2019 Invitation Art Prize

Sunday 13 – Sunday 27 October 2019
Westfield Whitford City

The City of Joondalup 2019 Invitation Art Prize (IAP) featured the work of Western Australian artists working in a broad range of mediums.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah
‘To Dream a Good Luck Dream’
Painted wood, sheepskin
250 x 1400 x 1400
Christine Baker
‘The River’
Acrylic on canvas
900 x 900
Nathan Beard
‘Floral Arrangement’
Inkjet print with embellishments
750 x 1000
Ebony Blackley
Oil on linen
1470 x 1100
Cathy Blanchflower
‘Lithic IV’
Oil on canvas
1370 x 1370
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Bruno Booth
‘Can You Even Hot-Wheels’
Acrylic polymer paint on canvas
1180 x 1190
Nathan Brooker
‘Stone, iPhone 6S and Oil’
Oil on panel
1500 x 1000
Michelle Campbell
‘Urban Shadows’
Oil on canvas
1430 x 1170
Paul Caporn
Acrylic on board
1200 x 1600
Susanna Castleden
‘Poles and Directions’
Gesso, watercolour, screen print on paper
800 x 1170
Jennifer Cochrane
‘Big Picture’
Powder coated steel, wooden picture frame
730 x 850
Fiona Harman
‘Swim to the Surface’
Oil on canvas
1020 x 1400
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Pablo Hughes
‘Mirror Mirror’
Digital print, paint, plasterboard, glass, mirror
Dimensions variable
Paul Kaptein
‘Mute Figure #10 (Sunset Selfies at The Great Attractor)’
Hand-carved wood, graphite, ink
800 x 410 x 280
Winner: Overall Prize
Desmond Mah
‘Monkey’s Death’
Incense, acrylic, mixed media on board
1200 x 900
Justin Martin
‘Window of Moiety’
Digital print on glass
990 x 990
Lucille Martin
‘Guernica Now – A Universal Message’
Photo-media on metal panel
580 x 980
Minaxi May
Washi tape, glue, epoxy resin on board
1030 x 1030
Dan McCabe
‘-31.499398, 115.583976’
Acrylic sheeting on metal panel
1165 x 830
Rebecca Morgan-Finch
‘Of Psalms and Shadows’
Oil on linen
1017 x 1525
Ron Nyisztor
‘A Picture of – The Picture of Dorian Gray’
Oil on canvas
1500 x 1600
Perdita Phillips
‘Natura Autem Vivit, Sed Occisio de Felibus’
Cyanotype print (edition of 3)
925 x 1310
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Jody Quackenbush
‘Self-Portrait as Camille Claudel (Strong Garment No. III)’
Fabric, giclee print
Dimensions variable
Andy Quilty
’32°21’43.48’’S 115°47’00.95”E’
Laser cut woodblock print on paper
750 x 1050
Nicole Slatter and Bruce Slatter
‘Suburban Entropy’
Oil on canvas
1200 x 1540
Liliana Stafford
‘A Weighted Blanket of Many Colours’
Wire, steel, knitting pins
1300 x 1400 x 200
Declan White
‘Sturt Desert Pea Flowers in the Desert’
Ink on paper
910 x 610
Desmond Woodley
‘Untitled (Noongar Country)’
Acrylic on canvas
660 x 1000
Acquired by Art Angels

All measurements are in millimeters and listed as height, width, followed by depth for three-dimensional works.

The winning artwork received $25,000 in prize money, and the City acquired the artwork for its art collection.

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