Development Example 3 – Four Grouped Dwellings on R20/R60 Lot (Quadruplex)

Select your preferred view from the buttons below to see a development comparison for four grouped dwellings on R20/R60 lot (Quadruplex).

The Ground Footprint view shows how much of the property at the ground level is typically taken up by the building, car parking and garden area. The Bird’s Eye View shows the development from above.

A grouped dwelling is a group of two or more dwellings on the same lot, with some common or shared area; often referred to as townhouses or villas. These examples show four grouped dwellings on a lot zoned R20/R60.

Note: Each view provides the same comparison points.

2D – Ground Footprint 3D – Ground Footprint
2D – Bird’s Eye                  3D – Bird’s Eye