eSmart libraries

Joondalup libraries are now eSmart

eSmart Libraries is one of Australia’s most significant community cyber safety initiatives, and requires that the Libraries consider cyber safety in all planning and programming.

Be cyber aware – Protect your Reputation

  • Think before you post – a poor digital reputation can affect your friendships, relationships and even your job prospects
  • Regret sexting or sharing nudes? Ask the recipient to delete it, and if it’s shared without your permission contact the service provider and ask them to take it down
  • Be aware of laws around content – posting footage of violence, sharing explicit images of others or sharing nudes of yourself if underage may break the law.

Be cyber aware – Protect yourself Online

  • Limit your risk of identity theft and unwanted contact – manage your social media settings to limit what others can see
  • Cyber abuse is not okay – report image-based abuse, sextortion, cyber-bullying and threats to the platform’s administrators, who should remove abusive content within 48 hours
  • Teach your children to react safely to unwanted contact: Don’t respond; Leave the site; Tell a trusted adult; Report and block the person; Keep the evidence.

Be cyber aware – Protect your Device

  • Avoid malware – keep your operating system up-to-date, use anti-virus software from reputable suppliers and practice safe online behaviour
  • Click smart – avoid following links to unknown websites and don’t be enticed by the promise of sensational content through ‘clickbait’
  • Password protect your device – or risk your accounts being hacked and your bank account robbed.

To report offensive or illegal content or image-based abuse visit the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

For tips on protecting yourself, your device, your reputation and your cash check out the website of the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, the Stay Smart Online website or the links on the eSmart website.