Edgewater Quarry Project


The Edgewater Quarry site is bound by residential housing, Joondalup Drive, Treetop Avenue and Regatta Drive, Edgewater and covers an approximate area of 17.02 square hectares. The location and visibility of the site abutting Joondalup Drive makes the site significant as it is located on one of the major entry roads into Joondalup City Centre.

Edgewater Quarry presents interesting topography and includes cliffs indicating the early history of the area where limestone was extracted for a variety of purposes. Along the top of the cliffs and adjacent to a local residential area are strips of land up to 30 metres wide.

The Edgewater Quarry Master Plan process commenced in March 2008 and included a community consultation process to ensure that the views of both local residents and those with a special interest in the site had an opportunity to participate. Surveys were received by over 1,200 individuals and groups during the four-week consultation period.

At its meeting held in May 2009, Council resolved that a concept plan for the Edgewater Quarry site be prepared. In line with Council’s request, concept plans were prepared after which Elected Members requested additional concept plans.

The site has the potential to be a highly valued City and community asset. The establishment of the Edgewater Quarry Community Reference Group, with broad demographic representation, with provide valuable community and stakeholder input ensuring that the future of the site meets the aspirations of both the City and the community.

Edgewater Quarry Community Reference Group

In December 2017 Council approved the establishment of the Edgewater Quarry Community Reference Group. The establishment of the group creates the opportunity for the community to assist in the progression of the master planning of this site to a concept design stage.

Council determined that the group would consist of 20 community members; Mayor Albert Jacob was appointed the group’s presiding member and Cr Nige Jones and Cr Philippa Taylor were also appointed members.

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Examine the future options of the Edgewater Quarry site
  • Assist with the development of a concept plan
  • Identify and discuss the issues and concerns of the community and stakeholders around options for the Edgewater Quarry site
  • Represent the interests of the wider community
  • Act as a conduit to disseminate information and feedback to and from the wider community
  • Liaise with extended networks and community groups to facilitate information sharing concerning the Edgewater Quarry.

Following an Expression of Interest process undertaken in March and April 2018, 108 valid nominations to join the group were received from community members. At its meeting held in May 2018, Council agreed to appoint the following nominees:

Six members from the suburb of Edgewater:

  • Jo Baker
  • Louis Humberstone
  • Margaret Elloitt
  • Mat Humfrey
  • Clayton Sanders
  • Laura Hodgen.

Five members from other City of Joondalup suburbs:

  • Thomas Forbes
  • Magdalen Purcell
  • Carolyn Lindsay
  • Moya Jones
  • Julie A Andrews.

Nine members representing community or special interest groups:

  • Jane Burns
  • Jason Beltran
  • Annette Morey
  • Elizabeth Hewitt
  • Alexis Anderson
  • Alan Crofts
  • Bryan Sanders
  • Lynda Dawson
  • Graeme Trevena.