Awards received by the City of Joondalup

The City of Joondalup undertakes a variety of services, programs and projects for and with the community.

Many of these have received recognition for their innovation and benefits to the community. The City has been recognised for a number of awards over the years and these awards are listed below with a brief description.


2018 Local Government Honours Program

Councillor Russel Fishwick JP was awarded the local government honours award for Eminent Service as part of the 2018 WA Local Government Convention.

2017 Australian Events Awards

The City’s Kaleidoscope Festival ​was named WA’s Best New Event and Best Cultural, Arts or Music Event at the 2017 Australian Events Awards.

2017 Western Australian Coastal Awards for Excellence

The City’s Coastal Adaptation Planning and Implementation project (CAPI) won the Local Government category at the 2017 Western Australian Coastal Awards for Excellence.

2017 Regional Award of Excellence

The Shepherds Bush Park Playspace in Kingsley won the PLA (WA) 2017 Regional Award of Excellence in the category of playspaces under $500,000.

2017 Bike Week Bikeley Awards

The City’s Bike Doctor event won two categories at the Bike Week 2017 Bikeley Awards. The City earned recognition as a Gold Waterwise Council.

Waterwise Council accreditation

The Waterwise Council program re-endorsed the City of Joondalup as a Gold Waterwise Council in 2018 and recognised the City for the significant progress made towards best practice water efficiency within City operations and throughout the local community.

The City first obtained Waterwise Council accreditation in 2010 and has implemented many projects to retain endorsement and receive Gold Waterwise Council recognition for the second consecutive year.

Australasian Reporting Award

The City’s 2015-16 annual report won an Australasian Reporting Award.

2017 Australian Organisational Excellence Award

The City received a Bronze Australian Organisational Excellence Award from the Australian Organisational Excellence Foundation.

2011 WA Heritage Awards
Winner of the Outstanding Interpretation Project That Enhances a Place Category.

The City’s Yellagonga Interpretive Signage Project at Neil Hawkins Park was recognised at the 2011 WA Heritage Awards. The Awards recognise outstanding commitment and contribution to heritage conservation and interpretation in Western Australia. The Awards honour individuals and organisations whose work has resulted in significant achievements in the promotion and conservation of cultural heritage.

The Yellagonga Interpretive Signage Project aims to raise awareness in the community of the environmental, cultural and heritage values of the Yellagonga Regional Park, which is one of the City’s most beautiful natural areas and a popular tourist attraction. The City received funding through the Department of Environment and Conservation’s Community Environment Grants Program to implement the project.

2012 UNAA Environment Day Awards
Winner of the Local Government – Excellence in Overall Environmental Management Category.

The City has been recognised nationally for its outstanding and proactive approach to managing, protecting and enhancing its local environment. Winning this award recognises the City’s holistic approach to environmental management and the numerous environmental initiatives undertaken to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources, biodiversity conservation, energy and water efficiency and awareness-raising of environmental issues within the region.

Each year, in support of World Environment Day, the United Nations Association of Australia recognises innovative and outstanding environmental programs and initiatives from across Australia and the important work of Australian environmental leaders through its World Environment Day Awards Program.

2011 Water Award
Winner of the Waterwise Council Category.

The City’s innovative and sustainable approach to water resource management was recognised at the 2011 Water Awards where it was named the winner of the Waterwise Council category. The implementation of a wide range of water conservation initiatives has allowed the City to save over one million kilolitres of groundwater each year, while maintaining a high-quality standard of public open space areas for the community. The City has significantly reduced water consumption through the implementation of an extensive water monitoring and reporting program, hydrozoning, irrigation retrofits and a range of programs designed to raise awareness of the need to conserve water.

2011 WALGA Local Government Road Safety Award
Winner Safe Speeds Category for Speed Reduction Project, Duffy Terrace, Woodvale.

In 2008, speeding and inappropriate driver behaviour in the form of vehicle racing on Duffy Terrace was highlighted as a major concern by local residents. The recorded 85th percentile traffic speeds on Duffy Terrace were considered high and indicated that a significant proportion of drivers were not complying with the urban speed limit. In 2009, Main Roads WA and the City launched a state-wide anti-hoon speed cushion grant funding initiative on Duffy Terrace. The City also applied for and received 2009/2010 State Black Spot funding for the installation of a median treatment including traffic islands, median trees plus narrow marked traffic lanes to further manage traffic speeds on Duffy Terrace.

2011 World’s Most Liveable City Award

The City of Joondalup was recognised at the UN-backed annual International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom) as the World’s Most Liveable City for 2011.

Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Cities Award
Winner of the Young Legends Category – Adopt a Coastline Program.

The City’s Adopt a Coastline program gives local primary school students the opportunity to participate in an environmental project involving plant identification, dune rejuvenation and protection of our fragile coastline while working with the City’s Natural Areas Officers.

2010 Department of Transport’s Local Government TravelSmart Awards
Winner of the TravelSmart Workplace Category – Green Transport Plan.

The City’s TravelSmart Green Transport Plan was developed in 2007 in order to increase walking, cycling, public transport and car pool use by City staff travelling to and from the workplace. The aim of the plan was to raise awareness of sustainable transport options for staff, focusing on the environmental and health benefits of utilising alternative methods of transport.

2010 WALGA’s Local Government Road Safety Awards
Winner of Safe Roads and Roadsides Category – Upgrade of Connolly Drive, Kinross.

The aim of this project was to duplicate Connolly Drive between MacNaughton Crescent and Burns Beach Road from two lanes to four lanes in order to reduce the traffic congestion and reduce the risk of car crashes resulting in injuries and death.

Insurance Commission of WA Awards
Finalist of the Safe Road Use Category – Road Safety Program.

The City implements various initiatives to engage the community in road safety and create awareness of responsibility on the roads. These initiatives include Road Safety Plan, School Road Safety Program, School Road Safety Art Competition, Community Safe Speed Promise, Child Car Restraint Checking and Fitting, Bin Sticker Program, Speed Alert Mobile, events, displays and other promotions, Partnerships, Fostering Road Safety/Injury Prevention Careers.