Draft Minor Residential Development Local Planning Policy


The City is seeking feedback on proposed draft Minor Residential Development Local Planning Policy.

Why was a Minor Residential Development Local Planning Policy developed?

In February 2021, amendments to the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 (LPS Regulations) came into effect as part of the State Government’s reform of the planning system.  The amendments included the exemption from the need to obtain development (planning) approval for several types of minor development, where specific conditions are met.

Given the changes to the LPS Regulations and the City’s existing policies related to minor development, it was considered appropriate to develop a new policy to address minor residential development.

What does the Minor Residential Development Local Planning Policy propose?

The draft Minor Residential Development Local Planning Policy:

  • provides development objectives for the minor residential development that is listed in the draft policy;
  • includes criteria to assess applications for minor residential development where the development does not meet the exemption conditions in the LPS Regulations; and
  • consolidates several existing policies that address minor development into one policy, including the existing cubby house, satellite dishes/aerial, and sea container policies.

How do I make a submission?

Submissions can be made using the online Planning Consultation Submission Form below (preferred), via an email or via post to P.O. Box 21, Joondalup WA 6919. All submissions must be in writing and include your full name and address.

What happens after I make a submission?

After the close of the advertising period, the proposal and the submissions received will be considered at a future Council meeting. If you choose to make a submission and elect to be kept informed on the progress of the application, you will be notified of the Council meeting date when confirmed.

Council will make a determination on whether to proceed with the draft policy with or without modifications, or not proceed with the draft policy.

Where can I get more information?

The draft Minor Residential Development Local Planning Policy can be viewed below.

A report on the proposal was presented to Council on 17 May 2022 outlining the draft policy and reasons for the policy and is available here.

When does the consultation period close?

Submissions will be accepted: 16 June 2022 to 7 July 2022.

Draft Minor Residential Development Local Planning Policy

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    If you would prefer to be informed via post, please contact the City’s Planning Services Team on 9400 4100 or via email info@joondalup.wa.gov.au .
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