Jinan Garden

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At its May 2019 meeting, the Joondalup Council resolved in part to support the development of the Jinan Garden as a standalone project.

The Jinan Garden design would take inspiration from the Baotou Springs Park in Jinan, incorporating a wide variety of traditional Chinese garden elements including a pavilion overlooking a formal pond to a waterfall and miniature mountain-scape beyond.

It would also include an entry gateway and garden wall, covered walkway, water fountains, and a flat bridge over the pond.

Centrally located between the City Centre and the Learning Precinct, and including a gathering area for up to 70 people, it will be another attraction in the Joondalup City Centre and a wonderful asset for local community and visitors to the region to enjoy.

At its June 2019 meeting, the Joondalup Council resolved to adopt the Jinan Garden Project as part of the Five Year Capital Works Program.

The Chief Executive Officer will present a status report on the Jinan Garden Project to the Major Projects and Finance Committee at a later date.

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Total funding for the project was set aside in reserve several years ago and was sourced from the sale of surplus land owned by the City, not from rates revenue.

History of Jinan Garden

Joondalup’s Sister City relationship with Jinan, in the People’s Republic of China began in September 2004 in a ceremony which was broadcast on Jinan television.

In November 2005, the Joondalup Council endorsed a long-term plan to guide the growth and continuity of the Joondalup-Jinan Sister City Relationship, with a focus on developing the relationship through increased economic, social, cultural and environmental exchanges.

Over the course of the 15-year relationship, the liaison has also included Joondalup Learning Precinct partners Edith Cowan University, North metropolitan TAFE and the Western Australia Police Academy. Students have had opportunities to visit the two Cities and complete programmed work experience components for their studies.

The Sister City Relationship has provided significant benefits to JLP partners with a number of cultural and commercial activities successfully established, helping to create a more vibrant and exciting Destination City that is encouraging and attracting a variety of business investors and visitors from around the world.

The partnership between Joondalup and Jinan has also supported Sister City School relationships with St Mark’s Anglican Community School and Jinan No 11 School and Woodvale Secondary College and Jinan No 9 School. Exchange tours have regularly taken place with staff and students, which was facilitated by the Sister City relationship.

The Joondalup Garden was established in Jinan in September 2009, opened as part of the 7th China International Garden and Flower Expo. Both Cities agreed to build gardens to represent the successful Sister City relationship.

In 2012 the City commenced the design of a Jinan Garden for Joondalup. Progress was paused pending further investigations into the adjoining Joondalup Performing Arts and Cultural Facility.

In September 2017 a City of Joondalup delegation visited Jinan to discuss the implementation of a number of initiatives and strengthen ties between both Cities and their key stakeholders, including the signing of an MOU between the University of Jinan and Edith Cowan University.

Other ways in which Joondalup’s connection with China has strengthened in recent years include:

  • An invitation from the City of HuZhou for representatives from key Joondalup stakeholders within the health and wellness community to participate in the development of a wellness precinct in HuZhou.
  • A strong connection with the governing aged care body in Shanghai, the Civil Affairs Bureau, has generated significant interest in Joondalup aged care business activity.
  • The securing of the Innovation: Solutions for an Ageing Population International Bi-Annual Conference – a collaboration between the City of Joondalup and Shanghai Science and Technology Service Centre for Ageing, Bethanie, the Australian Medical Association (WA), Edith Cowan University and Aus Global Exchange. The City will host this conference every two years – alternating with Shanghai. A Chinese TV camera crew documented the inaugural conference at Joondalup resort in 2018, potentially showcasing our City to an audience of 680 million people.

The City’s International Economic Development Activities Plan has long identified China as a priority market for development with a focus on key industry sectors such as education and training, tourism, health and medical and retail.

To date, the economic benefit for the City, as a direct result of the implementation of the City’s International Economic Development Activities Plan activities, is in excess of $70 million in output, $26 million in value added and additional employment of 247 full time employees.

A March 2019 delegation to China provided the opportunity to further strengthen the exchanges between the City of Joondalup and the cities of Jinan and HuZhou through the signing of new three-year agreements to ensure continued benefits for the three cities in regard to cultural and civic initiatives.

This delegation was successful in assisting the City’s key stakeholders to increase international trade with businesses in China, building upon the success of previous delegations.

A number of local businesses are also currently pursuing opportunities in China, specifically in the aged care sector, through either joint venture, investment and/or consulting programs.

Jinan Garden – Artist Impressions and Concept Design

Joondalup Garden in Jinan – Photographs and Concept Design