Chop Chop Stories

Chop Chop Stories is a fresh, colourful and interactive program for children aged five to 10 years.

During each episode three words will be drawn from the Magical Story Hat by a special guest. City of Joondalup Library staff will share in the story telling to weave these three words into original and often hilarious stories.

If you are a budding writer and have written a story using the Magic Story Hat’s three words, City of Joondalup Libraries would love to read them.

Episode 1 – Apple, Unicorn, Helicopter 

Episode 2 – Twinkle, Spaceship, Caterpillar 

Episode 3 – Stomp, Volcano, Kitchen

Episode 4 – Crystal, Please, Yellow 

Episode 5 – Sprint, Crack, Teapot

Episode 6 – Pair, Laugh, Bicycle 

Episode 7  – Shaggy, Treat, Marmalade 

Episode 8 – Submarine, Tentacle, Bicep 

Episode 9 – Talking French


Email your word suggestions and stories to the team today.