Council endorses changes to resident and visitor parking permits


The City of Joondalup will make changes to the issue and use of resident and visitor parking permits in the Joondalup City Centre after the Council considered a review of the current Parking Schemes Policy.

The changes have been made because the number of resident and visitor parking permits in the Joondalup City Centre now far exceeds the amount of parking spaces currently available.

This has impacted on residents in these areas by reducing their ability to have fair and reasonable access to the limited on-street parking.

The current maximum of five free permits for residents living in the Joondalup City Centre will be reduced to a maximum of three free and one purchased permit issued to each property for the calendar years 2019 to 2022 inclusive.

This will be reduced to two free permits and one purchased permit for the calendar years 2023 to 2027 inclusive. From the calendar year 2028 onwards, a maximum of two free permits will be issued to each property, with no further permits available for purchase.

From 2019, the two different types of permits – Resident Parking Permit and Visitor Parking Permit – will be replaced with a single type “Annual Parking Permit”.

The introduction and expansion of City Centre residential areas over a number of years has created significant demand for parking and subsequently on the number of permits issued.

The current number of five free permits available to City Centre residents does not offer any encouragement for them to make optimum use of the parking they have available on their own property.

In addition to this, the density of residents varies markedly across the City Centre, and in some higher density areas there are problems with drivers who have valid permits unable to find legal parking and consequently parking illegally, causing hazards and complaints.

Tighter restrictions on the number of permits available would assist with dealing with all of these issues, while requiring residents to purchase additional permits would ensure they only take up permits they will need for their own parking.

It’s hoped that these changes will ensure fairer access to the limited on-street parking for residents and encourage them to make better use of their on-site parking within their property.

The fee for Annual Parking Permits available for purchase will be set at $100 each. Property managers and trades people will retain the ability to purchase one permit per area, per year.

Comparatively, other Local Governments offer the following maximum number of permits: Town of Claremont (2 resident, 2 visitor permits), City of Fremantle (2 resident, 1 multipurpose – $37 application fee applies), City of Perth (1 resident – $108 per year), City of Subiaco (3 resident, 1 visitor), Town of Victoria Park (2 resident – $25 application fee) and City of Vincent (3 resident).