Customer service standards

The Customer Service Charter outlines the City’s commitment to provide you with quality services and standards. It also provides employees with clear standards to strive for in service excellence and to achieve the City’s vision and outcomes.

Helping the City to help you

You can help the City meet its commitment by:

  • Being courteous, polite and respectful of employees
  • Providing courtesy and respecting the rights of other customers
  • Being open, honest  and accurate when providing the City with details
  • Letting the City know when your situation changes, for example, your address or personal details change or your dog or cat registration detail change
  • Contacting the City to make an appointment if you have a complex or technical enquiry, or need to meet with a specific employee
  • Contacting the employee referred on any correspondence sent to you and quoting the reference number (if applicable)
  • Using appropriate channels for customer requests, complaints and compliments while using online social media channels for general dialogue
  • Working with the City to help solve problems
  • Informing the City where service has fallen short in order improve services
  • Recognising employees by informing the City when you have received excellent customer service.

Please find the Customer Service Charter attached to this page.

Providing feedback

For general feedback and compliments and complaints, please complete the City’s Customer Feedback Form:

Customer Feedback Form.

If you wish to review the City’s complaint handling process and make a complaint, please refer to the City’s Customer complaints article for further information.