Animal registration – change of address

Existing  residents moving within the City of Joondalup

If you are currently a City of Joondalup resident and are going to be moving to a home within the City of Joondalup you need to advise the City within 28 days and update your new address details with your pet’s microchip registry. This will assist us to reunite you with your pet should they get lost.

Change of address within the City of Joondalup form

External residents moving to the City of Joondalup

Registration is transferable within Western Australia, and if your pet’s current registration is with another Local Government you will not be required to pay any additional registration fees.

If you live within the City of Joondalup or have moved into the City you can advise of a change of address by completing the online change of address form above.

For further information regarding change of address for animal registration please contact City Rangers.