Draft New Development Standards for Housing Opportunity Areas — Development Examples

The City has developed an interactive online tool to assist the community with identifying how the Draft New Development Standards for Housing Opportunity Areas could impact the development outcomes in the Housing Opportunity areas.

This tool shows graphic examples of six different types of development and how each of these would change if the draft new development standards were applied. Whilst there are many possible design scenarios, given the variation in lot shapes and sizes and the different density codes that apply in the Housing Opportunity Areas, the six development examples show the most common types of development that have already been built in the Housing Opportunity Areas, including examples that have caused most concern for the community to date.

Please note:

  • The previous development standards have changed somewhat with the recent introduction of the State Government’s Residential Design Codes Volume 2 that applies only to multiple dwellings (apartments). The development standards were not changed for single dwellings or grouped dwellings. For comparison purposes, the previous development standards are being referenced in these examples, given all the developments already built in Housing Opportunity Areas were approved under the previous standards.
  • The drawings are indicative only for the purpose mentioned above. They are not intended to cover all possible design scenarios, they do not depict accurate building design, scale, dimension or materials/colours nor accurate plant species or sizes or landscaping layout.
  • For the purpose of these examples, a lot size of 700 square metres have been used.

Please select one of the development examples below to compare the impacts and outcomes of previous and proposed development standards.