Caring for wetlands

Wetlands are complex ecosystems and are vulnerable to many impacts. Some of the threats to the Yellagonga Regional Park wetlands include declining water levels, water contaminants, weeds, wildfire, habitat destruction and fragmentation, introduced animals, acid sulphate soils exposure, plant disease, vandalism and rubbish dumping.

Actions you take when visiting wetlands or within your own home and garden can impact on the health of our local wetlands.

When visiting wetlands:

  • Join a community group that cares for a local wetland such as Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park
  • Remove any litter you find. You could even organise or participate in a Clean Up Australia Day event for your local bushland
  • Keep dogs on leads around wetlands and picking up dog waste
  • Leave birds and other wildlife to find their own food from nature
  • Stay on pathways.

In your home and garden:

  • Plant native species to increase biodiversity for native animals such as birds and insects
  • Avoid fertiliser use in the garden
  • Compost your leaves and grass clippings
  • Keep stormwater drains free from chemicals
  • Use mains and bore water efficiently to avoid the drying out of the wetlands
  • Keep domestic cats confined to your property
  • If you are part of a community group or school you can apply for funding through the City’s Environmental Development Community Funding to undertake a project, event or activity that helps to protect the City’s wetlands
  • Don’t release helium balloons as balloon fragments can be ingested by animals
  • Report suspicious behaviour to the Police on 131 444 or if you see a fire phone 000