Building Sustainable Neighbourhoods — Housing issues


Building sustainable neighbourhoods is a strategic planning project being undertaken by the City of Joondalup. The project is reviewing the housing component of the City’s local planning strategy. This is a significant land use planning project which will be relevant to all residential areas within the City. The City is commencing the project with consultation to understand and confirm housing issues that are affecting the community, so the review can properly investigate those issues.

The City of Joondalup is seeking community feedback about housing issues that are affecting you.

Population growth means our City needs to plan for approximately 20,000 additional homes in the City by 2050. With limited undeveloped space, the majority will need to be delivered as infill housing. In October you may be contacted or approached for a random survey about housing in the City. However, this space allows the community to provide feedback, even if you are not randomly selected to participate in the telephone survey.

To provide feedback, please complete the online comment form. For further information please visit the project page or contact the City via the details below.


Submissions accepted: Monday 5 September 2022 — Monday 17 October 2022