Business Ready Programs

Boost your business with the City of Joondalup’s Business Ready Programs

The City has partnered with local experts to create three business accelerator programs, custom-designed to inspire transformation and drive business growth within businesses in the City of Joondalup.

Using contemporary business practices, the pilot is open to 30 businesses, 10 in each program, focusing on operational and marketing initiatives, digital and technology capabilities and import/export and investment opportunities to support businesses in becoming Destination Ready, Digital Ready and Global Ready.

The City is recently completed the 2021 Business Ready Programs. For further information or if you are interested in participating in the next round please contact the City via email


Business Ready Program – Destination Ready

A business-ready program supporting and growing businesses in the visitor economy

Put your business under the microscope, uncover its unique strengths and untapped opportunities, gain marketing insights and elevate it to the success it deserves. Businesses with up to 10 employees with customers described as ‘visitors’ are invited to apply for this program. For example, operators in the tourism field, cafes and hospitality businesses, leisure activity operators and retailers would benefit.

Working directly with a Sales and Marketing specialist over six, one-hour sessions, participants will review and dissect the elements of their business to increase bookable products and tourism experiences in the region.

Business Ready Program – Digital Ready

A business-ready program to embrace digital transformation and cyber resilience

Working in one of the most connected populations in the world, the importance of digital infrastructure, skills and security has never been so apparent to the Australian business community.

The City of Joondalup and the WA AustCyber Innovation Hub invite small to medium-sized business with zero to 10 employees to participate in the Digital Ready Program. The Program will provide you with industry expertise to review how your services are delivered, inspire your social media activities and cyber safeguard your business.

This program is tailored to individual business needs and will see participants sharing knowledge and learning from peers. It includes one-on-one coaching, interactive workshops and inspiring experts in technical applications and cyber security to support your learning.

Business Ready Program – Global Ready

A business-ready program for businesses looking to develop import/export and investment opportunities

Businesses based in the City of Joondalup are invited to sign up to the Global Ready Program, designed for businesses looking to establish within international markets. This eight-week program will provide you with early entry information in relation to choosing the right global markets, cultural differences, international and digital marketing and a lot more.

Working directly with our locally based industry specialist, Dearin and Associates who will deliver a series of tailored one-on-one sessions to participating businesses.