Aquatic facilities

Under the Health (Aquatic Facilities) Regulations 2007, aquatic facilities are places like swimming pools, spas, water playgrounds, water slides, hydrotherapy pools, float pods and similar facilities that are open to the public. Multi-residential complexes with more than 30 units and those associated with a home business such as bed and breakfasts are also included within the definition of an aquatic facility. Private residential swimming pools are not captured.

The design and operation of aquatic facilities in Western Australia must meet a Code of Practice.

A person can only commence the construction, alteration or extension of an aquatic facility if the Chief Health Officer (Department of Health) has approved the proposed works. This requires the occupier of the land or premises of the aquatic facility to make a written application to the Chief Health Officer.

The City’s role is to routinely sample water quality at all facilities within the City that are captured by the regulations. The City charges a monthly sampling fee for each visit when the facility is open, in accordance with the Environmental Health Schedule of Fees and Charges.