Voting in local government elections for businesses

The City uses two different enrolment forms for non-resident owner and occupiers, including businesses that wish to nominate up to two people to vote on the business behalf at local government elections.

When individuals are applying in their own names either owners or occupiers, the Enrolment Eligibility Claim form is used.

When individuals are being nominated by a body corporate (as owner nominees or occupier nominees), the Application to Register a Corporate Nominee form should be used because it allows for detail to be provided about the corporate body involved.

It is important that the form is filled in completely. In particular the full name (surname and all given names in full), date of birth and the address on the State or Commonwealth electoral roll are important as these are used to check a valid enrolment application.

The initial test to determine if an organisation is a body corporate is to determine whether the body has an Australian Company Number by searching through ASIC information. There are other bodies that do not have an Australian Company Number that qualify as bodies corporate.

There are definitions of right of occupation and separate occupancies in the Local Government Act 1995 (s4.31) that can be used to help determine the validity of an application in cases where there is doubt.

Individuals or corporate bodies may only be on the roll or represented on the roll in one capacity, that is, either as owners or occupiers. Where both capacities are available to an individual or a body corporate, the owner category would normally be chosen because of the longer term on the roll.

Further information on nominating people to vote on behalf of your businesses can be obtained by calling the City on 9400 4313.