Car required for Ryde


The City of Joondalup is seeking the donation of a new model roadworthy automatic vehicle to help young drivers gain practical experience behind the wheel as part of the Regional Youth Driver Education (RYDE) program.

The City will coordinate the RYDE program in the second half of 2019, which involves volunteer mentors taking young drivers out on the road for supervised driving experience.

South-East Ward Councillor John Logan raised a Notice of Motion last year for the City to investigate options to provide a pathway for financially and socially disadvantaged learner drivers to be mentored by experienced, matured-aged volunteers in driving safely and responsibly.

Research indicates that some local young people have difficulty obtaining their drivers licence due to barriers completing the required 50 hours of supervised driving.

Barriers might include a lack of suitable driving supervisor, lack of money to pay for commercial lessons* or lack of a suitable vehicle.

The RYDE program aims to reduce the crash and injury rate of young novice drivers by ensuring they undertake 50 legitimate hours of quality supervised practice.

It also aims to foster safe attitudes towards driving and less risk-taking behaviour through intensive mentoring by experienced drivers who have a deep level of care to keep everyone safe on our roads.

Although public transport is important, having a driver’s licence can help young people be independent and participate in education, training, recreation and grow important social connections.

The City is likely to use the Joondalup Volunteer Resource Centre and partner youth agencies to recruit volunteer mentors and learner drivers for the program.

Young people aged between 16 and 25, who have completed enough driving lessons to be competent behind the wheel, can apply to participate in the program.

The City will fit out the vehicle with extra driver pedals for the instructor.

The RYDE program operates successfully within the City of Cockburn and Town of Bassendean.

More information about the RYDE program will be communicated to residents in the coming months.

*The RYDE program is likely to involve a small fee for users