Joondalup Digital City Strategy

Download a PDF version of the Strategy using the above link or view the e-book shown below.


The global digital economy is transforming the way we work, live and play.  Technological advancements present new opportunities to access knowledge, information and services. Exciting new business models and ways of working will enhance economic prosperity and quality of life in the City of Joondalup.

It is believed that the City of Joondalup is the first Local Government in the Perth metropolitan area to have produced a Digital Strategy. The Strategy aims to provide direction to the City so the local community and businesses can maximise the benefits from the growth of online and digital activity and other new communication infrastructure and technologies.

The Joondalup: Digital City Strategy was endorsed by the City of Joondalup in April 2013. It proposes a number of actions and projects for potential implementation which focus on the following digital technology strategies:

  1. Lead and position Joondalup as a Digital City
  2. Build local infrastructure, platforms and content
  3. Actively grow the City’s internal digital capacity
  4. Realise Joondalup’s potential as an Education City
  5. Build small business capacity and confidence
  6. Grow and attract new business in innovative sectors
  7. Build community capacity and innovative government services.