Improvements made to animal exercise beach car park


A reconfigured car park area at the Hillarys animal exercise beach has resulted in more than 50 extra parking bays for users.

Improved safety for visitors was a key focus in the revamp with LED lighting and a rerouted section of shared coastal path other components of the project.

Funded by the Department of Transport, through the WA Bicycle Network Grants Program, a 3m-wide red asphalt path route now follows the rear of the car park and is further away from beach area.

Typically, there are about 400 bike trips taken along this section of the coastal path daily and this number rises to about 2,200 trips on weekends.

The City also removed the old concrete path sections through the dunes.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said the Hillarys animal exercise area was an extremely popular section of the City’s coastline and the improvements to the car park would benefit all users, particularly the City’s huge dog owner community.

“One of the City’s most heavily used coastal car parks, the animal exercise beach is particularly popular with dog owners from across the City and throughout the northern corridor,” he said.

“More parking bays mean more convenience for users and the relocation of the shared path will help minimise potential user conflict between bike riders, walkers and joggers with dogs and their owners when heading to and from the beach.

“The LED lighting will make it a safer destination for all, particularly after sunset or before sunrise.”

The car park has retained parking bays for horse floats given horses are permitted to access the beach area from daybreak to noon, Monday to Saturday.

ACROD bays are also available.