Completion of Visual Art Commission 2020/21 by Paul Kaptein


Sculptor Paul Kaptein has completed his commission for the City of Joondalup’s Visual Art Commission program.

The finished artwork is a beautifully crafted, carved timber bust featuring nautical imagery in detailed relief designs.

As a starting reference point for his artwork, Paul researched the ‘Centaur’ shipwreck (located in Marmion Marine Park) as he explored the themes of marine symbology, ancient mythology, international manufacture, global transits, as well as local shipwreck history and coastal sites.

Paul’s sculptural practice is largely expressed through woodcarving. For this commission, he was interested in the relationship of his contemporary arts practice and its relationship with the ship building tradition – specifically carved figureheads and how they are used to reveal something about the identity of the ship, it’s crew and purpose.

In 2019, Paul was the Overall Winner of the City of Joondalup Invitation Art Prize. The new commission will be a fitting accompaniment to his 2019 winning artwork Mute Figure #10 (Sunset Selfies at The Great Attractor) in the City’s Art Collection.

The artwork will be installed in the foyer of the Council Chambers before being rotated to City Libraries and other City Buildings later in the year.

Title: Mute Figure #11 (the tide to the stars and back again), 2021

Artist: Paul Kaptein

Medium: Laminated hand carved wood and graphite

Size (H x W x D): 51cm x 48cm x 27cm