Emerge Stronger – Support Services

Helping you navigate access to support services

The impact of COVID-19 has created new or deeper hardship for many people. The purpose of Emerge Stronger – Support Services is to connect you with providers that may be able to help at this challenging time.

Please take full advantage of what is available – the City and its community can get through this together.

Some organisations have had to reduce services, stop face-to-face visits or close entirely due to COVID-19. Please call ahead or go online first to check services are still in operation and ask if there are requirements for assistance i.e. identification or referral.

If you are a business or provider that can help people experiencing hardship, please contact the City of Joondalup on 9400 4200 to discuss being added to this list.

Mental Health Support

In an emergency, call the Police on 000 immediately

  • Beyond Blue – Beyond Blue supports you with confidential, one-on-one counselling by a trained mental health professional.
  • Head to Health – An Australian Government Department of Health initiative to improve your own mental health or support somebody else with mental health issues. Head to Health provides links to trusted Australian online and phone supports, resources and treatment options.
  • Helping Minds – This free service is available to people feeling overwhelmed by personal circumstances, including impacts COVID-19. If you are struggling emotionally or mentally, you can access three free counselling sessions with a health professional.
  •  Lifeline – Lifeline helps individuals experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.
    • Phone: 13 11 14 (24 hours, seven days a week)
    • Visit the website (online chat available 5.00pm – 10.00pm)
  • Men’s Helpline – MensLine Australia is a phone and online counselling service for men with emotional health and relationship concerns, for example, depression, anger, stress or looking after your mental health during COVID-19.
  • Mental Health Emergency Response Line – Staffed by mental health professionals, get expert help over the phone in a mental health emergency.
  • Mental Health Treatment Plan – If you would like support for your mental health, visit your doctor (long appointment) who will assess if you are eligible to receive a rebate for up to 20 Medicare subsidised individual appointments which could include psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers.
  • National Mental Health Helpline – A free service providing mental health information, support, referral and professional counselling for people in distress.
  • SANE Help Centre – Quarantine, self-isolation, physical distancing and separation from loved ones can exacerbate or trigger the symptoms of mental health issues.
  • Suicide Call Back Service – This is a telehealth provider that offers free phone and online counselling by qualified professionals. This service is for anyone who is feeling suicidal, is worried about someone else or has lost someone to suicide and needs help. Online chat available.

Mental Health Support – Children and Young People

  • Child and Adolescent Health Service – Acute Response Team. Supporting children and young people with complex mental health needs.
    • Phone: 1800 048 636 (24 hours, seven days a week)
    • Visit the website
  • Headspace Joondalup – Free online and telephone service for young people aged 12-25 years with any health and wellbeing concerns such as anxiety, problems with family or friends, or drug and alcohol use.
    • Phone: 9301 8900 or 1800 650 890
    • Visit the website
  • Kids Helpline – A free, private and confidential phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25 years aimed to protect children and young people from harm.
    • Phone: 1800 551 800 
    • Visit the website
  • Youth Beyond Blue – Supporting young people experiencing stress, anxiety or generally feeling down. Lots of online resources, help group and videos. Online chat available 3.00pm to midnight.
    • Phone: 1300 22 46 36 (24 hours, seven days a week)
    • Visit the website

Domestic Violence

In an emergency, call the Police on 000 immediately

  • 1800 RESPECT – Access this service to talk with a trained counsellor to support people impacted by sexual abuse, domestic abuse or family violence. 24 hour online chat available.
    • Phone: 1800 737 732 (24 hours, seven days a week)
    • Visit the website
  • Banking Assistance – Some banks (including Comm Bank, NAB, ANZ and Westpac) offer specialised banking support for customers experiencing family and domestic violence, including financial abuse. Check with your bank directly to see if it can be of assistance.
  • CentreCare – Offering extensive professional counselling, support, mediation and training services.
    • Phone: 9325 6644
    • Visit the website
  • Crisis Care Helpline – A counselling service for people in crisis needing urgent help. The helpline operates after hours, seven days a week. Call when you need someone to help sort out a serious problem like if you are concerned for the wellbeing of a child, escaping domestic violence or are homeless.
    • Phone: 9223 1111 or 1800 199 008
  • Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline – Information and support for men who are victims of family and domestic violence. The helpline also provides counselling for men who are perpetrators of domestic violence and are concerned about their violent and abusive behaviours. The service can provide telephone counselling, information and referral to ongoing face to face services if required.
    • Phone: 1800 000 599 (24 hours, seven days a week)
  • Men’s Referral Service – This service helps men to end family and domestic violence. Call to get information and counselling with male behavioural and relationship concerns. Online chat available.
    • Phone: 1300 766 491
    • Visit the website
  • Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline – Support for women experiencing family and domestic violence. It includes phone counselling, information and advice, referral to local advocacy and support services, liaison with police if necessary and referral to safe accommodation if required.
    • Phone: 1800 007 339 (24 hours, seven days a week)

Financial Assistance

  • Centrelink – Contact Centrelink about payments and services for Medicare, Centrelink, or Child Support, including Coronavirus (COVID-19) support and payments.
    • Phone: All phone numbers are listed online here
    • Some main numbers include:
      • 132 307 – MyGov Help Desk
      • 132 850 – Help in an emergency – Crisis payments
      • 136 150 – Families
      • 132 300 – Older adults
      • 132 850 – Job Seekers
  • National Debt Helpline – Professional financial counsellors can offer a free, independent and confidential service to help individuals tackle their debt problems. They are not a lender and don’t sell a product or make money from clients.
    • Phone: 1800 007 007 (9.30am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday)
    • Visit the website
  • Redcross – Help for migrants in transition – Red Cross is receiving funding from the Australian Government for the next six months to deliver emergency relief and casework support for people who are on temporary visas. These are emergency relief payments, not income support, and can only provide one-off, limited amounts to help people with essential needs like food and medicine. These funds are for people on temporary visas who have no way to support themselves and who have urgent needs.
  • WA ScamNet – WA ScamNet is urging consumers to be vigilant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Current scams include Phishing scams with Government and financial institutions, insurance providers (etc) impersonations as well as online shopping scams providing COVID-19 related products. Never give money or your financial details to someone you don’t know. If you think your banking or financial details have been compromised, contact your financial institution immediately.
  • The Spiers Centre – Provides assistance such as emergency relief, financial counselling and support groups. All services are operational during COVID-19 and are phone or online based.
    • Phone: 9401 2699 (9.00am – 4.00pm weekdays)
    • Visit the website

Food, Supplies, Accommodation and Essentials

  • Entry Point Perth – A free assessment and referral service helping people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Western Australia to access accommodation and support options.
    • Phone: 6496 0001 or 1800 124 684 (9.00am – 7.00pm, Monday to Friday. 9.00am – 5.00pm, Saturdays)
    • Visit the website
  • WA Connect – This is a directory of Emergency Relief service providers managed by the Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS). It contains up-to-date search results of emergency relief services, with phone numbers, operating hours, and directions on the services available. Search for food relief, financial counselling, emergency accommodation, home maintenance, toiletries and more.
    • Online services only – visit the website
  • Homelessness and Hardship Directory – Information on a broad range of hardship support services and programs. Available at City of Joondalup Libraries, online or by request.
    • Phone: 9400 4315
    • Visit the website
  • Ask Izzy When people are looking for support, Ask Izzy can help them to find the services that they need, now and nearby. It is free and anonymous, and users can search over 360,000 services to find housing, meals, healthcare, counselling, legal advice, addiction treatment and a whole lot more. Those who are on the Telstra mobile network, can access Ask Izzy even if they do not have credit.
  • Australian Red Cross – Assistance with homelessness accommodation support services and tenancy advice. Assistance with employment, health, finance and social integration services. Please note that the office may be closed during COVID-19 lockdown periods, however essential services are still being delivered.
    • Phone: 1800 733 276 or 9225 8888
    • Visit the website
  • Foodbank – Foodbank WA provides food and groceries to over 400 registered charities in the form of food parcels, hampers, frozen or cooked meals and vouchers. Foodbank is unable to provide food without a charity referral. Charities that remain open are changing rapidly during the pandemic and it is best to check the Foodbank website directly about how to access a referral.
    • Phone: 9258 9277
    • Visit the website
  • Foyer Oxford – Affordable Accommodation for Young People – Helping young people aged 16-23 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness who are willing to engage in education, training, or employment and support programs. Fees are scaled depending on income.
    • Phone: 6240 7200 or 1800 185 685 (24 hours a day)
    • Visit the website
  • No Limits Perth – Provide support for people who are facing hardship, victims of domestic violence, vulnerable families and children, the elderly, those affected by fire, newcomers and those just doing it tough. Assist with practical such as food hampers, furniture, toiletries and basic essentials. Please note that assistance with moving/furniture is not available during COVID-19 lockdown periods.
    • Phone: 0490 676 979
    • Visit the website
  • Pharmacy Home Delivery Program – Australia Post has started a new, free home delivery service for people in urgent need of medication or medical supplies. The program is available for vulnerable people who have been advised by a doctor to self-isolate, are 70 years old and over, or have a chronic health condition.
  • REDIMED – Free Flu Vaccination (home visit) – Redimed Healthcare Group is offering free flu vaccines to people over 65 years with a valid Medicare card commencing in Autumn. Help prevent influenza by contacting the new visiting service to visit you at home for vaccination.
  • Ruah Community Services – Provides support services in housing and homelessness, mental health and wellness and family and domestic violence.
    • Phone: 13 78 24
    • Visit the website
  • Salvation Army – This service can assist those in need with basic food, clothes and furniture vouchers, personal help, and COVID-19 related financial counselling and emergency relief.
    • Phone: 9260 9500 (8.30am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday)
    • Visit the website
  • St Vincent de Paul WA – The organisation provides a range of supports and services to assist people in times of hardship, including emergency housing and homelessness support, financial counselling, food and essentials provision and social support. Please note that during COVID-19 lockdown periods only phone and online supports may be available.
    • Phone: 1300 794 054 (9.00am – 1.00pm, weekdays)
    • Visit the website
  • The Home Hub – The Home Hub has released its new initiative Homes for Good, a coordinated and whole-of-community response to the increased housing and homelessness crisis presented by COVID-19. Homes for Good is a matching service that aspires to advertise homes to people who need accommodation. The organisation is also encouraging landlords with vacant properties to consider being a part of this coordinated response by registering their properties into the listings.
    • Visit the website
  • Trinity North Community Care – This organisation provides food hampers, information, support and referrals.
    • Phone: 0481 069 341 (9.30am – 11.30am, Tuesday and Thursday)
    • Visit the website
  • Uniting WA – Offers a wide range of services including emergency relief, accommodation support, counselling, homelessness and more. Please note that during COVID-19 lockdown periods offered services may change, subject to government advice.
    • Phone: 1300 663 298
    • Visit the website
  • Wungening Aboriginal Corporation – Mirrabooka Hub – Wungening Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation which provides culturally secure, confidential and free of  charge services to Aboriginal people in the Perth metropolitan area. Services include emergency relief and over-the-phone counselling.
    • Phone: 6558 1041 (8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday)
    • Visit the website

Social Support

  • Befriend Inc. – This group tries to create inclusive, connected communities to make sure everyone feels like they belong. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. The organisation is experimenting with safe new ways people can all stay connected. Please note that scheduled catchups may be impacted during COVID-19 lockdown periods.
    • Phone: 9520 8574
    • Visit the website
  • COVID Connect – Red Cross – Free social phone call to those wanting to connect during COVID-19
    • Phone: 1800 733 276
    • Visit the website
  • People Who Care – A wide range of services are offered to support people who are frail, elderly, have a disability or experiencing financial hardship.
  • Red Cross Telecross Service – A daily telephone call to check you are well. Telecross is for people who live alone and are at risk of an accident or illness, including people who are frail and aged, have a disability, are housebound, or are recovering from an illness or accident.
    • Phone: 1300 885 698
    • Visit the website

Health, Family and Relationships

  • Alcohol and Drug Support Line – Confidential, non-judgmental telephone counselling, information and referral service for anyone seeking help for their own or another person’s alcohol or drug use.
    • Phone: 9442 5000 (24 hours, seven days a week)
    • Visit the website
  • Black Swan Health – Services include high-quality, affordable, evidence-based counselling, health and well-being programs for chronic conditions and disability support coordination. Please note that during COVID-19 lockdown periods only phone and online supports may be available.
    • 9201 0044 or 1300 820 398
    • Visit the website
  • Family Relationship Centre, Anglicare – Provides assistance to families in need of information and support in relation to family relationships and for those families who are separated we offer family dispute resolution services. Please note that face to face services are not available during COVID-19 lockdown periods.
    • Phone: 1300 114 446
    • Visit the website
  • Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Centre – Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Services provides a range of holistic services to women from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Ishar is a LGBTQI friendly service and welcomes women of any sexual orientation, anyone who identifies as a woman and anyone who was assigned female identity at birth. Services that are currently available include: health checks, telehealth service, counselling and domestic violence support. Please note that phone and online appointments are preferable. Please note that only essential medical appointments are available during COVID-19 lockdown periods.
    • Phone: 9345 5335
    • Visit the website
  • Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre Inc – The Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre as a not for profit settlement service organisation that provides culturally appropriate, client-centered services that meet the needs of refugees, humanitarian entrants and newly arrived migrants. Please note that operations are reduced to phone and online contact wherever possible during COVID-19 lockdown periods. Please call ahead to plan appropriately.
    • Phone: 9345 5755
    • Visit the website
  • National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) – NACCHO is the national peak body representing 143 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) across the country on Aboriginal health and well-being issues. This organisation collates and disseminates key information and resources to the aboriginal community.
  • North Metro Community Alcohol and Drug Service – Provides a comprehensive range of free and confidential alcohol and other drug services in Joondalup and Warwick. There may be a service delay dependant on current demand.  During COVID-19 services are provided over the phone with limited medical services provided in-person. Live online chat with an alcohol/drug counselor available.
    • Phone: 9301 3200 (Joondalup); 9246 6767 (Warwick)
    • Visit the website
  • Parent and Family Drug Support Line – Confidential, non-judgmental telephone counselling, information and referral service for anyone concerned about a loved one’s alcohol or drug use.
    • Phone: 9442 5050 (24 hours, seven days a week)
    • Visit the website
  • Relationships Australia WA – Provides a wide range of services including counselling, mediation, domestic violence support, and parenting, family and couple relationship advice. During COVID-19 lockdown periods only online and phone based services are available.
    • Phone: 1300 364 277
    • Visit the website
  • Women’s Health and Family Services (WHFS) – Programs and Services at WHFS include medical, counselling, drug and alcohol support, domestic violence, mental health and other health services for women and their families. Services are temporarily reduced to over the phone only during COVID-19 lockdown periods.
    • Phone: 6330 5400
    • Visit the website

Seniors Support

  • Aged Care Navigator  – Free and independent aged care and aged care supports information service of COTA (Council on the Ageing).
  • Citizens Advice Bureau of WA – This independent, not-for-profit organisation provides information, service referral and legal advice. Please note that COVID-19 lockdown periods will likely have ahttp://www.cotawa.org.au/programs-projects/acn/n effect on prearranged appointments.
    • Phone: 9221 5711 (9.30am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday)
    • Visit the website
  • Community Visitors Scheme – Lifeline WA – Visits by trained and screened volunteers to seniors living independently, in an aged care home or have been approved for or receiving a Home Care Package. This companionship program aims to enrich the quality of life of older people, establishing links with their local community. Please note that service availability is subject to change during COVID-19 lockdown periods, as per government advice.
  • Elder Abuse Helpline, WA – Provides information to help you protect yourself or others. Abuse can be financial, emotional, social, physical, sexual or neglect.
    • Phone: 1300 724 679 (8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday).
    • Visit the website
  • My Aged Care – Find and access government-subsidised services for independent living support and aged care homes. Independent living supports include house cleaning, meals, personal care, social support, gardening, home maintenance and medical appointment transport.
    • Phone: 1800 200 422
    • Visit the website
  • Older Persons COVID-19 Support Line – Australian Government – Provision of information, support and connection to seniors, their relatives, carers, friends or supporters.
    • Phone 1800 171 866
  • Red Cross Telecross Service – A daily telephone call to check you are well. Telecross is for people who live alone and are at risk of an accident or illness that may go unnoticed, in particular, people who: are frail and aged, have a disability, are housebound, or are recovering from an illness or accident.
    • Phone: 1300 885 698
    • Visit the website
  • The Move into Aged Care – Website and booklet providing the loved ones of those transitioning into aged care with information on how to cope with the move, how to remain involved and support services available.
    • Phone: Advocare 9479 7566
  • Wanslea Grandcare – This organisation can assist grandparents who are raising grandchild full-time, and can include information, advocacy and financial support.
    • Phone: 1800 794 909

Disability Support

  • APM – NDIS Planning – APM is the key NDIS planning agent operating in the City of Joondalup. APM provide all NDIS Local Area Coordination services to residents seeking NDIS supports. Please note that all operations will be moved to phone only interviews during COVID-19 lockdown periods.
    • Phone 1300 276 522
    • Visit the website
  • Auslan COVID-19 Key Health Information – This video presentation produced by Key Word Sign Australia and Scope provides the latest information from the Department of Health about COVID-19 and advice on how to remain safe.
  • Auslan COVID-19 National Updates – Expression Australia is committed to providing regular Auslan video updates accompanied by a English text summary during critical periods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Videos are also posted on the Expression Australia website and social media channels, and all previous videos can be found on the Expression Australia YouTube channel.
  • Carers WA – Provision of specialist information and advice, resources, carer support through counselling, education / training, social support and carer advocacy and representation. Please note that during COVID-19 lockdown periods only phone and online supports may be available.
    • Phone: 1300 227 377 (General line 8.30am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday)
    • Counselling Line: 1800 007 332
    • Visit the website
  • COVID-19 Disability Helpline – This helpline has been launched by a conglomerate of key disability service providers and advocacy groups to assist people with a disability and their families who are impacted by COVID-19. The helpline is for people seeking assistance and information from experienced advocates and planners, covering a wide range of topics and supports.
    • Phone: 1800 031 093 (9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday)
    • Visit the website
  • Wanslea Early Childhood Intervention (ECEI) – Wanslea ECEI is the NDIS Partner in the Community for families with children aged 0-6 years, operating in the City of Joondalup. Wanslea ECEI provides all NDIS information and planning to residents seeking NDIS supports for children aged 0-6 years with a developmental delay or disability. Please note that all operations will be moved to phone only interviews during COVID-19 lockdown periods.
    • Phone: 1300 969 645

Pathways for community sector COVID support

The Department of Communities and WA Department of Health have produced a resource for community services providing support to vulnerable people who are positive for COVID-19, outlining the referral pathways available to people needing welfare assistance. Please refer to this document for further details.

For further information on other Emerge Stronger initiatives please visit the Emerge Stronger section on the City’s website.