Activating the City’s places

What is placemaking and activation?

Placemaking is a process of activating spaces to create vibrant and thriving places, encouraging users and visitors to stay longer and enjoy the space.

The continual evolution and growth of the City of Joondalup, its places and communities has brought with it increased interest and priority for liveability, community connection, and economic vibrancy. The activation of the City’s places and neighbourhoods to support a unique, iconic identity underpins many of the City’s and community’s objectives for the future.

Articles related to place activation and placemaking in the City of Joondalup include information about the City’s projects and resources for community placemaking:

  • City of Joondalup Place Activation Strategy
  • Joondalup City Centre Place Activation Plan
  • Resources and information for community placemakers.

Resources and information for community placemakers

Placemaking is a process of thinking about places as the canvas for community involvement and connectedness.  It involves considering the unique needs of a place and activating its spaces to create a vibrant and thriving area that will encourage social engagement and visitation. It can include large scale events such as markets and festivals through to smaller scale projects such as public artwork on blank building walls. Placemaking creates more inviting areas, encouraging users and visitors linger longer and enjoy the space, which also benefits business in the area, supports the economy, and enhances social fabric.

Community and businesses across the City of Joondalup are already active placemakers, with a diversity of projects and events (large and small) being led by community groups and individuals. This community-led placemaking is an important part of activating places and communities across the City.

Resources for community placemakers

The City has a number of projects and resources to support the community and business in activating their places and neighbourhoods.

The Meet-Your-Neighbour Project provides resources to host a community barbecue or picnic. This is a great place to start if you’re interested in talking to like-minded people in your community about activating your neighbourhood.

The Communities in-focus program provides support and capacity building for community groups and organisations, including those focussed on activating local places and neighbourhoods.

Find out what’s happening in your local community:

Groups and agencies


The City has a Community Funding Program which assists community groups and schools with projects, events and activities that develop and enhance the Joondalup community. The program is currently closed while the City undertakes a review of its grant programs. Further details about Community Funding grant programs will be advertised in due course.

Community groups and organisations can also apply for sponsorship funding towards the cost of community events that bring benefit to the local area.

Planning community activation events

To protect the health and safety of people at public events, various pieces of State Government legislation and regulations are in place and result in the need for approvals and permits for some community events and activities.

If you’re planning a community event, it is recommended that you discuss your event with the Community Facilities Bookings Team and then complete the Event Expression of Interest form. This is the first step in the process for the City to work with you to arrange any approvals, permits, or bookings you may require. Depending on the scale of the event, this process can take 2-4 weeks.

View the range of beaches, community facilities and parks available for events and community activities.