Building minor works and maintenance of value less than $250,000


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Tender Number 010/21
Tender name Building minor works and maintenance of value less than $250,000
Advertisement Date 1 May 2021
Tender Closing Date and Time 19 May 2021, 2.00pm
Advertisement Notice Ad 010-21
List of names of tenderers
  1. The Trustee for M R Hoskins Family Trust (AE Hoskins & Sons)
  2. Access Without Barriers Pty Ltd (AWB Co.)
  3. The Trustee for Devereux Family Trust (Devco Builders)
  4. Hickey Constructions Pty Ltd
  5. JDS Building & Maintenance Services Pty Ltd
  6. M Construction (WA) Pty Ltd
  7. Marawar Pty Ltd
  8. Orixon Pty Ltd
  9. Programmed Maintenance Services Limited (Programmed Property Services)
  10. Protek Carpentry & Fencing Services Pty Ltd (Protek 24/7)
  11. TARDAN PTY LTD (Western Projects)
  12. Trayd Australia Pty Ltd
  13. Vidal Consultants Pty Ltd (Vidal Construction)
Contract Type Schedule of Rates
Award By Council
Award Date 20 July 2021
Awarded To Hickey Constructions Pty Ltd
Price Consideration (ex GST) $5,028,706 (estimated)