Dog exercise areas

The City has many excellent parks and reserves to exercise your dog, including Hillarys Dog Beach. Dogs are welcome in most parks within the City, however there are some areas where dogs are not permitted or must be on a leash.

Dogs off leash permitted parks

Dogs on leash permitted parks

Dogs prohibited parks

When bringing your dog into parks and reserves be mindful of any signage relating to the control of your dog. Dogs must be on a leash at all times when in any public place including footpaths, car parks and shopping centres unless in a designated dog exercise area or at a dogs off leash park.

If dogs are off leash in a designated dog exercise area or dogs off leash park they must always be under effective control as it is important that reserves can be used by all members of the community.

Your dog is not considered under control if it:

  • Chases or disturbs wildlife, other dogs or people
  • Acts in a threatening or aggressive manner
  • Attacks or injure another animal or person
  • Is a considerable distance from their owner(s) preventing response to verbal commands