Outdoor concert

Event notification – Whitford Nodes Park – Sunday 2 February

The City advises that Hillarys Beach Park (Whitford Nodes) is hosting the Fatboy Slim concert on Sunday 2 February 2020. More information on this event can be found below.

Event information

The Fatboy Slim concert will commence at 1.30pm on Sunday 2 February 2020. The first act will begin at 2.00pm, with the final act ending at 9.30pm. The event will close at 10.00pm.

Park closure

Hillarys Beach Park (Whitford Nodes) will be closed from Thursday 30 January 2020 and will reopen on Wednesday 5 February 2020. The coastal shared path and beach access will remain open at all times.

Safety and security

The City and the event organisers have worked in collaboration with WA Police to ensure a safe and secure event. Should you have any concerns about safety, please use the contact details below to report your situation to the appropriate authority.

Parking and traffic

Modified road conditions and speed limits surrounding Hillarys Beach Park (Whitford Nodes) will be in place. Traffic delays are expected, so road users are encouraged to exercise patience, or select an alternative route.

There is no public parking at the event – attendees are encouraged to use public transport, ride share, or use the event specific shuttle buses. Further information on transport and parking can be found on the event website.

WA Police and City Rangers will be conducting patrols in the areas to assist traffic management personnel with traffic flow and parking where possible. Should you have concerns about parking, please contact City Rangers on 1300 655 860.

Contact information

If you have any concerns or feedback on the day of the event, including noise/music related issues, please contact the event organiser via the event hotline on 0491 705 008.

For issues related to parking, anti-social behaviour or similar, contact City Rangers on 1300 655 860.

For incidents of a more serious nature, please contact Police on 131 444, or dial 000 in an emergency situation.