Join the Community Engagement Network

The Community Engagement Network provides a unique opportunity for residents and community stakeholders to be involved with the City’s projects and decision-making processes.

Registering for this online, opt-in network is the simplest and most convenient way of being informed of the City’s consultation or engagement activities as members are notified electronically when the City seeks feedback or input from the community.

Note: Network may not to be used for community consultations on matters that affect highly localised areas or very specific groups of people. In these circumstances, the City would identify and consult directly with affected residents and organisations.

Members of the Network can choose to unsubscribe at any stage by sending an email with “Unsubscribe” in the subject line.

Join the Community Engagement Network

To join the Community Engagement Network, submit your details via the online form below.

Contact details and information submitted online are kept strictly confidential.