Nuisance cat management

The following information may assist in managing nuisance cats on your property.

Cats defecating in gardens or yards

  • Clean the area thoroughly with a biological washing powder solution and when dry spray the area lightly with a surgical spirit spray
  • Place a small piece of cardboard with some dried cat food glued to it at that location. Cats will not toilet where there is food
  • Covering the soil with a heavy mulch often deters cats.

Sprinkling any of the following into garden beds may also be effective:

  • Rue (a herb)
  • Orange and lemon peel along with cayenne pepper
  • Coffee grounds
  • Lavender, lemon grass, citronella, peppermint, eucalyptus or mustard oil.

Cats entering indoors

  • Purchase a cat flap that has an electronic release. It will come with a device that can be placed on your cat’s collar therefore the cat flap will only open for your cat
  • You can also purchase a microchip activated cat flap that operates from your cat’s microchip number.

Residents must be mindful that any action taken to deliberately injure or harm a cat is not acceptable and such action is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2002.