2020 Invitation Art Prize

Sunday 11 October – Sunday 25 October 2020
Westfield Whitford City

The City of Joondalup 2020 Invitation Art Prize (IAP) featured 30 works by prominent Western Australian artists working in a broad range of mediums.

Carla Adams
‘Paterson’s Curse’
Rhinestones on quartz stone
290 x 400 x 200
Nathan Beard
‘We Kiss in a Shadow’
Photographic reproduction, embellishments
1000 x 800
Acquired by Curtin University Art Collection
Fatemeh Boroujeni
‘The Phoenix Bloom’
Pinewood, leather, oxidised copper
700 x 700 x 900
Matt Brown
‘Boom! (Epic Muscle Venn Diagram)’
Oilstick and graphite on linen
610 x 760
Erin Coates
‘Collapsing Taxonomy’
Graphite and collage
1140 x 1320
Jennifer Cochrane
‘In the Shadow (Impossible Shadow #33)’
Steel, flashing tape and paint
940 x 1010
Penny Coss
‘Whiter Continuum’
Acrylic on canvas
1520 x 1480 (two panels)
Samantha Dennison
‘Quieter, Still’
Oil on canvas
850 x 850
Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson
‘face to face’ (still)
Single-channel video, sound
7:11 minutes
Overall Winner
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Caspar Fairhall
‘Galaxy’ (still)
High resolution single-channel video, sound
Tom Freeman
‘Perth Metro Area’
Acrylic on canvas
1600 x 1494
Naomi Grant
‘Window to the Dreaming’
Acrylic and collage on canvas
1000 x 1400
Brent Harrison
‘Stemming the Rose’
Transparent vinyl on mirror
1200 x 900
Adam Hisham Ismail
‘Our Worlds Needs Us’
Mixed media
1850 x 510 x 370
Hiroshi Kobayashi
‘Grey Ocean (Whitfords Beach)’
Oil on canvas
452 x 1600 each (3 panels)
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Guillermo Kramer
Mixed media, found objects, wood
764 x 970
Jina Lee
Kimberley black granite, bronze
350 x 340 x 240
Maxxi Minaxi May
‘Media Mayhem’
Giclee print on photographic paper
1065 x 1280
Lia McKnight
‘In Darkness, the Eternal Light’
Glazed ceramic, textiles and found objects
2000 x 800 x 300
Andrew Nicholls
‘Joondalup Gothic’
Ink on watercolour paper
750 x 950
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Sherry Paddon
Archival pigment print
1004 x 720 each (two panels)
Amy Perejuan-Capone
‘Heirloom I’
Digital print, wool, cotton, ceramic
900 x 900
Annette Peterson
‘Through the Lights’ (still)
Digital animation
3:03 minutes (looped)
Bjoern Rainer-Adamson
‘APMV (Acanthamoeba Polyphaga Mimivirus)’
Found objects, mechanical and electronic parts
720 x 400 x 400
Anna Louise Richardson
‘There Is No Such Thing As Selfish Grief’
Wood veneers and charcoal on ply
1200 x 1160
Nicole Slatter and Bruce Slatter
‘The Consequence of Failed Repetition’
Oil on board
840 x 1040
Helen Smith
‘2020 World Happiness Report’
Oil on canvas
1530 x 1530
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Sue Starcken
‘A Gathering Vapour: Dimensions of History and its Dust, I and II’
Unique state etching and monoprint on linen
814 x 694 each (two panels)
Mandy White
‘Humpty Dumpty with Cheeky Friends’
Acrylic on canvas
1525 x 1525
Kay Wood
‘Staring at Stardust’
Acrylic on canvas
450 x 350 (left), 103 x 83 (right)


All measurements are in millimeters and listed as height, width, followed by depth for three-dimensional works.

The winning artwork received $25,000 in prize money, and the City acquired the artwork for its art collection.

Congratulations to Naomi Grant, the winner of the Popular Choice Award.

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