Deputations at Briefing Sessions

Briefing Sessions are used to inform Elected Members on the items of business to be presented and discussed at the forthcoming Council meeting.

During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the City will follow the public health advice from the State Government and the WA Department of Health which may restrict public attendance at the City of Joondalup Briefing Sessions. In such situations,  information will be published in the relevant meeting agenda and advice will be posted on the City’s website. 

Requests for deputations can be made through the form below and must be submitted by close of business on the day prior to the scheduled Briefing Session date. The City will confirm if the deputation has been approved by the Mayor and any time restrictions that may apply.

Deputations must relate to an item on the current Briefing Session agenda.

For further information around deputations at Briefing Sessions, please view the Briefing Sessions page or the procedures below for Strategy Sessions, Briefing Sessions and Council/Committees.

Deputation Request