointed contractors. Vehicle-mounted signage will be utilised while works are in progress. Fertiliser application will be undertaken in the following areas, weather and operational resources permitting, between Thursday 15 November – Friday 19 November 2021. Where no location is indicated against the suburb, fertilising is not scheduled for that area.
Suburb Location/Park Name Fertiliser Product/Type
Burns Beach    
Hillarys Harbour View Park Biagra/Fertec Kelpro
  Leeward Park Biagra/Fertec Kelpro
  Marbella Park, Verges and Pedestrian access way Biagra/Fertec Kelpro
  Curacao Lane Biagra/Fertec Kelpro
  Oahu Park Biagra/Fertec Kelpro
  Tenerife Boulevard Entry Statement Biagra/Fertec Kelpro
  Angove Drive / Curacao Lane Entry Statement Biagra/Fertec Kelpro
  Amalfi Drive / Hepburn Entry Statement Biagra/Fertec Kelpro
Iluka Atma Park  
  Blackpool Park  
  Pattaya Park  
  Sir James McCusker Park  
  Discovery Park  
  Miami Beach Promenade – Specified Area Rates Verges (Marmion Avenue to Manhattan Avenue)  
  Silver Sands Drive – Specified Area Rates Medians (Burns Beach Road to Delgado Parade)  
  Ocean Gate Parade – Specified Area Rates Verges and Medians (Marmion Avenue to Naturaliste Boulevard)  
  Burns Beach Road – Special Area Rates western and eastern Verges (Discovery Circuit to Shenton Avenue)  
  Shenton Avenue – Specified Area Rates northern Verges (Burns Beach Road to Delgado Parade)  
  Shenton Avenue – Specified Area Rates northern Verges (Naturaliste Boulevard to Marmion Avenue)  
Ocean Reef    

Reid Promenade car park – CBD

The City’s multi-storey car park is centrally located in the Joondalup City Centre.

There are 538 regular bays (including six disability parking bays) and six motorcycle bays in the public area of the car park. It also offers:
  • Safe and secure parking
  • Undercover parking
  • Ticketless parking – Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology is used
  • Electric vehicle charging stations, in the main public car park
  • Access to the main public car park between 6.00am – 8.00pm weekdays (except public holidays)
  • Different rates for different parking options, e.g. Early Bird and Monthly Fee Services
  • 28 Premium reserved bays (including one disability parking bay) in the private area of the car park with 24 hour access

Non-Fiction Book Club

Woodvale Library is starting something new – a book club for those who prefer fact over fiction. If you love biographies, history, science, creativity, food and more, then this is for you. Unlike other book clubs, the same book is not read by everyone. You get to choose the book you want to read based on a monthly topic. Select a book from the suggested reads or browse the library shelves for that special book. Every month you get to share how that book may have inspired or challenged you, and hear what other’s thought about their book. If you’re looking for something new to try in 2022, then call Woodvale Library on 9400 4180 to register your interest.

Woodvale Library Celebrates 30 Years

This month Woodvale Library is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. When Woodvale Library was built in 1991 it was surrounded by bushland and stood alone on Trappers Drive. It was officially opened on 13 November 1991 by the City of Wanneroo Mayor, William (Bill) Marwick. It became the seventh library in the then City of Wanneroo, and within six months of opening became one of the busiest public libraries in the state. Woodvale Library has issued over seven million loans to date. Over the years, Woodvale Library has been adept at developing and changing to the needs of the community by not only providing books for loan, but a wide selection of services and programs for all ages. In 2006 the children’s area was refurbished into a fantasy theme featuring the popular dragon named Dewey. The Library has a strong digital literacy focus and played a vital role during the recent lockdowns by providing a Digital Helpline to support community members navigating new digital demands. The Helpline, Keystrokes, Libraries Online, Digital Drop-In and other community events and programs continue to be well supported making Woodvale Library a vibrant community hub.

Birthday Celebrations

Saturday 13 November 2021, 10.00am The whole family is invited to help Woodvale Library celebrate its 30th Birthday on Saturday 13 November. It will be a day to remember with local well known storyteller Glenn Swift as he shares his favourite stories and songs. Let’s make a wish – come help blow out the candles and eat birthday cake. Book Online

Native Fauna Awareness

Native Fauna Awareness

Native fauna awareness in spring

Spring is the most active time for native animals of all descriptions – snakes, turtles and birds of all types are looking for food, breeding and raising young.


September to February is turtle breeding season. Keep an eye out for Southwestern Snake-necked Turtles on roads and paths, particularly surrounding wetland areas, to avoid harming hatchlings.


August to October is nesting season for magpies and occasionally male magpies become territorial to protect their young and may swoop if they think the nest or offspring are in danger. If you are swooped by a magpie, stay calm, don’t run and avoid looking towards swooping birds. If outdoors during nesting season wear a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect the face and eyes. Avoid areas with territorial magpies.

To assist residents and visitors, the City encourages the public to report incidents involving territorial magpies which will be added to a register and available on the City’s website.


In early spring, snakes such as dugites and tiger snakes become more active looking for food, breeding and basking in the sun to warm up. If a snake finds its way into your house remain calm (to avoid disturbing it), do not attempt to catch or kill it. If you find a snake in a garden or a house, contact Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055 to be referred to a reptile remover.

Take care when visiting parks and playgrounds and check surroundings for the presence of snakes before allowing children to play.

All native fauna are protected species under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. For further information on the beautiful native animals that can be found within the City, check out the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ website.

City News Spring 2021

Fertiliser Use Notification for 13 September – 17 September 2021

The City takes a scientific turf management approach by undertaking regular soil and leaf tissue analysis to guide its fertilising program to ensure the required and correct nutrients are being applied in the endeavour to provided quality public open spaces. Fertiliser products will be applied (broadacre scale) by the City’s appointed contractors. Vehicle-mounted signage will be utilised while works are in progress. Fertiliser application will be undertaken in the following areas, weather and operational resources permitting, between Monday 13 September – Friday 17 September 2021. Where no location is indicated against the suburb, fertilising is not scheduled for that area.
Suburb Location / Park Name Fertiliser Product / Type
Burns Beach Burns Beach Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Third Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Currambine Delamere Park SOA and Grosorb
Clermont Park Brilliance and Grosorb
DeCrillion Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Doncaster Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Fairmont Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Negresco Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Riversdale Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Santa Ana Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Greenwood Annato Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Heathridge Abrolhos Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Conidae Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Faversham Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Joondalup Elcar Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Katrine Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Lady Evelyn Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Manapouri Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Nanika Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Water Tower Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Woodlea Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Kallaroo Aristride Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Castlecrag Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Dampier Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Glenbank Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Montague Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Stanford Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Whitfords West Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Kingsley Chelsea Park SOA and Grosorb
Calthorpe Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Chelsea Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Dollis Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Forrest Hill Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Illawong Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Lehmann Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Newham Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Shepherds Bush Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Wallangarra Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Marmion Finney Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Keppell Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Ocean Reef
Padbury Leichhardt Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Oxley Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Simpson Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Gibson Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Brazier Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Brisbane Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Cunningham Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Fernwood Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Fraser Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Sorrento Geneff Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Harman Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Tom Walker Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Albacore Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Lacepede Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Warwick Aberdare Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Chelsford Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Churton Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Circle Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Springvale Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Woodvale Delonix Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Gascoyne Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Plumdale Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Timbercrest Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Trappers Park Brilliance and Grosorb
Waterview Park Brilliance and Grosorb

Petitions to Council

Petitions to Council

Petitions inform the Council of the views of a section of the community and serve as one way of placing community concerns before Council.

The subject of a petition must be a matter on which the City has the power to act. Care must be taken in the wording of petitions as the City requires certain information and content to be included to be a valid petition.

Petition requirements

Petitions are required to conform to a number of requirements relating to the format and the information presented. Electors are encouraged to use the Petition of Electors form to avoid the possibility of the petition being ruled out of order and not being presented to Council.

A petition is to:

  • Be prepared in the prescribed form (or similar to that form)
  • Be addressed to the Council and forwarded to the Mayor, a Councillor or the Chief Executive Officer
  • Be made by at least 25 electors of the district (an “elector” is a person who owns or occupies rateable property within the City of Joondalup and is eligible to vote in local government and state government elections)
  • State the request on each page of the petition
  • Contain a summary of the reasons for the request
  • Contain the hand written names, addresses and signatures of the electors and the date signed
  • State the name of the person upon whom (initiator), and an address at which, notice of the outcome of the petition request can be given
  • Be respectful and temperate in its language and not contain language disrespectful to Council
  • Be legible
  • Not contain any alterations
  • Not have any letters or other documents attached to it, however a covering letter is permissible.

The City is unable to accept online petitions as they do not conform to the above requirements.

To prepare a petition, please use the Petition of Electors form.

Presenting the petition

Lead petitioners can hand deliver their petition to the Chief Executive Officer at the City’s Administration Centre, or present it to a City of Joondalup Elected Member.

Clause 5.11 of the City’s Meeting Procedures Local Law 2013 details the decision-making process following the presentation of a petition to Council:

(2)     On the presentation of a petition –

(a)     the member presenting it or the CEO is confined to reading the petition; and

(b)     the only motion that is in order is that the petition be received and, if necessary, that it be referred to the CEO for action.

(3)     At any meeting, the Council or committee is not to vote on any matter that is the subject of a petition presented to that meeting, unless-

(a)     the matter is the subject of a report in the agenda; and

(b)     the Council or committee has considered the issues raised in the petition.

It is requested that Petitions are received at or prior to a Briefing Session, to allow the petition to be checked for validity in accordance with clause 5.11 (1) of the City of Joondalup Meeting Procedures Local Law 2013, and included on the agenda for the Council meeting immediately following the Briefing Session.

Petitions received after a Briefing Session will be included on the agenda for the following month, except where the petition relates to an item on the agenda at that Council meeting.

Should the petition be formally received by Council, the petition will be referred to the Chief Executive Officer and the City’s Administration for investigation. The City will inform the lead petitioner of the decision of the Council in relation to the petition, including any action proposed, which may involve having a report prepared for a future meeting of Council for its consideration.

During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the City will follow the public health advice from the State Government and the WA Department of Health which may restrict public attendance at the City of Joondalup meetings. In such situations, information will be published in the relevant meeting agenda and advice will be posted on the City’s website. 

Business Grants

Business Grants

Australian Federal Government Business

The Australian Federal Government Business website includes a search tool to help businesses find a range of Government support programs and grant funding opportunities via For further information email or call 13 28 46.

Cyber Security Small Business Program

The Cyber Security Small Business Program is an integrated element of the Cyber Security Strategy to improve cyber security for Australia’s small businesses.

The program has two linked components:

  • A grant to the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers Australia New Zealand (CREST ANZ) to:
    • grow its current pool of CREST ANZ Approved service providers to meet the demand of businesses accessing their services
    • diversify its services to include the certification of the skills and capabilities required to provide services (including assessment services) for small business.
  • Grants of up to $2,100 to co-fund small businesses to have their cyber security tested by CREST ANZ approved service providers.

Other Grant Opportunities

Business and not-for-profit entities may also find the following grant information and resource links useful:

  • Funding Centre – includes Grants and Crowdfunding information to assist not-for-profit entities.
  • PRO Bono AUSTRALIA – includes periodic news on grants and other useful information.

NBN in the City of Joondalup

NBN in the City of Joondalup

The national broadband network (nbn™) is being rolled out across Australia. The rollout is being done as quickly as possible to bring fast broadband to every home and business.

Construction of the network (nbn™) has commenced in parts of the City of Joondalup.

How do I connect to the nbn™ network?

The switch to the network isn’t automatic.

  1. Check if the nbn™network is available at your address at
  2. If the nbn™network is available, call a telephone or internet company and choose the plan that suits you. Your telephone or internet company will do the rest
  3. If the nbn™ network is not yet available at your address, register your details at to be notified when you can connect.

Latest news

To keep up to date with news from NBN Co please visit the nbn™ Media Centre.


Art Collection

Art Collection

Julie Dowling, Icon to a Stolen Child, Yalli Birri (Emu Girl), 2016

Forecasting community needs to plan for the future

The City is undertaking an independent, technical analysis of community needs to inform future planning and advocacy for facilities, programs, and infrastructure. The analysis involves assessing usage of existing facilities and services, current and future trends, demographic analysis and comparison with other, similar local governments. Information developed through the technical research approaches will be validated by information collected from the community who access and use facilities and services. Two survey techniques are being used to collect data on community perspectives:
  • A random selection of residents across the City of Joondalup, and
  • Intercept/pop up surveys across a range of public spaces and facilities in the City of Joondalup
Using these survey techniques alongside technical data analysis means that the results of the project will be unbiased, reliable, and can be validated to better inform the City’s investment and advocacy around community services, facilities and infrastructure.

Food sensations for Adults

Food sensations for Adults Want to learn more about healthy eating, food budgeting, and how to prepare healthy meals for you and your family? The City of Joondalup in collaboration with Foodbank would like you to join their FREE four week Nutrition and Cooking Program. The program will be held at Dorchester Hall, corner Dorchester and Dugdale Avenues, Warwick, 10.00am – 12.30pm. Please note numbers  attendance at all sessions is required. Numbers are limited. Session One – Tuesday 5 October – Healthy eating and cooking Session Two – Tuesday 12 October – Label reading and cooking Session Three – Tuesday 19 October – Meal planning, budgeting and cooking Session Four – Tuesday 26 October – Various options – group preference For further information call 0439 982 810.