Full steam ahead for City as Council adopts amended strategic community plan


19 April 2018

After undergoing an extensive review process, Joondalup Council has endorsed the City’s revised Strategic Community Plan – Joondalup 2022.

Joondalup 2022 is the City’s highest-level plan, which provides strategic direction for all services and activities delivered by the City as well as guidance towards its future aspirational targets.

The community consultation results demonstrated that the Strategic Community Plan’s vision, aspirational outcomes and objectives continue to remain relevant to community and stakeholder aspirations.

Some modifications were made to the plan to reflect the completion of some transformational projects and priorities, the inclusion of new Council-endorsed projects and a minor change in emphasis to the Economic Prosperity, Vibrancy and Growth theme.

The robust revision process involved engagement and input from a broad section of the local community including ratepayers and residents, members of the City’s Community Engagement Network and Strategic Community Reference Group, local politicians, members of local residents’ associations and representatives of Edith Cowan University, North Metro TAFE, Joondalup Health Campus and the Western Australian Police Academy.

A number of challenges identified when the plan was developed in 2012 remain relevant today including increasing the vibrancy in the Joondalup City Centre through increased employment and residential density and ensuring that services and infrastructure are appropriate for an ageing population.

Several new challenges have also been outlined including the economic climate and decrease in government grant funding opportunities, greater scrutiny and oversight by the State Government of local government governance activities and introduction of high density codes in some residential areas.

On the eve of the City’s 20-year anniversary as a City, Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said the City of Joondalup had come a long way over the past two decades.

“Home to 161,000 residents, Joondalup remains home to a highly active, connected and engaged community and the revised strategic community plan maintains a strong emphasis on enhancing the liveability of our City,” he said.

“The City has renewed its commitment as a progressive and ambitious local government, driven by a vision it shares with its community as a bold, creative and prosperous City that is internationally connected and recognised.

“Joondalup 2022 will drive our relatively young City forward on the next leg of its exciting journey and the City, its Council and staff will continue to work with our community to ensure Joondalup continues its growth as a destination City where people love to live, work and visit.”

Joondalup CEO Garry Hunt said ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the City remained a top priority in the revised Joondalup 2022.

“The City will also remain committed to sustainable development and meeting the current and future needs of the community through a range of environmental, social and economic programs and services aimed at giving the local community a range of healthy lifestyle choices and options,” he said.

Local governments are required to conduct a major review of their strategic community plan once every four years.

The plan will also undergo another major review in 2020-21 at which point the progress achieved over the plan’s life will be presented to Council and the process for the development of a new Strategic Community Plan will commence.