Exciting new partnership bringing literature to Joondalup

As part of the Perth Festival 2021, City of Joondalup Libraries join forces with The Literature Centre to offer talks and conversations with a fantastic mix of genres and first time authors at the Joondalup Library. Over four evenings in February, four authors will talk about their recent books. Come and listen to:

  • Sophie McNeill captivates with her confronting account of the repercussions of the horrors of the ever present violence in the Middle East on ‘ordinary’ people. Acclaimed internationally as an investigative reporter, Sophie has now turned to advocacy and challenges others to follow suit.
  • Yuot A Alaak’s memoir of his father’s four year trek leading 20,000 South Sudanese boys from Ethiopian refugee camps, through Sudan and finally to relative safety in Kenya, will horrify, move and inspire.
  • Holden Sheppard’s multi award-winning debut novel speaks to, and for, an experience of homophobia in country towns. Join him as he explores the growing relationship, with him and his text, and the English Teachers and Librarians – ‘the gatekeepers’ – who determine whether his book will reach their students.
  • Alexander Thorpe’s debut novel, Death Leaves the Station, adapts the ‘cosy crime’ genre, typically encompassing gradually revealed clues, red herrings and an eccentric amateur detective. Join Alexander as he explains why he places his four richly diverse characters and ingenious plot in the northern Wheatbelt and Fremantle of 1927.

Don’t miss out, book your free place at each event on the Perth Festival 2021 website.