City Awards Latest Innovation Fund Grant

M3B Labs, a Perth-based internet and mobile software developer, is the latest recipient of a $20,000 grant through the City of Joondalup’s Innovation Fund.

CEO and Founder of M3B Labs Elio Adragna recently signed a funding agreement with the City, with the Innovation Fund grant to assist with development of his mobile app ‘Jugglr for Business’.

M3B Labs has been operating in Australia for two years, with its technology platform being a mobile app called Jugglr, which empowers local mums to work on their own terms through the gig economy.

Jugglr has built a talent pool of more than 300 local mums in Joondalup, and over 2,500 in Perth, many of whom possess a wide range of service offerings in the City of Joondalup.

The Innovation Fund grant will assist in the development of ‘Jugglr for Business’, a web and mobile platform for local businesses which will further unlock the Jugglr talent pool by connecting mums in Jugglr with local businesses needing their services and experience.

Jugglr for Business will allow local businesses to access, on-demand, services provided by local mums. These services will be continuously matched and suggested to the local businesses based on their preferences and type. The integration of the existing Jugglr app with ‘Jugglr for Business’ will allow mums to search for gig work available from local businesses.

“Being awarded the Innovation Fund grant will enable us to create meaningful, alternative job opportunities to local professional mums through the gig economy,” Mr Adragna said.

“Local businesses will greatly benefit from Jugglr for Business because they will be able to hire local professional mums on mutually-agreed flexible terms, from 2 to 20 hours per week, without the complexities and constraints of traditional part-time or full-time working arrangements.”

The City of Joondalup’s Innovation Fund offers grants of between $5,000 and $20,000 to foster local initiatives that bring and create new business activities into Joondalup, adding to the City’s business dynamic through innovative or digital based activities.

City of Joondalup CEO Garry Hunt congratulated Mr Adragna on receiving the Innovation Fund grant and wished him every success with the venture.

“Since January 2018 Jugglr has invested heavily to develop its network specifically in the City of Joondalup,” Mr Hunt said.

“It has entered into a strategic research collaboration project with Edith Cowan University and a partnership with Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City as it looks to help develop the local economy through job creation for mums.

“It is also looking to create meaningful local connections between Jugglr users and its partner networks and is committed to continuing its investment in the City of Joondalup.”

Enquiries are welcomed by contacting the Office of the CEO by phone on 9400 4345 or email.