Corporate Business Plan and Quarterly Reports

The Corporate Business Plan is the City of Joondalup’s five year service and project delivery program. It is aligned to the strategic direction and priorities set within the 10 year Strategic Community Plan 2012-2022 – “Joondalup 2022 and reflects actions in the City’s forward Capital Works Program and informing strategies.

The purpose of the plan is to demonstrate the operational capacity of the City to achieve its aspirational outcomes and objectives over the medium-term. All operational planning and reporting is driven by the Corporate Business Plan which is reviewed annually to ensure priorities are achievable and effectively timed.

Flexibility is built into the City’s corporate business planning model to ensure the organisation is able to adjust to external influences as they arise. The annual review process enables the City to frequently assess its progress and realign actions and tasks against the most currently available information.

Corporate Business Plan Quarterly Reports

The Corporate Business Plan Quarterly Reports provide commentary against specific milestones on the current year’s projects. Reports are listed in the table below:

2021/22Q3Q3 Report - Jan to Mar 2022
2021/22Q2Q2 Report - Oct to Dec 2021
2021/22Q1Q1 Report - Jul to Sep 2021
2020/21Q4Q4 Report - Apr to Jun 2021
2020/21Q3Q3 Report - Jan to Mar 2021
2020/21Q2Q2 Report - Oct to Dec 2020
2020/21Q1Q1 Report - July to Sep 2020
2019/20Q4Q4 Report - Apr to Jun 2020
2019/20Q3Q3 Report - Jan to Mar 2020
2019/20Q2Q2 Report - Oct to Dec 2019
2019/20Q1Q1 Report - July to Sept 2019
2018/19Q4Q4 Report - Apr to Jun 2019
2018/19Q3Q3 Report - Jan to Mar 2019
2018/19Q2Q2 Report - Oct to Dec 2018
2018/19Q1Q1 Report - July to Sept 2018