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Have your ever tried to make changes, and been successful, only to revert to your old patterns and behaviours? Have you ever longed for something more, or felt that somehow there was more to life than what you are living, or you find that you repeatedly fall in the same holes, only to get out and fall back in?

Learn the process of how change happens in the brain and how you can change your mind to change your life.

In this session we will dive deeper into Defining Moments and Limiting Beliefs.

What you will discover during the workshop:

  • How defining moments have created your current reality
  • How to give defining moments a new meaning to create new, more empowering outcomes
  • How limiting beliefs are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Cost $5.00. Book and pay online.

For further information call 9400 4751.

Please note, the presentation will run for approximately one hour, and refreshments are included.

Parking: Please be aware that there is limited free parking at Joondalup library. Details of parking locations and fees can be found at the City’s Parking webpage.


Joondalup Public Library
102 Boas Avenue
Joondalup WA 6027
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