Average lot size of 150m2 required per dwelling – therefore only four grouped dwellings are permitted.
Maximum building height of three storeys permitted.
Minimum street setback of 2 metres required – no averaging of the setback allowed.
Side setbacks are calculated for each wall, depending on the length and height of the wall and whether the wall includes large windows – the wall can be as close as 1 metre to the boundary.
One single storey boundary wall is permitted on one side boundary only – for a maximum of 50% of the boundary behind the front setback line. No rear boundary walls are permitted.
Rear setbacks of 2 metres are required at the ground floor level and 3 metres at the upper floor levels – rear boundary walls are not permitted.
One resident bay per dwelling is required if the site is within a walkable distance of 800 metres from a train station or 200 metres from a bus stop = 4 bays required (likely to be provided in double garages or carports for this type of development).
No visitor bays are required for this type of development – therefore no construction of visitor bays in the verge, leaving more area for trees and planting.
20% of each strata lot needs to be set aside as Landscape Area. The Landscape Area needs a minimum dimension of 2 metres and cannot be used for driveways, uncovered car parking and bin areas, and patios and alfresco areas. The use of paving and decking in Landscape Areas will be restricted.
There are specific requirements for the planting of small, medium and large trees – the number of which is relative to the size of the Landscape Area.