Community Gardens

Community gardens bring many benefits such as enhanced social connections, education around sustainable practices and edible produce. Community gardens can create a sense of belonging and be very rewarding for people of all ages. The City takes a Community Development approach to community gardens and helps facilitate community gardens to be self-managed in a sustainable way by the community. It is not anticipated the City take an active role in establishing gardens directly or provide funding for the establishment or operations of gardens.

Community Gardens must be managed by an incorporated, not-for-profit community group and the community group must be sufficiently resourced and prepared to fund and manage the governance, membership, finances, insurances and operations of the Community Garden.

Should you wish to start a community garden please contact the Community Development Team on 9400 4226 or via email to discuss your idea.

Grow It Local Program

The City has joined a national initiative called Grow It Local which is a grass roots, purpose-driven initiative to get more people growing, sharing and eating locally grown foods. The program is a celebration of backyard, balcony, community and window-sill farmers across the country.

Grow It Local is a digital platform that encourages individuals to register their ‘patch’ then share produce, socially connect, share ideas and inspire one another to grow produce using sustainable practices. Residents can also share knowledge, skills, space, produce, seeds and seedlings, compost, food waste and more.

How Does Grow It Local Work?
Grow It Local is community-led and enabled through technology by connecting local people that have time, space and skills with those that don’t. For example, connecting an experienced grower with a young family to mentor them on their growing journey. Residents who would like to participate can register their ‘Patch’ on the online portal, linking local gardeners of various skills and abilities together, sharing in on giant community garden.

Who is Grow It Local for?
Grow It Local is for everyone, including local growers, community gardeners and food lovers. It is also for composters and anyone with food waste such as local businesses and schools, as well as sustainability enthusiasts and community advocates. Grow It Local is suitable for both ‘givers’, such as contributors who want to share their home-grown produce or gardening tips, as well as ‘receivers’ who want to connect locally and benefit from advice, friendship or locally grown food.

For further information or to register your ‘patch’ among the growing number of Joondalup gardeners, please visit the Grow It Local portal and search for the City of Joondalup.