Customer service centres

The City’s customer service centres provide a number of services to the community, including:

  • A wide variety of information all City services, events, community consultations and information regarding the City of Joondalup
  • Rates payments
  • Dog registrations
  • Cat registrations
  • Accept building applications (Joondalup only) and development applications (Joondalup only)
  • Apply for copies of building plans (Joondalup and Whitford)
  • Apply for parking permits
  • Payments for infringement notices
  • Payment for all City hired facilities including halls etc
  • Payments for Ocean Reef Marina boat ramp passes
  • Accept applications for access to public open spaces and parks.

New Customer self-service kiosks are now located at both Customer Service Centres providing you more options to conducting your business with the City.

The City also offers residents a starter pack of rat bait (at the limit of one pack per household per year), which can be collected from the Customer Service Centres.

Customer service centres

The City has two customer service centres located at:

  • Joondalup Customer Service Centre
  • Whitford Customer Service Centre (note: in the same building as the Whitford Senior Citizen Centre and Whitford Library).