Josh Richards (Space Pirate) Cosmic Nomad


Josh Richards knows his days on Earth are numbered. So, what better way to spend his (potentially) remaining time on this planet than by appearing at the 2019 Joondalup Festival?

The self-confessed Space Cowboy will be appearing at Joondalup Festival on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April.

Armed with stories about the challenges of life in space, the Perth local is sure to leave festival-goers excited about science, space and life beyond the usual limits.

Selected from over 200,000 initial applicants, Josh is currently one of 100 astronaut candidates short-listed for a one-way mission to Mars in 2031, the Mars One Project.

Mars One launched in the Netherlands in 2011. The goal of the organisation is to create the first permanent human settlement on Mars.

Josh has always been a different kind of guy.

Over the last decade or so, he’s picked up booby traps for the Australian Army, slogged through mud with the British Commandos, used napalm in a music video for U2, been a science advisor to the richest contemporary artist in the world, and performed with some of the world’s top comedians while wearing a giant koala suit.

Should he make the final cut – 12 to 24 people are expected to make the trip to Mars – what is he most looking forward to seeing and doing on the red planet?

“Red skies and blue sunsets. It’s also going to be pretty incredible learning about Mars’ geological history, searching for microbial life, and living in 38% Earth gravity,” he said.

“This mission and the ones that follow it will radically redefine how we see ourselves as a species.

“People will remember it for generations – not necessarily as individuals, but that we as a species went to another planet to live and explore.

“It’s not important if I go or not – what’s important is that someone goes. And the best way I could support the permanent colonisation of Mars was to volunteer to be one of the people who went.

“Playing ukulele on another planet is going to be pretty cool too.”

Whatever happens, Josh’s message is important and powerful for the future of humanity:

“The only way we can do truly extraordinary things where we redefine who we are as a species is when we work together to do it.”

Josh Richards (Space Pirate) Cosmic Nomad

Saturday 6 April, 8.00pm – 9.00pm Kids Space Station (Adults only)
Sunday 7 April, 4.00pm – 5.00pm Under the Moon (Family Friendly)