Closure of Moolanda Footbridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the footbridge over Moolanda Boulevard closed?

Each year the City is required to undertake routine visual inspection of all its bridges and underpasses. For a number of years, these inspections have highlighted rotting and fungal activities on the Moolanda footbridge’s timber member.

An interim detailed inspection of the footbridge was undertaken by Main Roads WA (MRWA) in September 2020 on behalf of the City whereby good solid timber was found to sufficiently hold the bridge up. A full detailed inspection was being scheduled by MRWA to be undertaken as part of their annual program.

However since then, there has been major and rapid deterioration of some members of the timber footbridge over the last 12 to 18 months resulting in a risk of the bridge failing if subjected to loads. Upon advice received from MRWA and in the interest of public safety, the City made the difficult decision to close access to the footbridge at the end of April 2022.

When will the footbridge over Moolanda Boulevard be open again?

The City is currently working with MRWA to design a temporary solution involving the propping of the existing timber footbridge that should allow the bridge to be reopened by late-2022, whilst a more permanent solution is being investigated and funding obtained.

Will the timber footbridge remain or be replaced?

The advice the City received from MRWA, which was informed by an independent structural assessment, suggested that the timber footbridge’s condition is beyond repair and as such will require replacement.

The new footbridge will be designed to meet the relevant Australian Standards and continue to serve as a vital link in the City’shared path network.

When will the new footbridge be constructed?

Construction of any bridge takes significant planning and development. The City is currently working with MRWA to commence the process of a full detailed design of the new footbridge.

Upon completion of the detailed design, the City will engage a specialist contractor to remove the existing and construct the new footbridge. The footbridge will be required to be closed again to facilitate these works.

At this stage, and all things going well, the City is hopeful that a new footbridge will be completed by late-2023 in accord to the following broad timeline:

  • Mid to late 2022: Temporary propping works arrange
  • Late 2022: Re-opening of existing timber footbridge
  • Mid 2022 – mid 2023: New footbridge planning and development occurs
  • Mid – late 2023: New footbridge construction and opening

What detours are in place?

Whist the footbridge is closed, detours will be in place directing users to to cross Moolanda Boulevard at-grade located down the entry ramps either side of the bridge. Please follow the signage provided onsite and be courteous to other path users.

Further interim improvements to detours and crossings will be introduced as the project develops.

Last updated: June 2022.