Bushfire risk management

The objectives of bushfire management within the City of Joondalup include:

  • Protecting life, critical infrastructure, property and the environment
  • Fulfilling obligations under bushfire-related legislation and undertaking best-practice bushfire management
  • Maintaining and enhancing biodiversity values within natural areas
  • Ensuring long term survival of native wildlife populations
  • Minimising adverse impacts on regional air quality
  • Providing consistency within the City’s operations regarding bushfire risk management.

To reduce the risk of a bushfire occurrence within the City of Joondalup, several bushfire management actions have been implemented including:

  • Weed control (mechanical and chemical)
  • Installation and maintenance of firebreaks and fire access ways on City owned or managed land
  • Annual firebreak and bushfire hazard inspections on all vacant land and bushland within the City
  • Fuel assessments on bushland greater than 2,000m²/0.2ha
  • Controlled access to sites
  • Community education.