Free support to build diversity and disability confidence in your business


Did you know that 1 in 5 Australians identify as having a disability – approximately 4 million people.

Diversity Field Officer Service

The Diversity Field Officer Service is a no cost initiative available to 15 small and medium-sized businesses until June 2019. The service focuses on building the disability confidence of businesses to become more welcoming, confident and accessible.

Benefits of building disability confidence

  • Increased ability to support and retain employees who may acquire a disability (or may already have a disability that is not visible or disclosed)
  • Become more welcoming of the 1 in 5 Australians who have a disability and their colleagues, family and friends – a potentially untapped market
  • Increased confidence to access a broader talent pool when making your next recruitment decision.

What will my business get out of the process?

  • One to one approach to build the capacity of your business and leadership to implement good practice in your industry
  • Customised business analysis to understand your business and its objectives
  • Disability friendly check to explore what your business needs to become more confident, such as removing recruitment barriers and improving work practices and accessibility
  • Tangible practical steps and early wins that your business can adopt
  • Specialist advice and the right connections to implement recommendations seamlessly

What’s involved?

A small amount of your time (3 meetings) with ongoing support available.

Who is involved?

The Diversity Field Officer Service is an initiative of the Australian Federation of  Disability Organisations (AFDO) delivered by People with Disabilities WA funded by the Disability Services Commission t/a Department of Communities, WA.